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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BYSC2004 >>>

>>> A short opening that served a purpose, it set up a hot tag team match up for tonight. This was a lot shorter than weíre used to from you, but there was no need to drag it out just for the sake of it! I like the idea of Punk and MVP coming together in their mutual discontent. I like Tazz, but when I was reading his lines, I realized that his delivery in real life might be to OTT for long, serious speeches so I think you should use him sparingly when it comes to delivering promos. I like the new graphics tonight, I know certain people knock you for using them, but I feel it adds to the show!

>>> Scheduling wise I was surprised to see you opt to go with a lengthy promo following the opening segment, though on second thoughts the opener wouldnít of went more than ten minutes. Anyway, I ramble. Jesus, Tazz is in fine form tonight. Normally Iíd knock you for using him in two back to back segments like this, but you needed to in order to announce two more big matches for tonightís show. Very smart to announce these early on. The show is pretty stacked tonight!

>>> I love a little mystery me! Okay so thatís a huge understatement. Iím liking how good Mickie looked here, people have a habit of burying her these days. Iím hoping the mystery women doesnít turn out to be Mendez, logically it will be somebody from FCW knowing you.

>>> Not a bad promo here from Kash. His desire to be taken seriously is novel and the fact that youíve given him TV time suggests you have plans for him in the near future. Now this was exciting as hell. Lashley coming out was a shocker. Iím surprised the match last longer than five minutes if Iím honest, normally under these circumstances we would get a straight up squash. Fun segment all round.

>>> I liked how you put focus back on the CM Punk, MVP versus Burke & Hardy tag match with this simple backstage segment. Often after a match is announced bookers fail to hype it through the show. As I suspected, youíve decided to push Kash and give him a cruiser weight title shot against Shane at Judgement Day. Have to give you props, you really do go out of your way to make the cruiserweight division entertaining, Iím not sure I could do it personally.

>>> I have no problem with you using Tazz a lot, although I do feel him coming to the ring during both in ring promos was a little much. Heís dominating the proceedings. Even if he appeared on the big screen and delivered one or two lines from his office would be better. I liked this segment because it placed importance on being the United States Champion. It made the strap seem important again. Now we all know Shelton is not the best talker, so how well he would of carried this is debatable. I like the scramble idea, even if it does seem like Tazz is being a hard ass once again.

>>> PPV quality match up here. The action was so fast, would have been awesome to watch IRL. I think the outcome of this match up was meaningless as in a win didnít help or hinder either team. Iím surprised this didnít go on last as it has had the most hype tonight. Granted taker and HBK are the money men, but weíve not seen or heard from them all night!

>>> You had two backstage segments after the match up, logically you should of placed one before the match up and one after, but that doesnít really matter all that much. Sydal, I keep having to remind myself who he is whenever I read his name as it doesnít stick in my head at all. LOL. This was a filler match, but a fun match no less. This backstage monitor mentions are cool, a lot of people use it, itís effective.

>>> The angry, aggressive new Chavo Guerrero character is working for me. I found him bland and forgettable in the past, but this new mean streak is working a treat. Iím not a Ron Killings fan, but this again shows your commitment to mid card talent. HBK, Michael Shane segments have been a mainstay of this BTB for some weeks now. I donít think this would of got people hyped up for the main event, I know I would of preferred to see this top the first hour instead.

>>> If it was a DQ finish wouldnít Taker have realised that Shawn couldnít of hit him with the chair, otherwise the match up would still be going on? Anyway, this was a nice, but predictable way of injecting some much needed spark into the taker, HBK feud which hasnít exactly been the centrepiece of the brand like it should be.

OVERALL: Probably the best edition of SmackDown since Mania time. Just so much going on from the divas to the cruiserweight and all the way to the top. Tazz annoyed me tonight due to his over exposure, then again Iím not his biggest fan anyway. I think Punk is by far the best character on the SmackDown brand these days so more of him please.

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