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Wrestling Sections = Ridiculous and full of dried up cum

What a fucking shitfest it is. It proved, once more, why rants is far better than that shit. More entertainment, less stupidity.

The amount of fucking retarded threads is endless. You either see Cena's name, Triple H's name or Orton's name in every fucking title and it's always some stupid shit like "DO U THINK TRIPLE H IS BORING" or "CENA IS LIKE DA BEST WRESTLER EVA" or "RANDY ORTON IZ A PEECE UF SHITT" and then you scroll down the page and see another thread about the exact same shit. WHERE'S THE CREATIVITY, PEOPLE?

One good example of a fucking stupid thread is by some MandibleClaw (or something, whatever, I don't remember retarded people's names) about a petition against John Cena's "over-acting". GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PETITION, IMBECILE.

Then, you get grade A retards like dw...something, another retard who's name I can't remember, who apparently "knows" that 90% of this forum are "trailor trash" and that Kelly Kelly is apparently trailor trash. OH YES, and that "most white girls are sluts", because no other race sleeps around, amirite?
So what do you call the guys who are sleeping around with the girls? Fuck sakes, people are retarded. The guys are just as much at fault as the girls. He also "knows" that none of the Divas are classy. Guess he's met them all personally and knows them oh so well I'll bet they go grocery shopping in those outfits, right dumbass?

Opinions are a whole other story. You can't voice an opinion about Randy Orton or John Cena, in particular, without a bunch of faggot fanboys jumping on your ass while not giving any good explaination to prove your argument wrong, it's just UR STOOPID, followed by some random garbage posts that further insult you as opposed to actually typing up in a mature manner why you disagree with an opinion. Go ahead, try jumping on John Cena's nuts and watch how many gaylords come running in to tell you off and suck Cena's dick.

Another annoyance is when a thread is made about a Diva in a relationship or who just broke up with someone, which gets the attention of fucking losers who are probably 12 years of age here who get excited because they literally think they have a chance and they start throwing out their phone numbers and shit, thinking the Diva actually reads anything we post here and has time to call some 12 year old maggot who barely has any balls. Or, if it's a thread about a new relationship a Diva is in, everyone starts hating on the wrestler she's dating. GTFO.

I make my jokes about Christian and Punk but I don't actually think I have a chance with them. These fucking morons are sitting in thier basements, all pimple faced and fat with a box of large, half eaten pizza and 6 empty cans of pop, getting all wide-eyed over a Diva becoming "available".



EDIT: Sorry, that first useless retards' name is "MandibleKicktoFace" or some garbage. I just saw it and already forgot, it was so gay.

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