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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Ted DiBiase Jr:
So Ted won, nothing surprising there. Santino didnít get involved, but I was expecting something from Tedís father. Well, maybe later. So Santino starts beating on Yang, but Finlay makes the save. Iím predicting a tag team match in an another show.

Rey Mysterio/ Kenny Dykstra Segment:
I donít know why, but I bought into the segment, and I really wanted Rey to kick Kennyís ass. He almost got to do it, so maybe a feud will come out of this, or maybe theyíll meet in the Quest to be Champion tournament.

Kelly Kelly/ Kofi Kingston Segment:
So I guess that Cody gets more and more jealous on Kofi, but I still donít know where Kelly is standing in all of this, she shows some sympathy for Kofi, but she doesnít openly say that she likes him more than Cody. Iím really looking forward to see what are you going to do with this situation.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs John Morrison & The Miz:
Wow, a finisher this early in the match? I guess Morrison will make the save, and he does. A blind tag by London? HmmmÖ maybe youíre considering breaking them up. And Morrison hits the Moonlight Drive, and we have ourselves new tag team champions. I guess that youíre gonna split Paul and Brian. But I donít know who will turn heel, it could be Paul, thinking that heís overshadowed by Brian, or it could be Brian, saying that Paul is trying to become the leader.

William Regal/ The Colons Segment:
Well, William is sure enjoying himself in Eric Bischoffís chair. And I donít know if he jumped up because he was surprised, or because he was thinking that Bischoff is going to catch him sitting in his chair, maybe trying to become the GM of Raw. And what a match, Kane vs. Cryme Tyme! Cryme Tyme is going to get destroyed.

The Miz and John Morrison/ Todd Grisham Interview:
Wow, arenít Miz and Morrison in a good mood, they actually arenít putting down Todd, but here it comes, and yes, they did put down Grisham, but it was partially his fault. Who did he think he was, trying to hang out with the ďChick MagnetĒ and with the ďShaman of SexyĒ?

Victoria vs Kelly Kelly:
I donít think that Kelly is ready to become champion, and by the looks of it, you donít either. Victoria gets the win, and what the hell is Kofi doing there? Heís just going to make things worse, and he does. He actually hurts Kelly, what a bad man. But seriously, just Cody is going to buy that, Kelly Kelly will forgive Kofi.

Mr. Kennedy/ Randy Orton/ Eric Bischoff Segment:
So, Mr. Kennedy comes out, promoting himself as the next WWE Champion, and Iím interested to see if Kennedy is going to win the title, or even get to the finals. Randy comes out, and an interesting proposal from Mr. Kennedy there, and Iím shocked that Randy didnít accept it, well I guess that Randy wants to ruin Kennedyís chances of being champion, maybe even after punting him once again, and WOW! An RKO out of nowhere, I didnít expect this to escalate into a fight, but it did. So, the Main Event is set, and I guess Ortonís team is gonna lose.

Santino Marella/ Melina/ Natalya Segment:
I agree with Melina, Santino getting bit by Hornswoggle was funny, I donít care what Santino says. What is Natalya doing there? Oh, sheís just there to remind Melina that itís hers fault that she didnít face Victoria tonight. And Santino is scared by Natalya, but I donít blame him, I would be too.

Leticia Cline/ Ric Flair Interview:
So, Triple H is too busy to give an interview, go figure. Anyway, Ric seems confident in himself, and in Evolution. And these rumors about a misunderstanding between Triple H and Batista, where did they come from? And Iím thinking that wherever did they come from, theyíre bull.

Cryme Time vs Kane:
Well, it was obvious that Kane was gonna win here, and Iím glad that it was a total squash, and I guess that thatís what Kaneís going to be doing Ďtill King of the Ring, since all the Main Event guys are feuding with someone.

The Corporation/William Regal and Eric Bischoff Segment:
The Corporation looks as confident as ever, even after Bischoff tells them that there will be no interference in the match later on. So I guess theyíre sure that the Big Show is going to dispose them of Triple H, even without the part 2 of their plan, which leads me to this, what is the part 2 of their plan? Is it a most cunning plan, or is it something stupid, and theyíre going to get their asses kicked by Evolution. I think, and hope that itís the first one, well weíre just going to have to wait and see.

Rey Mysterio & Mr. Kennedy vs Randy Orton & Kenny Dykstra:
Well, it ended in disqualification, which was kinda the logical thing to do, not wanting neither team to lose credibility, and Randy gets out of the ring, on Bischoffís order, which was again, the logical thing to do, but this time, by Randy Orton, not wanting to be suspended. And you gave Kenny a match in the Quest to be Champion tournament. Fair enough, but I guess anyone who is anyone will be in the tournament, so why not Kenny.

Triple H vs The Big Show:
If this was in 2001/2, this would be a championship match, which it isnít, it would be the Main Event, which it is, but Triple H would be the heel, and the Big Show would be the face. But that doesnít matter, because this is the present, and this starts of as any Big Show match. The Big Show dominates after a few headbutts, an elbow and a cover, but Trips kicks out, and I think this is where the match really starts. Triple H, tries to take the early win, with the Pedigree, but the Big Show fights out of it, and hits the referee. Very heelish behavior by the Game here, but heís always been a bit heel. So Vladimir Kozlov makes his debut, attacking Triple H. He destroyed Triple H the only way a monster could, and Big Show gets the win, and I think that we now know what part 2 was.

Overall: Iíll just say whatís on my mind right now, a great show, but again, too little Kane, too much Cody Rhodes, but I understand that youíre trying to build up the Cody/Kofi feud some more. My ranking is: 8,5/10
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