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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Punk/MVP/Tazz segment:
Typical heel behavior by CM Punk and MVP, complaining about their matches, with both Matt Hardy and Elijah Burke, asking for Tazz's decisions to be reviewed by the Board of Directors. I'm not sure if that's gonna work, and here comes Tazz, he puts CM Punk and MVP in their place, which is in a tag team match against their opponents at Judgment Day, which was the logical thing to do, and what the WWE would do.

The Masters of the Mat/Tazz segment:
The Masters of the Mat seem so full of themselves, and are so sure that they're going to win the Tag Team Titles. And again, here comes Tazz. He asks them how can they be so full of themselves, and they say that there isn't anyone on Smackdown that they can't beat. Uh...oh, usually when someone says that they get put in a match with a main-eventer, and this time wasn't an exception, and they got put in a match with the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, all I have to say is, ouch!

Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James:
I'm not a really good reviewer of matches, and I'm just gonna say something about the mystery woman. After the match ended, I just couldn't make out the surprised reaction of Beth. Was she surprised because that woman helped her win the match, or was it someone she hasn't seen in a while, and she's surprised to see her.

Kid Kash interview:
Awww, Kid Kash wants to be taken seriously, and I guess that he's going to really prove himself in his match later.

Bobby Lashley vs. Orlando Jordan:
Man, these open challenges really never end good, except when Ted DiBiase is the one challenging the locker room, and it seems that always some jobber comes out. Anyway, we're not here for Ted DiBiase, we're here for Orlando Jordan, who got his ass kicked by Bobby and cemented his status as a jobber.

Elijah Burke/Matt Hardy segment:
If I'm not mistaken, this segment was just to build up to the match later in the night, and this was typical face behavior from both Elijah and Matt, shaking hands and telling that they have got eachother's backs. I'm cool with that, and I'm looking forward to the tag team match.

Super Crazy vs. Kid Kash:
So this was Kid Kash's opponent, Super Crazy. He is a really good cruiserweight, and if Kid Kash beats him he's going to be considered as a serious contender for the cruiserweight title at Judgment Day. And beat him he did, which has impressed Michael Shane and Kid Kash got his title match at Judgment Day.

Shelton Benjamin/Tazz segment:
So, Tazz really did show the heels in this show, putting them in tough matches and really making their stay on Smackdown a living hell. It turns out that Shelton isn't going to be much of an exception, being put in a CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLE MATCH!!! At least, that was what Adamle called it and I'm really looking forward to it, since it is an interesting match, and I'm interested to see how will you write it and I'm interested to see who'll be the participants.

Matt Hardy and Elijah Burke vs. MVP and CM Punk:
This was a good match, with both teams getting ahead of each other in various portions of the match. I'm not so sure what was the reason for MVP hitting CM Punk on accident with the briefcase, was it to start a feud between the two of them, or just to give Matt and Elijah the win.

Matt Sydal vs. Shannon Moore:
Nice little match with Matt Sydal showing off his skills, and then finally getting the win against Shannon Moore.

Chavo Guerrero interview:
So Chavo is a little bit touchy about his whole little "losing streak", and Josh just had to say it and he is just going to get his ass kicked by Chavo Guerrero, but Ron Killings makes the save, and fights Chavo off to protect Josh, maybe building up to a match between the two at Judgment Day?

Shawn Michaels/Michael Shane segment:
Well, Shane seems a bit worried about Michaels and rightfully so, who knows what is going through the mind of the Deadman now and will he and Shawn be able to be focused on the match and not on their problems, I guess that we'll just have to wait and see.

The Masters of the Mat vs. The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels:
A good match, but the Undertaker and Shawn dominated the whole match and the Masters of the Mat got really little offense in. But they showed their really big minds, hitting Taker with a chair and then throwing it to Shawn, making the Undertaker think that Shawn hit him with it, and then chokeslamming him to the mat. I'm not sure who's going to be the heel in this feud, since it could be either of the two. The Undertaker could be the heel because he reacted too fast, and didn't let Shawn explain to him that he wasn't the one that hit him. But it also could be Shawn, saying that he shouldn't have been attacked by the Undertaker, but after Taker chokeslamming him, it's all out war, and that the Undertaker needs to watch his back.

It was a good show, but you've done better. It was mainly focused on the current feuds, and I'm interested to see who the mystery woman was that interfered in the Beth/Mickie match. My rating for the show is 9/10
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