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Re: Okay I think it's time for the losers to go back to the TTT thread

Originally Posted by -Mystery- View Post
I've been here 4 years and never once thought of the rants section being the best section.

When did the rants section become the best section?
I love the rants section! Maybe it's because it's the one section I can say whatever I want without getting in trouble, lol. And I like the Other Wrestling section too, like I watch ROH but the main reason I like it is because of the posters that post there. Sorry but a lot of posters in the WWE section are so dumb and I'm pretty sure the whole TNA section is legally retarded

Originally Posted by Certs View Post
I totally made this rant 2 weeks ago

That's why I <3 you, we always think alike
lol, I saw that but I needed to make a bitchier version

Originally Posted by Andy3000 View Post
To be fair to the people that are being called on treating Rants as another TTT thread, it's not just them that are taking each rant off onto some random subject that has nothing to do with the initial topic. There's plenty of people that don't post in TTT that constantly talk about random nonsense in here, too.

Hell, a few months ago people were pissed at the Indy Trolls for spamming the place up.

Take away the people that like talking about an MSN convo and they'll be replaced by people that like talking about chimpanzees throwing their own faeces at each other or some other random topic that's deemed "not worthy" for this section.

Really, let's be honest, as bad as any of the Word Games threads may be, Rants is kinda shit, too.
I don't think there's anything wrong with a rant going to a different topic, my main problem is the people who will be like "Hi Sticksy, how was your day?" in the middle of a rant. It's like "Okay, no one else cares, take this lame ass conversation to PMs or something!" If a topic changes then whatever but don't spam in the middle of it, that's beyond annoying

Originally Posted by Jim Coptafeel View Post
You know, I think I may have just done something that will anger Skittle (whowouldathunkit? )

Damn Copta. Gotta stop kissing so much forum ass.
Thats another thing I was going to say in my rant! Seriously if I'm calling you a pathetic loser virgin DON'T give me green squares for it!! This goes for you and Stone Cold sXe too. All I ever do is tell him how much of a loser he is and then he gives me green squares for it, it's like "Okay I don't want green squares from a pathetic peice of shit, keep it to yourself!" All it does is make you guys look more pathetic and it makes me feel bad for saying all of this mean stuff to you, lol.

Originally Posted by green25814 View Post
People who talk about mundane msn conversations on the forum do indeed need to die.
lol! I dunno that's kinda harsh. But I guess the Tell the Truth thread is kinda like a nerdy version of hell so maybe dying wouldn't be so bad for them

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Originally Posted by Rush View Post
actually my brain in a chicks body would create the most hectic psycho crazy stalker bitch nymphomaniac lesbian ever. So basically Skittle
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