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Re: 20 years Ago: Wrestling Observer

Wrestling Observer Newsletter - May 6, 1991

Jerry Lawler won the Texas title in the title vs. title match with Eric Embry on 4/26 at the Dallas Sportatorium. This title change probably won't be recognized in Memphis because Lawler is supposed to be taking a vacation there because of neck injuries. Before the Lawler-Embry match, Lawler told the fans in Texas that he's working the match against doctor's orders because of his neck injury which is I guess because some fans in Tennessee may see the match in syndication or on ESPN.
Danny Davis won the USWA light heavyweight title on 4/23 from El Grande Pistolero (Gypsy Joe) in Louisville. This change will be recognized throughout both circuits because three nights later in Dallas, they announced to the crowd Davis had won the light heavyweight title from Pistolero.
4/26 in Dallas drew 583 as Terry Garvin beat Pistolero via DQ for over-the-top rope, Sweet Georgia Brown beat Sweet Sherri to win the USWA Texas women's title, Texas Hangmen beat Bill Dundee & Danny Davis when Dundee was pinned after J.C. Ice Baby (Jamie Dundee) gave one of the Hangmen a gimmick to put in his mask and use on Dundee, Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller beat Steve Austin & Tom Prichard via DQ when Austin hit ref Tony Falk with a chair, Gary Young beat Boogie Man via DQ when Embry interfered, Lawler pinned Embry in a match with the USWA title up against the Texas title. The match was in a cage. After the obligatory ref bump, Tojo Yamamoto gave Embry a chain which he used on Lawler and covered him but no ref. Jarrett then came out and punched Tojo and grabbed his briefcase. Embry climbed to the top of the cage as did Jarrett, holding the briefcase and Jarrett hit Embry with it and he fell back into the ring and Lawler pinned him. The finale was a Thunderdome match where Austin & Embry & Hangmen & Pistolero beat Davis & Dundee & Fuller & Young & Jarrett in a match where the heels managed to handcuff all the faces and were allowed to continue to beat on them until everyone on the face team juiced.
4/23 in Louisville saw Davis beat Pistolero for the title, Ice Baby beat Night Train Jackson, Dundee & Steve Keirn beat Hangmen in a non-title match, Jarrett & Fuller beat Prichard & Austin and Eddie Gilbert DDQ Embry.
4/22 in Memphis drew 1,500 as Davis pin Jackson, Pistolero beat Brian Christopher, Ice Baby pinned Uptown Bruno in a match with Ice Baby's hair against Bruno's $1,000 with Bill Dundee as ref when one Hangman distracted Dundee and the other Hangman interfered, Hangmen no contest with Keirn & Dundee for the tag titles, Fuller & Jarrett beat Prichard & Austin, Embry beat Gilbert in a chain match when Embry blew Kabuki mist into Gilbert's eyes and Fuller & Keirn & Jarrett & Dundee went to a no contest with Ajustin & Prichard & Hangmen.
Austin is leaving for WCW shortly.
Several other guys were fired as the group is trying to cut costs. The departed include Bruno and Jackson, while Keirn went back home to Florida after finishing his three-week run.
Keirn was "injured" on TV on 4/27 when he had a singles match against Austin and the Hangmen jumped in and they gave him a double stuff pile driver on the floor.
Hangmen then had a television match against Davis & Gilbert in which both falls ended with a ton of faces and heels both interfering to push the 10-man Texas Brawl anything goes street fight match on 4/29. . . 4/29 in Memphis has Gilbert & Dundee & Davis & Fuller & Jarrett vs. Hangmen & Austin & Prichard & Embry plus the undercard has Davis vs. Hangman Psycho, Dundee vs. Hangman Killer, Fuller vs. Prichard (both men are vowing to bring in loaded boots after Prichard put a gimmick on his boot to bloody up Fuller on television), Jarrett vs. Austin for the Southern title and Embry vs. Gilbert in a Texas Death match with two referees.
The first USWA spot show in Texas in many months took place on 4/27 in Ennis, TX and drew less than 100 fans.
On the Dallas TV show, J.C. Ice Baby acknowledged that Bill Dundee was his father, but it was something that slipped out rather than planned. It's never been said in Dallas about the relation between the two. Later in the show, when Dundee did an interview, he never even brought up the subject and it appears it was just a situation of someone getting confused when they are wrestling with two different story-lines per week.
Dundee & Davis did say that the reason Ice Baby hadn't been around was because they had gotten him suspended from the USWA these past few weeks.
5/3 in Dallas is a Cinco de Mayo celebration (Cinco de Mayo, or May 5, in Mexican independence day) with all seats $5 with Austin & Prichard vs. Fuller & Jarrett in a street fight, Jarrett vs. Embry for the Southern title with both men being allowed to bring one weapon of their choice into the ring and they flip a coin and the winners' weapon is put on a pole and whomever can get it off the pole can use it, Pistolero vs. Terry Daniels (remember Private Terry Daniels from the WWF in 1984?), Young & Garvin vs. Embry & Boogie Man, Dundee & Davis vs. Hangmen in a double chain match and three Lucha Libre matches including a six-man tag in which the winning team is to get "14,000 pesos" but none of the Luchadores are famous, in fact one is Chico Torres.
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