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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by the main event View Post
I haven't worked out consistently for months now...but I'm already starting slowly by cutting back on soft drinks and strenth-training trying to firm up lol. Now, I need to start jogging again, but with this cold weather it makes it difficult for me to actually go outside and run 4 miles. I'm trying to work out 5 times a week for a AT LEAST 40 minutes. My goal is to lose 8 or 10 lbs and firm up which won't be hard since I'm already used to working out. Funny how guys want to gain weight and girls want to lose weight lol.
You're in Frisco in March and it's too cold to jog?

Update for this thread: I got all my stuff in the mail smoothly about 2 weeks ago but I havent started yet and won't for another few weeks probably, going hard natural for a little bit. My diet is pretty crazy right now so I can only imagine what it's going to be like when I start. Timing of when I eat changes, but every day I'm consuming something every waking 60 minutes, and it's everyday it's the following with some minor changes and time varying, but basically:

2 servings Cytogainer with 16oz Milk and 3 raw eggs for each serving (6 total) (separated pre and post workout on workout days, or just morning and post dinner on non-workout days)- Total of roughly 1600 cals

1lb+ chicken breasts- 330 roughly

1lb+ ground beef- 400 roughly, I'll usually have some wild rice if I've made some recently with this or chicken.

3 cans Alaskan salmon- 150 a can, total 450

2-3 servings Oats (with milk)- roughly 400

2 Glasses orange juice- 110 a serving, 220

No idea about cals, but I eat 3 bananas a day, sometimes I just feel like it for whatever reason and eat like 10-12, no joke, couldnt really say why, I guess my body tells me to.

2 or 3 Nature Valley Oats bars packs (4-6 bars total)- 180 per pack, 360 or 540 total, this is a great snack along with the Salmon because there's no preparation involved.

2 servings ON Whey- usually just on workout days, around 260 cals total

I consume the above every day with some small alterations, I'll get a Quiznos Sub or Chipotle or something once a week just because I'm out. 3500+ cals a day though on a clean diet is legit.

Oh, and if you want to know about sourcing supplements, PM me.
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