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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Feedback

Opening Match: Starting things off with a match? I think I'd feel better about this if the Million Dollar Title was on the line here, giving the match a little more importance. Anyway, the match was nice, continuing the complacent angle with DiBiase, limiting how much of his stuff he can show. Still, he looked fairly impressive, although Santino and Melina on commentary was a non-factor, as you made no mention of them putting over/talking trash to someone. The finish was good, furthered the developing feud between Jimmy and Santino, while the aftermath was fun, or would've been, had Hornswoggle not been there. It did further DiBiase's own developing feud with Finlay, once again making him seem complacent. I did like Melina getting freaked out after touching Hornswoggle, that was funny, and all in all, things look promising for the feuds, both of which are undercard. One slight correction, though, you said Jimmy was Japanese, although I'm fairly certain he's Chinese.

Rey/Kenny Promo: Good promo from both sides. Rey played the returning face well, while Kenny did a good job in ruining his return with all of his insults. I've only seen your Kenny a few times, but I can already tell that he's going to go places in this thread, and he hasn't disappointed much, either. I can see Kenny getting into a high-profile feud with Rey following this incident, which would do his career good in getting involved with big stars. I really liked this promo, but one thing I noticed was that Rey said Kenny was "all mouth and no talk". I'm not exactly sure what that means, or what it's supposed to.

Kelly/Kofi Segment: I'm loving this feud more and more with every segment I read of it, and this was one of my favorites. This was great hype for Kelly's upcoming title match, and even better progression into the Cody/Kofi feud. Kelly's going to leave Cody soon, I can tell, but I'm not certain that she'll end up with Kofi. Still, I'm really anticipating what Cody's next move is going to be, I've got a feeling it's going to be big and vengeful.

Tag Titles: Good match, things broke down nicely at the end. I've got no complaints whatsoever about putting the titles on Miz and Morrison, and I've also got no complaints in seeing a possible London/Kendrick feud. The ending gave hints of that happening, and it'd be a great feud with plenty of great matches. This match was also good, with an exciting finish, moreso from the storytelling than the actual wrestling. Still, Miz and Morrison had a very impressive showing, although I wasn't a fan of either Miz barely selling the Sliced Bread #2, or Morrison's stomp doing just as much damage. Aside from that, fun match, and I'm sure I'll love the new champs' run with the titles.

Regal/Colons Segment: Interesting. This established Regal and something of a power insecurity. The feud between The Colons and Cryme Tyme should be an interesting one, and I think that the Handicap Match they'll be in with Kane will be nothing more than a glorified squash. Still, it seems as if it's just a way to give him some TV time, but I'm glad that at least there's a story behind the match.

Miz/Morrison Interview: Man, Todd gets no love from anyone, poor guy. I happen to like him. Anyway, this definitely put over Miz and Morrison as the cocky, conceited, celebratory duo they are, very fun segment. Kendrick being pissed only furthers my thoughts about an upcoming feud with London, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to more of these Miz and Morrison segments, they should be great.

Women's Title: Good match, better than I was expecting, actually. I've come to lower my standards for women's wrestling in BTB, as not many people treat it well. Anyway, glad to see that that wasn't the case here, because the match delivered. Kelly looked strong in her title match, while Victoria showed just why she's the champion. But what I really loved was the interaction between Cody and Kofi. Once again, intentional or not, Cody proves to be a bad boyfriend, and Kofi tries to keep the peace (somewhat), but I've noticed that anytime Kofi and Kelly are together and something happens to her, it's an indirect result of the IC Champion. A very good way to develop things, as you could take on of two routes for the feud and its culmination. Good match, followed by a better aftermath. Great job here.

Kennedy/Orton Promo: Great promo here. In only the second episode of RAW since Backlash, things have heated up tremendously between these two. The dailogue (or summary of it) was very good, both men palyed their characters really well, although I don't see why Kennedy offered Orton a title shot when he'd win the title. Obviously, there's some selfishness there, since he doesn't want to be attacked by Orton, but it just seems like an odd deal for a face to offer with someone who he hates, but doesn't have respect for. Aside from that, I really liked this promo, and the match announced sounds really good, too, another chance for Mr. Dykstra to shine when the bright lights are on. It did seem a little random for Bischoff to include them in it, with no connection between the two feuds, but I guess it was to have a different match than last week. Awesome stuff here.

Santino/Melina/Natalya Segment: Very good segment. Santino brought the comedy and delivered, and Melina and Natalya look to have a very good Divas program. One thing I'm not sure of is that both of them are heels, and I'm not really a fan of heel/heel programs. I think one could easily turn face in this feud, which I think would be a good choice (but then again, I'm old-school in thinking things should be good vs. bad). Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes about, and more Santino please. Also, maybe an explanation of why he's with Melina.

Flair Interview: You're on a roll with great segments, and the trend continued here. While I pictured Flair being mostly calm as he spoke, it made the "WOOO!" at the end look a little out-of-place, but that's just my perspective. One thing Flair said stuck out the most to me, and that was when we he said that for Hunter, getting the title shot wasn't as important as taking down The Corporation. Maybe I'm jumping on things too quickly, but a comment like that, it might not go over well for Triple H, and could cause some problems between him and Naitch, rather than the rumored ones between him and Batista. Anyway, awesome job here.

Handicap Match: Just as I thought, glorified squash. I did like that the feud between Cryme Tyme and The Colons continued here, by stealing their bling. Still, it didn't do them any favors to be destroyed by Kane. Not much else to say, except for a question: what's the deal with Eric Escobar? He never seems to do anything. I'll keep an eye on him.

Bischoff/Corporation Segment: Even though it played no real role in the segment, I liked Show lifting weights. It made him seem focused and motivated for his match later on tonight. Aside from that, I liked this segment, it asserted that Bischoff's not one to mess with (still don't like him, though), while Regal again seemed to have softened up. It must really make Vince mad to have the man he put out of business keeping him in line. Anyway, I'm definitely intruiged about all this part 2 stuff, I've been hearing that for awhile, so I'm looking forward to what it could be.

Tag Match: An okay match, I was hoping for better, but I understand not wanting to give too much away here. I liked the DQ end, it kept everyone strong here, but Kenny fell down quite a bit during this match. His in-ring performance hasn't impressed me in this thread. I know someone had to be the fall-guy in the match, but Kenny looked pretty bad. A headscissors kept him down long enough for Rey to hit a Frog Splash? That's not good. Aside from that, the action wasn't what I was hoping for, but the storytelling was the best aspect of the match. Things progressed nicely between Orton and Kennedy, and Bishcoff's announcement concerning next week's Quest Match was good, too. I see Kenny going over, but I want a stellar performance from him.

Main Event: Kozlov? Dang. Not a fan of his at all. But, at least you made him somewhat interesting here, by having him attack Triple H in part of The Corporation, and also apparently being a communist. As for the match, it was a slow-paced, but that was to be expected, but aside from that, pretty good. Not the best match of the night, but still up there. I didn't really like Triple H grabbing the ref to save himself, that seemed like a heelish move on his part, but maybe that's the direction you're going in. Anyway, things are being stacked against Evolution, with JBL, Show, and now Kozlov in The Corporation, which will be fun to see them fight back.

Overall: Another good show. Not quite as good as the others I've read, but still enjoyable nonetheless. The surprise of Kozlov joining The Corporation at the end was, well, a surprise, and I really hope you can get me to like him here. I did have a bit of a problem, and that's that the show seemed somewhat unimportant. I mean, some big things happened, like the ending of the main event, and the Tag Titles changing, but had people been watching, they wouldn't have missed a lot if they'd stopped watching for a bit. Aside from that, it was a good show, with good matches but better promos. Things are looking up for next week, hopefully it'll have a more important feel to it. 7/10.
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