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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW ResultsMonday 5th May 2008
Live From The Honda Center
Anaheim , California

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

  • Mr. Kennedy cutting short Randy Orton’s request for a fair rematch with Eric Bischoff making a match between them in the Quest to be Champion tournament for later on
  • Orton bringing a chair in to the ring during their match with Kennedy ducking the shot, leading to the chair rebounding off the ropes and into Orton’s face to allow Kennedy to win after a Mic Check
  • Mr. McMahon unveiling the return of The Big Show & The Corporation
  • William Regal catching up The Corporation as they were leaving, telling them that Big Show will face Triple H this week in the Quest to be Champion tournament with Evolution & The Corporation banned from ringside
  • Vince telling them all that plan A is complete, and that now it’s time for part 2

“Wanna Be Loved”


***Video Promo***

{Cut To Ringside}

“Priceless” hits with the Million Dollar Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr & “The Million Dollar Woman” Maryse confidently walking down to the ring with boos ringing out.

***Video Recap***

From Backlash

Ted DiBiase Jr just defeating Jimmy Wang Yang thanks to a distraction from Maryse

From Last Week
  • DiBiase Jr losing to Finlay by disqualification after a shot to the head with the Million Dollar title belt
  • DiBiase Jr being confronted by his dad in the dressing room and being accused of becoming complacent, only for the youngster to say his dad was jealous after he left

{Cut To Ringside}

As DiBiase Jr waits in the ring, “Gonna Punch Someone Tonight” plays to a pop from the crowd as Jimmy Wang Yang makes his way down to the ring, looking as happy as ever. Just before the bell rings, “La Vittoria é Mia” hits as Santino Marella & Melina walk down the ramp and join JR & The King at the announce table. JR mentions Yang’s victory over Santino last week, and that doesn’t go down well with the unhappy Italian with Yang looking put out at Santino’s presence.

***The Opening Match***

Non Title Match
Jimmy Wang Yang vs Ted DiBiase Jr w/“The Million Dollar Woman” Maryse

DiBiase started complacently again, letting Yang get on top until coming back in to it after a distraction from Maryse. With Yang slowly getting back up, DiBiase stands by waiting to pounce, and he shifts behind his opponent. As Yang stands up fully, DiBiase tries to lock in The Cobra Clutch, but Yang fights it straight away by driving his leg back in to DiBiase’s knee, freeing himself with DiBiase falling to his knees. Yang runs forward in to the ropes, and as he comes back, DiBiase takes him by surprise as he lifts himself up and connects with a falling clothesline. The Million Dollar Champion hit it hard and follows up for a cover, but Yang kicks out at 2. Maryse encourages Ted Jr as he stands back up, and he urges Yang back up to his feet, looking very impatient. Again he shifts behind Yang as he stands up, but Yang spins round before DiBiase can grab him properly, and he manages to pull him down in to an Inside Cradle. DiBiase kicks out at 2 with both men racing back up, and DiBiase runs right in to a jumping spinning leg lariat that gets a big pop from the crowd.

The youngster starts to show signs of movement on the mat as Yang stops and looks in to the crowd, getting them going as he then walks towards the apron and through the ropes in front of Santino. The Italian looks disgusted and leaves his position at the announce table, distracting Yang who looks confused by it as he stands on the top rope. The referee walks over to the ropes and tells Santino to go back to the announce table, but he argues with the ref as DiBiase stands back up and turns round to see Yang on top. DiBiase drops to his knees, possibly playing possum as Yang then turns back to face the ring to see DiBiase standing up again, looking groggy. The Japanese high flier leaps off the top for a missile dropkick, but DiBiase steps to the side, resulting in Yang crashing in to the deck to the obvious satisfaction of Santino on the outside. DiBiase reacts straight away by dragging Yang right back up and planting him with a little Dream Street (Cobra Clutch Slam). Yang isn’t moving as DiBiase hooks both legs for the cover, getting the 3 and the win.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase Jr by pinfall @ 5.11.

AFTERMATH: “Priceless” hits to heat from the crowd, and Santino slips inside the ring as DiBiase Jr gets his arm raised. He watches on with a grin as Santino starts stomping all over Yang, who is defenceless as he lies on the mat. All of a sudden, “Lambeg” hits as Finlay runs down the ramp with his shillelagh in hand. Finlay slides under the bottom rope and ducks a right hand from DiBiase, then levels him with the shillelagh to a massive pop from the crowd. Santino doesn’t give him the chance to attack him and clubs the Irishman across the back, but unbeknown to Santino, Hornswoggle climbs out from under the ring and is about to climb inside with Maryse watching on in horror. Melina gets up from the announce table and walks towards the apron, but as she grabs Hornswoggle’s foot, she lets go, looking disgusted at having touched him. It allows him to get in the ring and walk up behind Santino, and he bites him on the ass to the delight of the crowd. Santino jumps up and down inside the ring, holding his ass with both hands with Hornswoggle then low blowing him and sending the Italian down to the mat. He wriggles around as Melina & Maryse look on in shock as both their men lie across the mat with “Lambeg” hitting again to a big pop as Finlay drops to his knees and high fives Hornswoggle, evening the score from last week with DiBiase.

{Commercial Break}

“Booyaka 619”
blasts out to a massive pop as Rey Mysterio makes his way down to the ring. Once inside, he gets a microphone and says it’s good to be back, getting another pop from the crowd. He then says that it feels like a long time ago that he last stood in the ring, and that was at WrestleMania. He tells the fans that being hurt hasn’t been easy as all he’s thought about is how he didn’t win the Money in the Bank ladder match and how much he wanted to win it. He then says that as much as he wanted to win it, he accepts that he did all he could like he always does and gave it his best shot, but now that he’s back, he’s going to work his way back to once again becoming a world champion. He smiles as the fans cheer him, but all the smiles go as “Pure Control” hits to heat with Kenny Dykstra walking down to the ring. The youngster dressed in jeans and a shirt doesn’t look too happy at all as he climbs in the ring and picks up a microphone.

He says to Rey that he has something he wants to share with him, but it might be a little hard to take, and with Rey already not looking best pleased to see him, Dykstra tells him that quite frankly, no one cares that he’s back. The fans don’t agree and they boo Dykstra, who then tells Rey that all they care about is Kenny Dykstra and that he’s back where he belongs, on the A show as the “numero uno” as Rey would put it. Dykstra looks as if he’s being serious with Rey shaking his head in disbelief, but Dykstra tells him he’s deadly serious, and that as much as he likes Rey’s optimism, he has to be realistic. He then tells Rey that this might hurt, but he is only being honest with him, there’s no chance he will ever be a world champion again. Boos ring out with Dykstra looking to explain himself straight away, and he says that Rey’s one run was a fluke and a complete one off. He then tells Rey that he doesn’t have to look far to see someone who is destined to be a world champion in the future, and that man is Kenny Dykstra. The fans really aren’t taking to Dykstra, and neither is Rey as he tells Kenny to prove it. That goes down well with the crowd, and Kenny looks shocked as Rey then tells him to show him just how good he is in a match tonight.

More cheers break out, but Dykstra back tracks and tells the crowd that on any other night, he would have no problem in showing up Rey to be the fluke that he is, but he doesn’t want to ruin his big return and reinjure him when he’s not ready to step in to the ring with someone like him. Rey says that’s bull and calls him all mouth and no talk. Kenny laughs for a second before turning all serious and shoving Rey down to the mat to the disgust of the California faithful. A pissed off Mysterio gets right back up with Kenny laughing at him and they go face to face with Rey slapping Dykstra. Gasps ring out across the arena as Rey then ducks under a right hand and runs through in to the ropes. He stays there as Kenny charges right at him, and Rey Rey catches him with a drop toe hold on to the middle rope. The fans go nuts as Rey dials up for the 619, and he turns back to run the ropes, but as he races back and swings through for the 619, Dykstra pulls his head back and pulls himself under the bottom rope. Boos ring out as Rey watches an angry Kenny back track up the ramp. “Booyaka 619” plays once again as Kenny points and gestures angrily at Rey.

***Video Recap***

From Backlash
  • Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship, and the ending of the match with Kelly Kelly being knocked off the apron, leading to Kofi retaining
  • Later on in the back, Kelly telling Cody she was okay to wrestle later in the number one contendership match with Cody then saying that if she did wrestle, they were through, resulting in Kelly storming out
  • Kelly defeating Melina to become the number one contender for the Women’s Championship and Cody coming down after the match to raise her hand and walk back straight away, to the shock of Kelly

From Last Week
  • Kelly being interviewed and saying that she will be receiving her title shot this week. Cody walking in to join his girlfriend and saying that it’s going to be hard for her to beat Victoria before leaving and the arrival of the Women’s Champion, who told Kelly she was impressed with her performance at Backlash, but she’s not going to take the title away from her

{Cut Backstage}

Kelly Kelly
is stretching in her locker room, dressed in her ring gear. With the crowd cheering her inside the arena, we then see the Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston walk in to the room. He also gets a pop, and Kelly stops stretching to look up and smile as Kofi walks up to her and hugs her. He tells her that he wanted to come and wish her good luck for her match later on. Kelly thanks him, but she warns him that Cody might come back any minute because he only went to get her some water. The smile is wiped from Kofi’s face too, and he tells Kelly that Cody doesn’t deserve her, but Kelly cuts him off and says that she doesn’t need any trouble tonight. Kofi takes a couple of seconds before saying that he doesn’t want to cause her any trouble, he just wants to tell her “good luck”. She thanks him again before Kofi turns round and walks out of the room with the camera following him. As he turns right at the door, walks down the corridor and turns a corner, the camera pans to the left to show Cody Rhodes standing still with two bottles of water in his hand, and he doesn’t look to be in the best moods at the sight of Kofi walking away from Kelly’s dressing room.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Match #2***

World Tag Team Championship
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs John Morrison & The Miz

The Miz stands back up with a big smile on his face after dodging a cross body from Kendrick, looking very confident as one half of the champions starts to pick himself back up. The Miz slowly walks across to Kendrick and grabs him by the arm, then whips him hard in to the corner, still smiling. Kendrick hits the pads hard as The Miz takes his time before running in, and the delay helps Kendrick recover and lift his boot up in to The Miz’s face, sending him staggering out of the corner holding his face. With the crowd cheering, Kendrick follows him out and spins him round to pull him in to position for Sliced Bread. The fans cheer as Kendrick then runs in to the corner, runs up the ropes and connects with his finisher, driving The Miz’s head in to the mat. Kendrick scurries across the mat to make the cover as the fans rise to their feet, watching the ref make the count, and just as his hand comes down for 3, John Morrison makes the save, stomping on Kendrick’s head to stop the count. Boos ring out as London goes ballistic on the apron, but the referee orders a smug Morrison out straight away.

Both Kendrick & The Miz come round and attempt to crawl towards their respective corners as London gets the fans behind his partner, but as The Miz makes the tag to Morrison, Kendrick gets close to the outstretched hand of London. Morrison races across to drag Kendrick away from his corner, but Kendrick turns over on to his back and kicks his foot up in to Morrison’s face, sending The Shaman of Sexy down to the mat. He’s not down for long though and he rushes back up, dragging Kendrick away again and stomping him across the chest this time to make sure he doesn’t get away. Morrison then reaches down and pulls Kendrick back up, whipping him in to the ropes, but as he ducks his head, it allows Kendrick to run back and drive his boot up, levelling Morrison right in the face. His head snaps back up with Kendrick running back in to the ropes, coming back and taking Morrison down with a flying forearm.

It gets a big pop from the crowd, but as Morrison attempts to get back up and Kendrick turns back to run the ropes by his partner, London slaps him across the back for a blind tag, taking Kendrick by surprise. He is powerless as he watches London climb to the top rope and leap off for a diving cross body on Morrison. London hits it, but Kendrick remains in the ring, still baffled by the blind tag. The referee tells him to leave, and it gives The Miz the chance to enter the ring and stomp on the back of London’s head to stop any kind of cover. Kendrick sees it, but the ref doesn’t as Kendrick explodes and runs at The Miz, taking him down to the mat with a dropkick. The Miz rolls under the bottom rope, not looking too hurt as he sits back up on the outside to see his partner return to his feet behind Kendrick. And as Kendrick turns round, Morrison takes his head off with a Super Kick. Kendrick just falls in a heap as Morrison then turns back to drag the squirming London up to his feet and nail him with The Moonlight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker). Morrison doesn’t waste any time in hooking both legs as the referee makes the count, getting to 3. We have new World Tag Team Champions!

WINNERS: By pinfall, and new World Tag Team Champions, John Morrison & The Miz @ 10.47.

AFTERMATH: “Ain’t No Make Believe” hits to a ton of heat as the referee collects the belts and then hands them over to the new champions with The Miz joining Morrison back in the ring. They lift their belts up in to the air before walking in to the corners and doing the same there before jumping down and hugging in the centre of the ring as Kendrick sits up looking angry. They then leave the ring and walk up the ramp, stopping at the top of the stage and turning round to pose with the titles once again.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

Raw’s Executive Assistant, William Regal is in his and Eric Bischoff’s office, and is sat quite happily in Bischoff’s chair when the door is thrust open. Regal jumps out of the seat as The Colon Brothers & Eric Perez walk in to the room. Carlito certainly doesn’t look happy and he tells Regal that he wants to talk to Bischoff, but Regal tells him that Bischoff’s not here right now. Carlito says he can see that, but he and his brother have a problem that needs sorting out right now, seemingly angering Regal. He tells them that Bischoff’s isn’t the only one with power at his disposal, reminding them that Bischoff himself appointed him his Executive Assistant for such matters like these, and he then asks them exactly what their problem is as he may be able to resolve it for them. Eddie steps forward and says to Regal that if he’s just as much in charge as Bischoff, then maybe he can tell them what they’re going to do about those two ghetto wannabes, Cryme Time taking their clothes and selling them off last week. Regal tells him to calm down, and that he is aware of what happened last week.

Carlito cuts in and says that’s great ‘n all, but to cut to the chase ‘cos they don’t have all night. Regal says that manners don’t cost anything and that he doesn’t have to help them with their little problem, but since he values his own garments, he realises that the ghastly duo known as Cryme Time will be punished for their actions, because later on in the evening, they will take on the WWE Champion, Kane. Eddie says to Regal that he knows Kane’s a monster and all, but two on one isn’t fair. Regal then points out that only one member of the team will be allowed in the ring at any one time, but if that’s not acceptable to them, then maybe they would like to face Kane instead. Carlito puts his arm out across his brother’s chest with Perez still standing behind them as Carlito then tells Regal, “two on one. . . that’s cool”. He then says “let’s get out of here” as they all turn round and walk out with Regal muttering it was a pleasure doing business with them.

{Cut Backstage}

The Miz & John Morrison are walking through back with their new World Tag Team title belts resting on their shoulders, smiling like crazy. We then see Todd Grisham trying to catch up with them, shouting their names. The new champs hear him and turn round with Grisham walking right up to them, and The Miz tells him that they couldn’t be happier to see him. Todd looks surprised by that, and Morrison tells him not to worry because it is a good thing, just like the fact Raw has champions that will not degrade the credibility of the titles or the show. Morrison then says that just like he and The Miz vowed last week, they became the new World Tag Team Champions, and they’re going to go out and celebrate their hard earned success. He continues by telling us that they want to make it very clear to everyone that once the celebration of all celebrations is complete, he and The Miz, the new World Tag Team Champions will begin the challenge of bringing the prestige back to the titles that the former champions failed to do.

Just then, the sound of a door slamming not so far away is heard, and all three men in the shot turn round to see Brian Kendrick forcefully dragging his travel bag as he storms up the hall with his back to the new champs. Morrison & The Miz have a good laugh, and The Miz sarcastically says that it doesn’t seem like everyone’s in the party spirit before telling Todd that since it’s such a momentous occasion, even he could come join them on their much deserved celebration. Grisham is surprised again, and he tells them that if they’re sure, he’d love to. The Miz turns to Morrison and tells him that Todd bought it with the champs enjoying a little laugh at Grisham’s expense. Morrison then asks Grisham if he thought they were seriously going to ask him to join them at the party of the decade. Todd pauses for a second before saying “well, yeah”, but Morrison tells him there is something he can do, be jealous! The champs laugh at Grisham’s expense again as they walk out of the shot, leaving a downbeat Todd all alone.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #3***

WWE Womens Championship
Victoria (c) vs Kelly Kelly w/Cody Rhodes

Victoria started the match on top with Kelly fighting for her life pretty much all the way through. With Kelly looking in real danger after a powerslam, Victoria stands back up and steadies herself before trying for a standing moonsault, but Kelly lifts her knees up in to the champion’s mid section. Cody punches the air on the outside as the fans cheer too with Kelly rolling towards the ropes while Victoria clutches her stomach. Slowly but surely, both divas make their way back up to their feet, and it’s Victoria who runs at Kelly who still stands by the ropes, holding on to them. The challenger sees Victoria coming and turns to lift her elbow in to the face of the champion, sending her staggering away from the ropes. As Victoria turns back round, Kelly runs at her and takes her down with a clothesline. It doesn’t do a lot of damage as the champ gets right back up, but Kelly levels her with another. Once again, Victoria gets straight back up with Kelly this time opting to whip her opponent in to the corner, but Victoria overpowers her, sending Kelly in to the pads instead.

Victoria runs right in at her, but Kelly steps out of the corner as Victoria runs right in to the pads. The champ turns round looking fairly dazed as Kelly runs in to the opposite corner before making her way back across to Victoria and hitting her with a handspring back elbow smash. That gets a big pop from the crowd, and as Victoria staggers out of the corner, Kelly waits patiently before the champion turns back to face her, and as she does that, she walks right in to a roundhouse kick from Kelly Kelly. Another big pop breaks out as Kelly then goes for the cover, hooking the closest leg only. The ref counts to 2, but just as his hand comes down for 3, Victoria places her free leg on to the bottom rope, and the ref sees it. Kelly is devastated as she turns to see Victoria’s foot on the rope, and Cody looks stunned too as he stands in his girlfriend’s corner. Kelly pulls herself back up to her knees, still looking upset at the two count, but as Victoria comes round and rolls on to her side, it prompts the challenger to get back on track.

Kelly stands back up and reaches down to pull Victoria back up. She grabs her wrist and looks to whip Victoria in to the ropes, and Cody sees the idea as he stands opposite them. As Kelly then goes for the whip, Cody turns to the side, but he doesn’t see Victoria reverse the whip, and as Kelly hits the ropes, Cody unintentionally grabs Kelly’s foot. He plays the innocent as he looks in to the crowd, but as Kelly yells at him, he turns round in surprise and tries to apologise. Victoria walks across, and as Kelly turns round, Victoria capitalises with a savote kick to the face. It looks to be all over as she drops to her knees and goes for the cover, but Kelly just lifts her shoulder up at the count of 2, leaving Cody very relieved on the outside. Kelly’s not out of the woods though as she lies helplessly on the mat, and Victoria doesn’t mess about. She stands right back up and drags Kelly to her feet before setting her up for The Widow’s Peak. Kelly can’t escape, and Victoria nails it, then turns her over to make the inevitable three count and retain her title.

WINNER: By pinfall, and still the WWE Womens Champion, Victoria @ 8.33.

AFTERMATH: “Ain’t The Lady to Mess With” hits with Victoria being passed the belt and leaving straight away as Cody slips in to the ring to check on Kelly. She remains pretty out of it, barely coming round as Kofi Kingston walks down the ramp and past Victoria. He enters the ring and pulls Cody up from his knees before yelling at him, pointing to the ropes where he grabbed Kelly’s foot before. Cody yells back at Kofi as Kelly starts to move around and sit up. Things start to get heated between Kofi & Cody though as they go face to face with Cody talking smack at his former friend and current Intercontinental Champion. Cody then pushes Kofi and stares at him, goading him in to a reaction, but it doesn’t look like Kofi is going to. Cody walks closer to him and talks smack again, and this time he angers Kofi, who shoves him hard in the chest.

As Cody is pushed back, Kelly is just standing back up behind him, but she is sent right back down to the mat as Cody’s back meets her chest and face. Gasps are heard from the crowd as Kofi looks horrified, and Cody turns round slowly, not seeming to want to look as he then sees Kelly lying motionless on the mat. He drops to his knees to check on her as Kofi holds his face in his hands, and after about ten seconds, he walks over and tries to check on her. Her eyes are open and she just looks groggy, but Cody stands up and yells at Kofi, shoving him against the ropes and pointing down at Kelly to remind him what he just did. Kofi looks remorseful and he decides to leave the ring, walking up the ramp but turning back to see Kelly being helped up in to a sitting position by Cody, who just stares back angrily at Kofi.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut To Ringside}

“Turn up the Treble”
hits to a big pop from the crowd as Mr. Kennedy walks out to the stage with a big smile on his face. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, he makes his way down to the ring and collects a microphone. He sarcastically tells the Anaheim crowd that he’s not one to boast, but he thought it was only right to share this moment with everyone. He then says that he realises some people might not exactly be up to speed with recent events, but he tells them that he’s come prepared and that they should turn their attention to the beautiful tron to witness a beautiful moment. We then see the finale to last week’s show with Mr. Kennedy defeating Randy Orton in the Quest to be Champion match after a steel chair rebounded in to Orton’s skull off the ropes and The Mic Check that followed. Back to Kennedy, and he’s smiling like no tomorrow and says “sweet huh?” He then says that he not only defeated another former world champion, but he managed to wipe the smug look off of Randy Orton’s face for the second time in two nights. He quickly points out though that last Monday was sweeter as he not only beat Orton in the middle of this ring, but he took himself one step closer to becoming the WWE Champion.

That gets a pop, but Kennedy’s smile goes as he becomes a little serious, admitting that the last couple of years haven’t been the easiest with injuries on top of injuries, but he wants everyone to know that as of right now, Mr. Kennedy is back, he means business and he wants the WWE Championship around his waist. A big pop breaks out, but it’s also met by “Voices” as a very intense Randy Orton walks down the ramp, glaring at Kennedy. The casually dressed Orton climbs through the ropes and picks up a microphone of his own before walking up to Kennedy and staring him in the face for several seconds before taking a couple of paces back. The Legend Killer then tells Kennedy that he’s going to let him have that moment, but he wants him to know one very important thing, it’s only going to be that one moment. Kennedy’s smile has definitely gone now as he stares back at Orton, who tells him that we’ve heard it all before, all this promise about Mr. Kennedy becoming a world champion. He then asks Kennedy where all this promise led to, but he doesn’t let KK answer the question by quickly saying that it went absolutely nowhere.

He tells Kennedy that he had it all, he was knocking off world champion after world champion, and that he when he got the chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion, he blew it. Kennedy stares back with the crowd booing as Orton continues, telling him that there was more promise, but then says that it should really have been false hope because yet again it led absolutely nowhere. Orton carries on to say that they both fought for the same shot at Wrestlemania 23, Money in the Bank, and it was Kennedy who grabbed the chance ahead of him, the thing he wanted more than anything else in the world, but Kennedy took it away from him. He then asks Kennedy what happened, and tells him straight away, once again, he blew it, he blew the opportunity that they both fought for and accuses Kennedy of ruining his dream last year like he ruined it at Backlash and like he did last week. Orton gets real hot, and he tells Kennedy straight that he’s sick of it, and that last week was the last time Kennedy will ever stand in his way of becoming the WWE Cha. . . Kennedy cuts Orton off and tells Orton it’s funny because we’ve heard all this before and that he should give it rest.

Orton looks stunned and angry as Kennedy then tells him that he lost the WWE Championship and he suggests he does what everyone else has done. . . deal with it. The fans cheer loudly for Kennedy, who then says that when he says deal with it, he doesn’t mean kick the first person you see in the head, because that might just come back and bite you in the ass. With Orton staring intently at him, Kennedy says that he guesses he didn’t him to tell him that since Orton’s stood there empty handed, and he himself is one step closer to blowing another chance as Orton would put it. A twisted smirk appears on Kennedy’s face, and he moves on to say that since Orton’s not in the best of the moods, he’s willing to cut him a little slack. He then tells Orton that he knows how he works and thinks, and then asks him if he’s dying to return the favour, because the way he sees it is that he’ll be in his next match to get to the King of the Ring and fight for the WWE Championship when out of nowhere, The Legend Killer strikes again and takes that chance away from him. Orton shows signs of a smile, but Kennedy says that the idea of being screwed over doesn’t exactly work for him, and that’s why he has a proposition for Orton.

The Legend Killer looks confused, but Kennedy tells Orton as much as he hates his guts, he knows how to make this work for the both of them. Orton listens carefully as Kennedy says that if Orton stays out of his way, he gets to the King of the Ring and becomes the WWE Champion, he’ll make sure Orton is first in line for a shot. Orton looks like he’s pondering it as Kennedy then asks him how he feels about that, and tells him that all he has to do is fight every urge in his self obsessed body, and then asks him if he thinks he can do that. Still looking very serious, Orton says that everyone knows he will do whatever it takes to become the WWE Champion once again, but he wants to make something perfectly clear, he will do it on his own terms as he does what he decides and not what others like Kennedy tell him. It doesn’t go down well with Kennedy who looks at Orton with The Legend Killer saying that if he goes along with this idea, it will be his decision and his only. Kennedy isn’t satisfied and tells him if he wants it that way, it’s fine, but if Orton’s telling home truths, he might as well get in on the act.

He tells Orton he has one for him, and that is as long as he is here and able, Randy Orton will never be the WWE Champion. Orton smirks again and seems to find it funny as he turns to see the crowd cheering, but as he turns back, he shocks everyone by nailing Kennedy out of nowhere with an RKO. The fans boo like crazy, and just as Orton is about to leave the ring, Eric Bischoff walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand. He says to Orton that it’s pretty clear he wants to get his hands on Mr. Kennedy once again, but he didn’t need to do what he just did. Orton stands back looking confused as Bischoff says that he was about to come out here anyway and tell them of a little idea of his, and that is in the main event tonight, we are going to see Randy Orton team up with Kenny Dykstra to take on the team of Rey Mysterio and Mr. Kennedy. A massive pop echoes around the arena while Orton stares back at Bischoff as “I’m Back” hits with Kennedy coming round behind Orton.

{Cut Backstage}

Santino Marella & Melina
walk out of what appears to be the medic’s room with Melina turning back to thank the doctor before the door shuts. As they walk down the hall, Santino looks a little angry as he tells Melina that he is going to have another talk with Mr. Bischoff about that little green dwarf. He then says that thanks to that irritating little creature, he has a bruise on his beautiful bottom, causing Melina to chuckle slightly. He stops walking and turns to her, asking her if she thinks it’s funny that a little green dwarf has bruised his perfect, peachy behind. Melina giggles again and she can’t speak, angering Santino, who says it is not funny and asks her how she would like it if it happened to her. A different voice is heard saying that she thinks Melina would love it. Melina & Santino turn to the side to see Natalya Neidhart leaning against one of the door frames with the door wide open. She then walks away from it with the door shutting behind her, walking up to Melina and telling her that she’s heard a lot of the guys have spent some time with Melina and her “you know what”. Melina doesn’t look happy to see her at all and asks Natalya why she’s bothering her and if last week wasn’t enough for her. Natalya stares angrily at Melina and walks even closer to her, right in front of her face with Santino standing to the side.

Neidhart then tells Melina to think back to Backlash and says that if it wasn’t for her losing to Kelly Kelly, it would have been her (Natalya) facing Victoria night and becoming the new Women’s Champion, but because of Melina, she’s not. Santino tries to act big and protect his woman by stepping between the two divas and tells Natalya that she’s made her point, but Neidhart stares menacingly back at him. The Italian looks worried and says “okay, maybe not” before standing back and telling her to carry on. Melina looks disappointedly at Santino before turning back to hear Natalya tell her that she holds her responsible for not getting a shot at the Women’s Championship, and that she won’t forget it any time soon. The two divas stare intensely at each other for a couple of seconds before a deadly serious Natalya Neidhart steps away, turns back round and walks away with Melina staring a hole through her. Santino looks on and asks Melina if she wants to go back to the hotel and give his bottom a nice rub, but Melina looks at him in disgust before walking away and leaving Santino on his own, saying to himself that it’s not too much to ask. He then shouts her name out and tries to catch up with her as the camera fades out.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

Leticia Cline
is standing by outside Evolution’s locker room. She says that she hopes to get a few words with Triple H about his match later on tonight with The Big Show in the Quest to be Champion tournament. She then turns round to knock on the door, and after a couple of seconds, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair walks out and shuts the door behind him, then asks Leticia how she’s doing. She says she’s fine but she was hoping to talk to Triple H, but Flair says that he’s busy getting ready for his match. Leticia then asks Flair if he doesn’t mind answering a few questions about tonight’s match, and he says that he would be happy to, anything for a beautiful woman like herself. Leticia smiles and then asks Flair how Triple H is feeling about having to face The Big Show in the first round of the tournament, but Flair quickly cuts in. He tells her that the title shot at the end of the tunnel isn’t important for Hunter, all he cares about is getting even with The McMahon’s & The Big Show. He then says that after what they did to his son Reid at Backlash, he too wants a piece of them, but he’s going to follow Eric Bischoff’s wishes.

He says he’s happy sitting back and waiting for that time to come, because when it does, it will be worth it as he will teach every single one of The McMahon family and their hired help a valuable lesson, you don’t screw over Evolution. Leticia then asks Flair if he has any light to shed on the rumours about a problem between Triple H & Batista, and she also says that she’s tried to get a comment from Batista, but she can’t find him anywhere. Flair says that there’s a reason for that, it’s because Dave isn’t here tonight. He then says that he’s heard all the rumours himself and that it’s total crap, saying that there is no problem, it’s just The Corporation trying to cause trouble like they always do. He takes a short pause before saying that there will be trouble tonight however for The Big Show, because Triple H is going to beat the holy hell out of him for everything The McMahon’s have done, and once Hunter’s finished, The Nature Boy himself will be next in line to get his hands on them and do the exact same thing, finishing with a “WOO”. It gets a big pop from inside the arena and Leticia thanks Ric, and he says it’s no problem before going back in to the locker room.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #4***

Handicap Match
Cryme Time vs Kane w/Paul Bearer

Kane has controlled things for the most part with a brief Shad assault the only blip. With Shad taking a stiff boot to the face, Kane shows some form of mercy as he allows him to crawl across and make the tag to the reluctant JTG. He slowly climbs through the ropes and stares worryingly at the dangerous WWE Champion. He then gives in to fear and charges at him, sliding through his legs and running through in to the ropes, and as he comes back off the ropes, he dives at Kane. The champion holds on to him and tosses him overhead with a fallaway slam. Paul Bearer smiles on the outside as Kane returns to his feet and opts to walk in to the corner, climbing up to the top rope. With JTG slowly standing back up, he turns round to see Kane leaping off the top to nail him with a flying clothesline.

The Big Red Machine stands back up, and JTG isn’t that far behind him, but he isn’t all there as he turns round in to a big chokeslam from Kane. Shad just about stands back up on the apron and sees his partner hit the mat, but he then has something else to deal with as The Colon Brothers race down the ramp with Eric Perez remaining on the stage. Carlito & Eddie grab all the bling JTG & Shad placed in their corner before the match, and the brothers run right back up the ramp with it as Shad jumps down off the apron, looking extremely pissed as Kane signals the end for his partner in the ring. Kane reaches down to drag JTG back up, and he scoops him up on to his shoulder for the Tombstone Piledriver. He gets all of it too, driving JTG down to the mat and getting the win as Shad remains distracted by Carlito & Eddie.

WINNER: Kane by pinfall @ 5.07.

AFTERMATH: “Burned” blasts out as Kane stands up and sets his pyro off with The Colon’s & Perez laughing at the top of the ramp with the bling in hand. Bearer joins Kane in the ring and straps the WWE Championship around him before applauding him.

{Commercial Break}

Eric Bischoff & William Regal are walking down the hall, and they stop at a door with the name of The Corporation on it. Bischoff tells Regal he’ll take care of this, quietly agitating Regal somewhat before walking in. Dressed in his ring gear, The Big Show is lifting weights in both hands as JBL, Shane & Vince McMahon all watch on, sitting down on a leather sofa. JBL stands up, taking offence to Bischoff’s presence and he asks him if he ever heard of knocking, but Vince tells his son not to worry about that and to sit down. Vince stands up and walks up to Bischoff & Regal, telling them to admire the sight of The Big Show, saying that he’s not just the largest athlete in the world, he’s the most dangerous and dominating superstar ever to step foot in a wrestling ring, something that Triple H should be aware of before he is crushed later on tonight. Show smirks as he listens, still lifting the weights though as Bischoff then says that’s what he came to talk about. He tells Vince that he wants to make it crystal clear that when The Big Show meets Triple H later on tonight, there is to be absolutely no interference from him or his sons, reminding them that it’s not just Evolution that are barred from ringside.

Shane leans forward on the sofa and tells Bischoff that he has nothing to worry about, they won’t be getting involved because there is no reason for them to, and that if anyone should be worried, it’s Triple H, and not just because Batista isn’t here to help him lace up is boots. Everyone in the room bar Bischoff chuckles at that comment, and The Big Show then drops the weights on the floor to a big thud, unnerving Regal slightly. Show tells Bischoff that like Shane said, they’re not going to help him out because they don’t need to as he is more than capable of ending Triple H’s career all by himself tonight. Bischoff looks round at them all before saying that they better make sure they don’t. It’s met with smug smiles but no words from The Corporation with Bischoff & Regal then leaving the room. Vince walks up to the door and makes sure they’ve gone before turning back and saying that it looks like it’s time to execute part 2 of their plan, but Show says that he doesn’t think they need to. Vince agrees and says they don’t need to, it’s just something he wants to do. Show grins and says that’s fine, and Vince then says that it’s going to be a fun night.

***Video Promo***

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #5***

Rey Mysterio & Mr. Kennedy vs Randy Orton & Kenny Dykstra

Orton sits up with a sick smile on his face having countered a whip attempt from Kennedy in to an inverted headlock backbreaker. The Legend Killer takes his time in shimmying across to go for a cover, but Kennedy kicks out comfortably at 2. That doesn’t set well with the former WWE Champion, but he makes his way back up to his feet, looking extremely focused as Kennedy rolls on to his side. Orton doesn’t let his opponent stand up for himself, pulling him up and driving his forearm in to Kennedy’s face, knocking him on to his back foot. With Kennedy being unsteady on his feet, Orton grabs his arm and whips him in to the ropes, and as Kennedy bounces back, Orton connects with a perfectly executed standing dropkick. He stands back up with a supreme look of arrogance on his face before walking back in to the ropes and coming back to drive a jumping knee in to the upper body of Mr. Kennedy. Again he looks to follow up with a cover, but Kennedy kicks out again leaving Orton even more frustrated. Instead of standing back up, Orton slides back across the mat and urges Kennedy to get back up, lying in wait to nail him with the RKO. With the crowd trying to warn Kennedy as he makes his way back up, Orton repeatedly bangs his hands in to the mat as he prepares to finish Kennedy off.

As Kennedy gets to his feet and slowly turns round, Orton leaps up and looks to hit the RKO, but Kennedy pushes him in to the ropes and kicks him in the gut as he comes back before planting him with a Snap DDT. That gets a huge pop from the crowd, but Kennedy isn’t able to take advantage as both lie motionless on the mat. It takes several seconds before they both start to crawl slowly towards their respective corners, and it’s Orton who gets closer first and makes the tag to Dykstra. And just as Dykstra climbs through the ropes and runs towards Kennedy, the Green Bay native reaches up to tag in Rey Mysterio. The Master of the 619 races in to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd with Kenny putting the breaks on. Rey charges at him and ducks an outstretched arm, runs through off the ropes and connects with a springboard cross body. Dykstra pushes him off at the count of 2 as both men hurry back up with Kenny running right in to Mysterio and tilt-a-whirl head scissors. The crowd get right behind Rey as he stands back up and runs in to the corner, climbing to the top rope. He points to the ceiling before leaping off and connecting with a Frog Splash. The fans rise to their feet as Rey hooks the legs and the ref makes the count, but Orton races in to the ring and pulls Rey off of Kenny before the 3.

The fans don’t like that one bit, and neither does Kennedy. He climbs through the ropes straight away, and Orton holds his hands up, backing away from him. Kennedy calms down and turns back to walk in to his corner, but Orton runs at him from behind and clubs him across the back, knocking him down to the mat before stomping across his back three times. Kennedy lies still as Orton smirks before turning round to see Rey getting up by the ropes, and he runs right at Mysterio, who drops to his knees and pulls the top rope down, resulting in Orton falling to the outside. The fans cheer again, but as Rey turns round, he sees Dykstra running at him too, but he reacts quickly again with a drop toe hold. Dykstra lands on the middle rope with Rey then dialling up to the delight of the California crowd. He runs back in to the ropes, races back across and connects with the 619 to a massive pop. He holds on to the top rope as he stands on the apron waiting for Kenny to get back up, and it doesn’t take long. With Rey taking his eyes off of Orton, the former WWE Champion grabs a steel chair from the side of Lilian Garcia. He walks back to the apron and drives the chair in to the back of Rey’s legs just as he springboards, causing the referee to disqualify him and Dykstra as Rey falls flat on his face.

WINNERS: Rey Mysterio & Mr. Kennedy by DQ @ 8.47.

AFTERMATH: Orton enters the ring with a steel chair as Kennedy is coming round, but Eric Bischoff walks out to the stage and tells him to hold on right there. He tells Orton if he wants to avoid a suspension, he better drop the chair and go to the back right now. Regrettably he does just that, walking up the ramp and angrily brushing past Bischoff, who says Orton did the right thing, not like Dykstra. With Kenny standing by the ropes and Rey sitting up, Bischoff says that he has to deal with the actions that just ruined one of his main events, and he says that he has the solution in mind. He tells Kenny that he’s developed quite an ego since joining Raw, and that he’s going to do something that may be unpopular and give him a chance to become a WWE Champion. Boos ring out, but Bischoff says that he’s not giving him a title shot just like that, he’s going to have to earn it by competing in the Quest to be Champion tournament. Kenny likes that and smiles as Rey stands up, but Bischoff then says that his opportunity will be next week, against Rey Mysterio. That gets a massive pop as Rey looks towards Kenny smiling with “I’m Back” hitting to a pop, leaving the two men staring at each other.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of classic King of the Ring moments are shown, such as Bret Hart winning the first tournament in 1993, followed by Owen Hart in ’94 and being crowned. It then shows Stonecold Steve Austin’s famous 3:16 quote from 1996, Triple H winning a year later and Kurt Angle’s victory in 2000, and ending with Edge’s in 2001.

Voiceover: For years, there have been only memories. . . For years, we have seen superstars grow in front of our eyes. . . Many of these moments stem from one glorious night. . . The King of the Ring. . . However, once again, this special night will create memories, champions and hall of famers. . . The King of the Ring returns to the WWE calendar very soon.

{Cut To Ringside}

***The Main Event***

Quest To Be Champion First Round Match
Triple H vs The Big Show

A real slobber knocker as JR would put it with both men going all out on each other, but The Big Show has looked very impressive on his return. With Triple H struggling as he returns to his feet, Show grabs him by the back of the head before driving his own head in to the forehead of The Game, sending him right back down to the mat. The 7 footer looks to inflict some more damage to his opponent as he drops a big elbow across the upper chest of Triple H. Even the referee winces before dropping to his knees to make the count, but he only gets to 2 as The Game lifts his shoulder up off the mat. Show doesn’t seem surprised, and he makes his way back up to a vertical base. He then steps back in to the ropes and comes back, this time looking for a leg drop, but HHH rolls to the side, dodging a significant bullet. It’s met with a cheer from the crowd, but Show looks to get right back up, and he’s ahead of Triple H.

With The King of Kings only getting up to his knees, The Big Show looks to get back in control, but as he tries to pull his opponent up, The Game fights back with a right hand to the gut of the giant, and he follows up with another, taking Show by surprise. It allows Triple H to stand back up, but he makes the mistake of trying for an irish whip with Show reversing it straight away. As The Game comes back off the ropes, Show makes a mistake by ducking his head, allowing Triple H to come back and nail him with a face buster knee smash. Show’s head snaps back up and The Game looks for The Pedigree instantly, kicking Show in the gut and pulling his head in to position. The Game tries to get a hold of Show’s arms, but the big man fights it and lifts Triple H overhead with a back body drop. Show drops to his knees momentarily as The Game rolls around on his back. Show takes his time standing back up, and once he’s up, he spots Triple H slowly getting back up too, and Show just smiles and looks on.

As The Game then stands back up, he walks out in to the hands of the giant who grabs him around the throat for a chokeslam. Triple H fights it and kicks him in the stomach, but the grip remains in tact. The Game sees the referee standing by his side, and he reaches out to grab him. Show doesn’t like that at all and he pushes them both down with HHH falling to the side for a dominoes effect. As both HHH and the ref stand back up, Show looks ready to explode as he then moves towards HHH and lifts his boot up in the direction of The Game’s face. Triple H ducks it though, and the referee walks right in to it as he stands back up but ultimately falls right back down to the mat. Show looks down in shock, but HHH likes what he sees as he drops to his knees behind the giant and low blows him, driving his arm in to the groin region of The Big Show. A big pop meets that as Triple H stands back up with a look of intent in his eyes, walking to the ropes and climbing through them to jump down to the floor below.

He turns round to look under the apron, and as he reaches underneath, he pulls out his trusty sledgehammer to a huge roar from the crowd. With Show still lying across the mat, Triple H lifts the deadly weapon high up in to the air before sliding back in to the ring. He stands several feet away from The Big Show as the big man starts to sit up, but the camera switches to show a very tall man, not as tall as Show though walking down the steps in the crowd. He looks very serious indeed, dressed in black trousers and black polo shirt with the initials USSR printed red on the sleeves. It looks to be the same guy who appeared on TV a couple of years ago sat at ringside, Vladimir Kozlov. He catches Triple H’s attention, and Kozlov gets closer to the ring and he steps over the barricade, shoving a couple of security workers to the side. He climbs in to the ring as HHH looks utterly confused. Kozlov walks over to The Game, who just turns and stares at him for several seconds before deciding to swing the sledgehammer at him, but Kozlov grabs it with one arm, taking it from him.

Triple H isn’t happy one bit, and as he tries to grab it back having turned his back on his opponent, The Big Show is up and he clubs The Game across the back, knocking him to his knees. It doesn’t take long for him to stand back up, but Show steps back and nods at Kozlov, who lifts the hammer up and smashes it in to the skull of The Game, causing him to collapse in a heap. Show smirks as Kozlov stares down with a sick look of satisfaction on his face, but with the referee coming round, Kozlov leaves the ring and drops the sledgehammer on the floor as he gets there with Show reaching down and grabbing HHH by the throat. He maintains the grip and pulls Triple H up to his feet, but he is helpless to defend himself as The Big Show lifts him up in to the air and plants him with a chokeslam. It looks elementary as Show drops to his knees and goes for the cover as the referee slowly crawls across to make the delayed but inevitable 3 count.

WINNER: The Big Show by pinfall @ 12.09.

AFTERMATH: “Crank It Up” hits to a chorus of boos from inside the arena with Ric Flair running down to the ring and checking on Triple H as The Big Show gets his arm raised. Show walks across to Flair with the two of them standing chest to chest with this other scary looking individual watching on. We then see the rest of The Corporation walk out to the stage and applaud, and Vince gestures for them to retreat from the ring. Both Show & the hired gun back away from Flair and leave the ring to join Vince, Shane & JBL at the top of the stage, allowing Flair to check on his buddy. When Show & the ever so familiar face get to the top of the stage, they stand alongside their fellow corporation members as an angry Triple H sits up, staring towards them with Flair, watching on as The Corporation then raise their arms in to the air and smile as the show comes to a close.

{End of Show}

Ted DiBiase Jr df. Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison & The Miz df. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Victoria df. Kelly Kelly
Kane df. Cryme Time
Mr. Kennedy & Rey Mysterio df. Randy Orton & Kenny Dykstra
The Big Show
df. Triple H


Quest To Be Champion First Round Match
Rey Mysterio vs Kenny Dykstra

Jeff Hardy Returns

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