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Re: CM Skittle(Hypocritical Parasite

Originally Posted by CERB3RUS View Post
Fucking idiot..... IT WAS A POST WITHOUT A SOURCE. What do you not understand about that? This is why I didn't want to get into this again because I knew you wouldn't understand it anyways. I hope you don't buy everything you read in the WWE section, because you wouldn't have an opinion about anything if you did. The post was also vague, no names, no location, nothing. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone as gullible as you would've bought it without question.

Regardless of whether or not it had a source, it still makes you a hypocrite. By the way, the Test thread was a POST WITHOUT A SOURCE when I made that joke, although I don't need to hide behind that.

Oh yes, because wrestling knowledge is so fucking "valuable" and really makes you look like a smart person. If anything, it makes you look like you need a social life and a hobby. I see nothing wrong with discussing wrestling, but when people like you turn everything into a debate, it makes it pretty queer. Who the fuck cares if Angle/HBK was *****, ****1/2, or **** 1/4? Get a girlfriend for fucks sake.
So now you're bashing me for having wrestling knowledge when I post on a WRESTLING forum? Turn everything into a debate? Isn't that the ENTIRE point of a forum? Would you rather just have a thread of sheep where people just paraphrase the same comment over and over? Well, that's what you do anyway, so that's hardly suprising.

I need to get a girlfriend? You were the one who investigated whether female members where legit on this site
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