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Re: CM Skittle(Hypocritical Parasite

Originally Posted by sXe Lexie View Post
Credit to Ben (sXe) for the title
  • Anyone that doesn't like you is automatically labeled as "Pathetic virgins, loser virgins, etc"
  • Your contradictory statements when it comes to females posting pics.
  • "Bad" posters
  • Etc Etc

Those are a few things I'm going to talk about here. She's totally fucked up in the head, as you can see. So basically, if people don't like you, you call them a Virgin? Where did you get that logic, out of your ass? Oh wait, I forgot, there's no logic in there whatsoever. It's basically saying "You better like me, otherwise I'll insult you pathetically". Not everyone has to like you. Not everyone has to kiss your ass just because you're a girl that posts lewd pics in a Wrestling Forum. Get that through your fucking head. You're SCARED that people won't pay you any attention at all, which is sad.

Second, comes in your rant that you made recently. You complained about how you were getting lewd comments from some of the guys here, but you totally posted lewd pics right? So..what's the problem here? Lewd pics = Lewd comments is a no-brainer . You also have a tendency to hate other female members on here WHEN and IF they post their pics on the Picture thread. Why? Because you're scared that you'll lose the attention of the people in a Wrestling Forum that you desperately need. EPIC FAIL. (IE Hannah posted her pic once, and you instantly hate her)

I like how you're calling some people on here good, or bad posters, I really do. But let me ask you this: What do you judge on a poster to make them Good or Bad? Quality of posts? Nah, doesn't seem like you're type of thing, is it? But you probably judge whether a person is a Good or Bad poster by how they treat you right? Of course I'm right, you DESPERATELY need that attention. So when someone kiss up to you, you call them a Good poster, but when someone doesn't give you any attention, you call them a BAD poster. I LOVE your logic, it's classic. Btw, do you want to know what I judge in someone to call them a Good or Bad poster? Their ability to not sound like a walking hypocritical piece of crap. So therefore, you are BAD BAD.

Another funny thing is how she constantly red reps me for no fucking reason at all (well, this is a reason, but before this). Every post I make, no matter which section it's at, no matter what I'm talking about, and no matter WHEN it's posted, she will red rep me with "insulting" comments. Fuck, she even searched out my post that was made MONTHS back through search and commented on that. I love this mysterious hate towards me, I really do. It's rather..funny?
If you're gonna try to insult me, can you please do a better job then "shut up, no one cares, and etc"? They really don't get you anywhere. Another thing I might add, you also really need to learn how to insult people better generally. Because insulting people with "e-???" doesn't really get you anywhere either. In fact, those insults can be used to describe you (IE Cyber)

***Let her loyal asskissers defend her now plz***
So you finally decided to quit bitching to everyone on MSN to make a rant on her to finally do it yourself? This is just a red rep rant, you don't like it when Shannon gives you a little red square with an insult attached. At least you might not bitch about this now.

Originally Posted by CBR View Post
Not surprised Ben is behind this, I guess you have become him new female target, what with all the shit that went down with Croft. Ben strikes again!
I fired the first shot at Ben and its always great to see other people landing them as well

Originally Posted by sXe Lexie View Post
He's totally behind this. I mean, all he did was come up with the name whilst I typed the whole thing out straight from my head.

You're smart, you know that?
So are you, you know? Like your absolute pearler

Originally Posted by Lexie on MSN
Can you get drunk off coke?

Originally Posted by -TheMercuryEnigma- View Post
To be fair, Lexie's had this in the planning stages for quite awhile.
Yeah but she didn't want to do it herself. She'd been after someone to rant on Skittle for awhile.

Originally Posted by sXe Lexie View Post
Thanks- you could've said that in this fucking thread, but you don't have the courage to do it, don't you? Pitiful.

Hey, if you don't care about this rant, then why did you post/commented on it? Obviously, you care enough to do that. So stop using the "care" excuse and actually get to the fucking point, you parasite. No one gives a shit about the fact that you're having a "birthday". We don't need to know, but you feel like the need to announce it because the world revolves around you, rit?

Epic fail #2.
I had my birthday yesterday and i have a killer headache right now. The world revolves around me so i thought i'd let you know ;D

20th March owns Skittle, happy birthday

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
The attention whore thing is somewhat gay as well. It's the people who give her the attention that should be blamed, not her. If she craves attention and people ignore it, no one would care what she does and would just skim past her posts but a load of guys see an e-pussy and want to tap it so they pay attention and that feeds her so she keeps going.

LadyCroft posts a lot of sexually oriented posts and sig quotes and includes ass avatars and porn star sigs/avs yet no one calls her an attention whore. Just because Skittle speaks her mind on shit people wont always agree with, everyone climbs on the attention whore bandwagon.
Pretty truthful tbh. I don't have much to add to that

Originally Posted by Josh View Post
I think this is a red rep rant, tbf.
Same here tbh.
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