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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

J-Coke RAW Review

Jimmy Wang Yang/ Ted Dibiase: Didn't really understand how this match could have been non-title, since the challenger usually wins a non-title match, but back to the action. You had a decent run-in with Finlay, then Santino. I think it could have worked if Finlay costed Dibiase the match. Santino getting bitten by Finlay was funny.

Rey/Kenny Dykstra Segment: Nice to see some Kenny progress. I can see him turn into a major player in this BTB and his fued with Rey can do that. The feud is going to shape up nicely.

KK/Kofi/Cody: This is getting personal, but does Cody have to walk in each time Kelly Kelly is in a segment. It's kinda getting repetitive. Anyways, it's a good way to continue the fued where Kelly Kelly decides who she loves.

Londrick/Miz & Morrison: An action packed match where Miz & Morrison become champions (Finally!) and I see that Londrick will be splitting up. I wonder who ends up as the bigger star though?

Regal/Colons: Oooooo, Regal is going to be the heel GM. Having Cryme Tyme face the WWE Champion Kane was a bit random, but it will be entertaining.

Miz & Morrison backstage: Typical celebration from a new heel champion(s) Let's see if Brian Kendrick storming out will lead to something.

Victoria/Kelly Kelly: Having Cody running-in would make sense, but Kelly still ended up losing. The shoving fight between Cody and Kofi made things interesting.

Orton/Kennedy in ring segment: A great promo by two men that ended with an RKO surprisingly. It was building for a match later tonight.

Santino/Melina/Natalya: Natalya called Melina out and it was funny that Santino didn't have enough balls to stand up for Melina.

Flair/Leticia: I think Triple H would have said the same if he took Flair's place, but it makes the match more important by having HHH focused instead of speaking.

Jeff Hardy Returns: I can't say that I'm happy that he'll be back, but he brings star power.

Kane/Cryme Tyme: A squash for Kane, making him stronger as champion. Carlito & Perez laughing at Cryme Tyme makes them even more angrier.

Corportion backstage: I've always liked the name of Corporation and it's back! Basically, some more build for later on and showing Big Show's dominance. Nothing wrong with that.

Orton & Dykstra/Rey & Kennedy: The DQ finish was the way to go because no one can afford to be pinned. I hope Dykstra doesn't lose momentum IF he loses to Rey!

HHH/Big Show: Now I see that you don't have the run-in victory from the first match, because you have it here. The Corportation looks stronger than ever and Evolution is falling apart. I don't think we really need another member of The Corporation, plus it's Kozlov (Ugh!).

Overall, you had some good matches. I like that we're having King of the Ring and at least 2 matches on the show can main event the show. Promos were good enough because each had a purpose. Another really good show!

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