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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

The opening promo was very good, Punk opening the show was a nice surprise and having MVP come down as well was good. I liked the point of the promo with the two frustrated heels coming together to call for Tazz to be fired, as it set up perfectly for Tazz to come out and shut them up, which would get the crowd on his side and build him up further as GM. Good set up for the tag match announcement too which should be good, I think these two have learnt that you don't mess with Tazz.

It looks like Tazz is going to be a busy man again tonight! This was a great promo to announce the tag match as it worked really well to announce their opponents and shut them up. There was a little mistake with one of the lines though I think. Undertaker and Shawn Michaels teaming makes sense, this normally happens with a face vs face feud and it should be interesting to see how they do. The Sydal bit was good too, Tazz is dealing with all the cocky heels well. His response to Sydal's sarcasm was funny and the match should be good.

Good first match up, these two can put on a good match so giving them the opening slot and seven minutes isn't a problem. I liked the way it played out as it gives Mickie and excuse for losing and it keeps it going. I don't know who this woman is, I know there was something similar IRL but I didn't really pay attention to it so I don't know who it could be. I think a description would've been good though, as unless its a promo with the intention of keeping the identity a secret I think you should desribe her at least, as we would see what she looks like if we were watching. Interesting situation this.

Very good promo from Kash. I think he can pull of a serious promo like this and it builds him up as a serious threat to Shane. I think you maybe placed a bit too much emphasis on him being taken seriously though, if anything you would think it would be Shane who would say that.

I love a Bobby Lashley squash match! Would've loved it if he ran through him in like a minute though. That little OJ promo was a great little idea as he obviously didn't expect Lashley, it almost built up the anticipation of who was going to challenge him as well. I don't like wrestlers appearing on different brands, but you mentioned the open house rules so I am liking it. Lashley on SD should be good.

Decent segment between Hardy and Burke, not much to it really apart from building anticipation for the match later. Just the sort of respect you would expect between two faces about to team together, and Layla on screen is always a good thing!

Impressive win for Kid Kash, he really needed to make a statement with Shane at ringside and he did. Looked like he won impressively as well with moves like that dropkick and that sick brainbuster. The match between he and Shane should be good, and its not really a big feud but putting it on the PPV again gives it some importance.

Is Jericho going to turn up already?

First of all I love the importance you placed on this ceremony with the streamers and the suit and so on, Shelton would do his best to make a big deal out of this. Little thing though, there is no way the fans would boo after the line from Shelton about there not being a better place than America, as well as the other lines about the US. Having seen American crowds pop at every little US line I just can't see it, but its a minor thing. Tazz coming out was awesome to ruin the party and the Scramble match should be great. It would've been good for Shelton to have his time with no interruptions, but Tazz coming in worked really well and he is dealing with all the heel stars really well. Loved the stamping on the baloon and the last line from Tazz as well, great ending to the promo.

Wow this seemed like a very good match. Loved the detail in this one and it was a good little preview of JD with the enemies facing off. The ending was well done which once again means noone loses much credibility and I think the right team won.

Decent Crusierweight match here to put over Sydal ahead of his match next week. He looked impressive and finished the match in a reasonable time. The short clip of Jeter backstage was a nice touch to show his reaction, and its a useful way of keeping someone in our minds without having a confrontation between the two.

I'm not a fan of either of these two men but this looks like it will be a good feud. I like what you have been doing with Chavo over the past few weeks with his anger but Killings looks like he is angry too now. You would think he would continue the beat down there and then though. Should be interesting to see what happens between these two.

You have had these two in promos together for a while now, I don't know if they are actually going anywhere in the future or if its just character development for Shane. You used him well though by telling HBK to be careful as it allowed HBK to hype the main event and his feud with 'Taker.

The main event worked out very well, I was expecting HBK and The Undertaker to pick up an impressive win after teaming together well but I prefer this result, as problems between the two is a more exciting build rather than it all just being about respect. I don't think Masters has the brains to come up with that idea though haha but I don't think he meant it. Would HBK panic though? I'm not sure. I don't think he would care that much if Taker thought it was him or not as he is very laid back and he did say he wasn't afraid of Taker, but maybe that is the point. Still it was a great ending to create problems between the two. This has furthered the feud and it should really heat up from here, I am looking forward to seeing what happens next between them. Very good ending to a very good show as usual mate.

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