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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Smackdown Review:

I'm not going to be able to write much on this seeing as how it is in recap so I may waffle on a bit...

CM Punk is all kinds of awesome in this thread and I have loved him ever since his feud with Jeff. It's nice to see he has turned his attention to Matt for the time being until we see Punk/Jeff HIAC Punk being a disgruntled son of a bitch is a character I can engage with and his personal crusade against Taz has so many routes. After the seeming stagnation of your Smackdown shows after 'Mania things finally seem to be picking up because it can't be easy building up for a show that is two whole months away. I don't see Tazz coming out an grinning, I would like to see his more serious side once in a while and not as a loveable cuddly Foley-esque guy. It was interesting decision for an opening promo but, surprisingly enough, it worked. It compacted a main storyline (Tazz being GM) and the two matches at JD and gave them some good hype and gave them both a match later on (despite the old cliched tag match). Phenomenal booking.

Masters and Haas both getting pushes is something I am a big advocate on, especially Haas. People will generically say Haas can't work a heel role in this thread but you're the booker and you seem (it's hard to decipher from the recap but the past has shown it) to have nailed his cockiness and you could say this is the World's Greatest Tag Team V2. An obvious response from Tazz to put them up against the two biggest guys on the roster, give 'em the rub... I dare ya. I also like seeing you push people by having them go against the Undertaker, I remember you putting Dykstra and, I believe, Benjamin against them and they seem to have come off pretty well but I hope we don't get a Tazz overdose because I won't be able to survive, even if you let me.

Oooh a mystery woman angle... I don't know who this is going to be but I hope you don't let us down. Phoenix continues to look strong but I hope Mickie gets a match at JD against this woman because she needs some sort of direction, promo later for her should sort things out. This could also be interesting for Phoenix, a new rival for her would do wonders for the decision... I am not too knowledgeable on your women's division but it could be Gail Kim unless she is on RAW or Smackdown.

Kash getting a push? Me likey. I've always loved your CW division and you love building up the lesser known stars so I expect good things and Kash really is on a roll but more Guerrero wouldn't go amiss.

Still open house rules? Jesus that's been on for a good while. I would laugh out loud if all of RAW invaded Smackdown for no reason and took advantage of open house roles and RAW was left with Doink the Clown... Anyway, I am actually disappointed to see you job out OJ, hopefully the two can have a mini feud while Lashley should be odds on to face Benjamin next.

The Hardy/Burke segment was a bit bland if I am honest with you. No real interaction and it was just filler. The commentators could have done the sane job building that up.

Swagger... sorry Hayger has been 'Coming Soon' for the last millenia it seems, when is he coming? Judgement Day would be a logical guess, then again you aren't always predictable...

Kash is looking good and I expect him to beat Shane at JD. Shane seems a bit of a faceless character at the moment, give him some sort of interaction instead of an enigmatic nod.

Why would the fans boo when Benjamin said that it wouldn't seem right to do it anywhere but the USA. Them crazy Yanks would go positively ape shit for that gushing patriotic remark. OHDEARGOD TAZZ??? Does he just lurk behind the curtains waiting for mic time after being held back all of these years? Yep, the parade was nice (the detail was minimal though) and the match is a good idea but I don't see Benjamin losing and being a transitional champion and you seem to just be throwing together people for the sake of it here.

Ahhhh, this is what (arguably) made you famous. I used to love sitting down, by the ol' log fire and reading one of your TV matches that were packed with excitement from your old thread 'The New Era' (your combined threads mean you have around 186 pages of BTB, probably the second highest ever behind Wolfy) and this was no different. A lot of back and forth action and it was good to see you holding back the inevitable clashes until Judgement Day and not having the opponents face off just yet. Punk won't be happy, possible teaser for Punk/MVP? Now that would be good. One thing I don't like (in wrestling in general) is that the Money in the Bank goes through some boring, lame feuds that mean nothing until he cashes it in. IMO the guy has to cash it in within two months so it doesn't become stale.

Sydal wins... fine. Jeter/Sydal could be quite the feud if it is given some more time. Ahhh my main man Chavo is here and he is a heel! YES! He seems a bit schizo (I'm not spelling the full word) and this could be very interesting. Not a fan of Killings at all but whatever floats your boat.

Michaels to turn heel. He HAS to to keep this feud running along at a good pace. I see Michaels going crazy from all the rumous and attacking the Deadman.

I would have preferred Masters and Haas to get more offense in as Haas basically wasn't there, then again neither was The Undertaker. A nice ending to freshen things up with 'Taker thinking it was HBK. I wonder what HBK will do now after that but I don't think he will take it lightly...

A good show once again, focusing around the main feuds. A little more emphasis could have been placed on the main feud between HBK and The Undertaker and Tazz featured a little too much but it was still a solid show and I hope you keep it up.

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