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Watchmen Mafia Gameplay Thread

NIGHT 0 - The Beginning of the End

I’m taking up where Nite Owl and Rorschach convinced Adrian to not blow up half of New York for world peace. Instead, Adrian decides to throw a formal get-together with all the former masked heroes and some other random townspeople at Karnak, his Antarctica base.
So yeah, everyone arrived and piled into the large ballroom. All the guests were having fun and conversing and eating when suddenly the windows and doors started to shut.
“What is this fucking bullshit cock dick balls going on?” DH shouted, as suddenly Adrian Veidt, accompanied by his henchmen, appeared on a podium on the side of the room. “Good evening my friends.” Adrian started. “I have invited you all here under the pretense of a friendly get-together, when in actuality, I have decided not to take chances with anyone screwing with my plans anymore. I am simply going to gas you all to death in a few minutes, and continue with my twisted plans for world peace. So, good bye, and remember, your deaths will not be in vain.”
Veidt and his henchmen slid through the door on the podium as the guests charged the stage.
“Fuck! How could we have fallen for this!” Kantos snapped, as he banged his fists angrily on the door. The door opened. “Hey, the world’s smartest man forgot to lock the door.” Lostfan observed. “Let’s get him!”
The angry mob ran through the building until they got to the main computer room. Suddenly a voice was heard over the room by a loud speaker.
“Do you seriously think I would have forgotten to lock the door?” Adrian sneered over the microphone. “No, I simply wanted to play a simple game, and have fate prove to me my plan should go through for the good of the world. I also want to outsmart all my old allies and prove that I am the greatest and smartest man to have ever lived. Me and my cohorts have slipped into your ranks, and each night we shall kill one of you off until you are all dead! Mwahahahaha!”
“What are we going to do?!” Rising whined. “Each day we will take a vote on who we should kill.” suggested Postage. “Until we’ve gotten rid of all our enemies.” Everyone liked the sound of that, so as the sun rose, they decided to get started.

Day 1 begins, with 26 alive it's 14 for a lynch

(all the names mentioned in the write-up were chosen at random)

1. Role revealing is allowed.
2. Don’t talk with people about the game outside of the thread unless you are allowed to.
3. That’s pretty much it, all other generic rules apply. I’ll be sending out roles right now.


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Day 1 - http://www.wrestlingforum.com/7064324-post232.html
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