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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Results - Friday 2nd May 2008
Live From The Alltel Arena
Little Rock, Arkansas

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

  • Shawn Michaels talking up his match with The Undertaker at Judgment Day, saying he respects him, but he knows he can and will beat him
  • The Undertaker defeating Johnny Jeter in the main event with Michael Cole saying that Shawn Michaels’ World Championship reign could be in danger

***Opening Video***
“If You Rock Like Me”


“This Fire Burns” as a very stern looking CM Punk walks down to the ring in jeans and a T-shirt. The fans don’t take to him kindly, booing him and telling him he sucks as he collects a microphone. He says that he’s going to get to straight the point, and that is to do what Linda McMahon and the Board of Directors should have done right after the show last week, review the performance of the new General Manger of Smackdown, Tazz. His name is greeted with a pop, but Punk says that they shouldn’t be cheering him for one very simple reason, he is not up to the job, claiming that he gave his buddy, Matt Hardy what he wanted at Judgment Day, a match with CM Punk. That also gets a pop, but Punk says that Tazz didn’t do it for the right reasons, he did it simply because just like all the naïve fans, he too has some kind of blind spot and favouritism towards any member of the Hardy family. He then tells Linda that what he has to say is as clear as he can possibly make it, he wants her to remove Tazz from his role of general manager, which doesn’t go down well with the fans at all.

Punk asks what it’s going to be, but all of a sudden, “I’m Comin” plays to heat from the crowd as Mr. Money in the Bank, MVP makes his way down to the ring. He looks just as serious as Punk as he then asks to borrow the microphone, and Punk allows him to. MVP tells the fans out that he couldn’t help but hear what Punk just said, and that he too had planned to do the exact same thing that Punk has, force the Board of Directors to see what a disgrace Tazz is. He then says that he has all the proof needed, and that if being forced to face Elijah Burke wasn’t bad enough last week, Tazz abused his authority even further by making a rematch for Judgment Day, a no disqualification match with a hot head like Burke. MVP looks like he’s going to speak again, but “13” blasts out to a big pop with Tazz walking out to the stage with a microphone in hand, grinning quite widely, clearly amused by Punk & MVP’s comments. The General Manager tells them that he’s sorry they feel that way, but reminds them that he said when he was appointed GM, he would be hands on and act as he sees fit, which is kind of funny because he sees fit to shut the both of the up right now.

A big cheer greets that line from Tazz, who continues to say that they might think he was in the wrong last week, but the fact of the matter is, they were, and that is why he dealt with them in the manner he did. He then tells them that they got away pretty lightly, but if they can’t face up to their actions, they’re in the wrong business. Punk & MVP stare back angrily at Tazz as he tells them that if they can’t see what they did wrong, then that’s their problem. He then says that they’ve done him a favour, and that since they wasted their time by coming out to the ring, it saved him the time of coming to find them and let them know that they’re both going to be in action tonight, in tag team action against Elijah Burke & Matt Hardy. A huge pop breaks out as Punk & MVP shake their heads in disapproval with Tazz then saying that if they’ve got a problem with that too, then they can call whoever they want, but tells them it’s not going to do them any good before wishing them luck in a sarcastic manner before turning round and walking to the back with “13” playing again. Punk & MVP turn to look at each other, and they don’t look happy at all, realising there is nothing they can do but do what Tazz tells them.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

The Masters of the Mat, Charlie Haas & Chris Masters are standing in the hallway with Masters bragging about Haas’s win last week over Harry Smith. He then tells Haas to imagine what it’s going to be like in just over four weeks time when they beat him again, and his partner to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Haas grins, as does Masters, who seems to be getting a little carried away with things. Unknown to them both, Tazz is walking up the hall behind them as Masters is telling Haas that now they’ve got one over on the champs, nothing is going to stop them from taking the titles at Judgment Day. Tazz stops behind them and coughs, causing them both to turn round, and they don’t look best pleased to see him. The GM asks them if they think they’re maybe getting a little carried away with themselves, and Masters says that all of people, Tazz should know that they mean business. He then tells Tazz that there are no two men on Smackdown that he and Charlie can’t beat, and Tazz asks him if that’s right with Masters saying it’s exactly right.

He and Haas look very smug as Tazz then says that he’s going to put that to the test tonight by making a match between them and two of Smackdown’s best. Haas smiles and tells him to do just that, and that maybe he can break someone else’s ankle like he did Tazz’s. That gets a grin out of Tazz, who tells Haas he didn’t break it, but it was close, before saying that he really is going to test them to the limit tonight by not just putting them up against two of the best Smackdown has to offer, but the very best Smackdown has to offer. Masters & Haas look a little concerned for the first time as Tazz then tells them that they’ll be facing The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels later on. They look stunned at first, but Masters tries to act tough by saying he’s fine with it and that it’s not going to be a problem. Tazz smirks and says he thinks it’s going to be one hell of a problem, but Masters tells Tazz to trust him when he says they will deal with Michaels and the dead man, just like they’ll deal with The UK Pack at Judgment Day.

Tazz watches on as the stupidly defiant Masters and the focused Haas turn round and walk out of the shot. Tazz then turns round and walks up to the hall as Johnny Jeter turns a corner, walking right in to Tazz. Jeter grimaces slightly, looking like he’s in pain, but Tazz doesn’t show any sympathy. He tells Jeter that he doesn’t look so big right now, and that he better shake off the pain because tonight, he’s going one on one with Matt Sydal. Jeter flips, still holding his left shoulder as he tells Tazz that he’s not been cleared to compete tonight after what happened last week, and sarcastically thanks Tazz for putting him in a match with The Undertaker. Tazz replies with a sarcastic “you’re welcome” response before saying that he’ll give him a break tonight, but tells him that next week, he will be facing Sydal no matter what. Tazz slaps him across the back of the neck, irritating and hurting Jeter slightly as Tazz walks away, leaving Jeter very hot indeed.

{Cut To Ringside}

***The Opening Match***

Mickie James w/Michelle McCool vs Beth Phoenix

A real even match with Mickie showing some real spirit to overcome the sheer strength of Beth. With Beth reeling after a Lou Thesz Press, she makes her way back up to her feet with Mickie grabbing her by the arm straight away and trying for an irish whip in to the corner. The Glamazon’s strength comes through yet again as she reverses it to whip Mickie in to the pads. Luckily for James, the impact wasn’t that hard, and as Beth runs in at her, Mickie turns to the side and lifts her elbow up in to Beth’s face. That sends The Glamazon staggering out of the corner, and Mickie looks to take advantage by climbing up to the second rope. With the crowd cheering her on, Mickie then jumps off and takes Beth down with a DIVING BULLDOG. . . . . A big pop meets that with Mickie rushing to turn Beth on to her back and then going for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Beth just gets her shoulder up, leaving Mickie a little surprised, and McCool is the same on the outside as she leans against the apron. Mickie doesn’t look to waste a second though as she gets right back up, urging Beth back up too as she slowly comes round. And as McCool cheers her on from the outside, she receives a shock as a mystery woman jumps the barricade behind her. This woman grabs McCool by the hair and tosses her in to the barricade, getting the attention of James. She walks towards the ropes and looks down at this woman who just stares back intensely at Mickie with Beth getting back up behind her. Mickie looks confused as she turns her attention back to the match, but as she turns round, Beth kicks her in the gut and drags her away from the ropes before planting her with THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX (Delayed Cradle Suplex). . . . . It looks elementary as Beth holds on for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix by pinfall @ 7.45.

AFTERMATH: “Glamazon” hits with Beth Phoenix looking stunned as this mystery woman backs up the ramp with a sick smile on her face. McCool starts to come round on the outside, as does Mickie in the ring, but Beth seems put out by this woman’s presence.

{Cut Backstage}

Maria is standing by, and she introduces her guest to us, The Notorious K.I.D., Kid Kash. He looks a lot more relaxed than he usually does as Maria mentions that he beat Matt Hardy, and the footage is shown with CM Punk distracting Matt to allow Kash to roll him up. The camera cuts back to a wide smiling Kash, but the smile vanishes when Maria tells him that a lot of people were surprised to see him win, and then asks Kash if he was surprised. He stares back at her and asks her if she’s serious, and she doesn’t know how to respond. Kash then says that he doesn’t care what most people think as he knew he could beat Matt, but says that there is one person who has got to him, and that’s the Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane. Kash tells Maria that when he told Shane last week that the title would look good around the waist of The Notorious K.I.D., Shane looked at him like he was a joke, something which he clearly showed he wasn’t by beating Matt last week and Chavo Guerrero the week before that. Kash looks to be very agitated, and he looks back in to the camera, directing a message at Shane, telling him that he should learn to take him seriously, and if he doesn’t see him as a threat, Shane should watch his match later on tonight. He stares in to the camera for a couple of seconds before turning to the side and walking out of the shot, leaving a slightly worried Maria behind.

{Commercial Break}

Orlando Jordan is stood in the middle of the ring, and he says that since coming back to Smackdown in the draft, he’s been overlooked by Tazz, and that he has been forced to take matters in to his own hands. With the crowd booing, he goes on to say that he went to Tazz and demanded a match last week for tonight, and that Tazz did at least give him that. He then tells us that Tazz said he would find him an opponent too, and he then tells him whoever it is to walk on down and make his day. After several seconds, “Hell Will be Callin’ Your Name” blasts out to a pop from the sell-out crowd as Raw’s Bobby Lashley makes his way down to the ring looking very intense with Jordan looking quite shocked to say the least.

***Match #2***

Bobby Lashley vs Orlando Jordan

Jordan ducked Lashley straight away by leaving the ring and teasing a count out before Lashley went and dragged him back from the ramp after a slugfest. More dirty tactics from Jordan have kept him alive, and after escaping a gut wrench powerbomb with a low blow with the ref’s back turned, OJ makes his way back up with a smug look on his face. Standing over Lashley’s body, he taunts him to get up, and as the monster starts to come to life, Jordan stands back, preparing his attack. Just as Lashley is able to stand up fully, OJ turns back and runs in to the ropes, but as he comes back, Lashley absolutely drills him with one hell of a SPINEBUSTER. . . . . A big pop breaks out in the stands as Lashley hooks the legs for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jordan shows some resilience in kicking out, but it may just be delaying the inevitable as Lashley stands back up and retreats to the corner, stalking his prey with Jordan squirming on the mat. It takes OJ a while to get back up as Lashley prepares to explode, and being the predator that he is, as soon as Jordan stands up and turns around, Lashley charges at him and rips him in half with a SPEAR. . . . . Jordan hits the deck with Lashley following up to hook both legs for a cover attempt. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley by pinfall @ 5.21.

AFTERMATH: “Hell Will Be Callin’ Your Name” hits again as Lashley stands up to get his arm raised by the referee. He poses for the crowd who give him a very strong reception as Michael Cole & The Coach point out that it looks like Lashley has taken advantage of the open house rules and switched to Smackdown. Back in the ring, Lashley’s all smiles before deciding to make his way to the back as Jordan sits up in the middle of the ring, not looking best pleased as he clutches his chest.

{Cut Backstage}

Elijah Burke is in his locker room, opening his travel bag as he tells Layla that MVP made a big mistake last week and that he’s going to pay the price not just at Judgment Day, but tonight. He also says that he was prepared to wait to mess him up, but now that he’s got another chance tonight, he’s going to remind MVP of just what he’s got coming to him in their no disqualification match in four weeks. Layla kisses him and tells him to go show MVP who he’s dealing with, just as Matt Hardy walks in. Burke puts his arm round Layla as they both look surprised to see him, and Matt tells them not to worry because he’s here for the same thing they are. He then says that he knows they’re not friends and that they’ve never really spoken, but tonight, they both want the same thing, and that’s to get even with MVP & CM Punk. Burke nods his head in approval as Matt carries on to say that when they go out there later on; he wants to let him know that he’s got his back. Burke lets go of Layla and walks closer to Matt, then tells him he respects that, and that he’s got his back too because he knows just what Punk & MVP are capable of, and together they can make sure MVP & Punk get what’s coming to them. Matt says he likes the sound of that with them both then shaking hands. Matt then says that he’ll see him out there later as Burke puts his arm back around Layla with the camera fading out.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

We see Josh Hayger working out in a gym and a wrestling ring, cutting to a still image at the end.

VOICEOVER: There are always going to be defining moments in history. . . However, for that moment to take place, it requires something or someone who is capable of changing the landscape of their craft that they choose to enter. . . Luckily, such a man exists, and his name is Josh Hayger, and he’s coming to change the landscape of Friday Night Smackdown.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #3***

Super Crazy vs Kid Kash

Michael Shane came out to the stage in the early going to cast an eye over Kash after being told to earlier on. Kash has been very aggressive the entire match, but Crazy hasn’t made it easy for him, fighting back at him. With both men down after a double clothesline, they try and get back to their feet, looking dazed as Kash throws a right at the Mexican. Crazy blocks it though and fires right back at Kash, knocking him back in to the ropes. Super Crazy then whips Kash in to the opposite set of ropes and runs at him straight away, but Kash uses the ropes to elevate himself and to lift his knee up in to Crazy’s face, sending him spinning away from the ropes in a daze. Kash climbs the through and holds on to the top rope, lying in wait, and as the Mexican turns round, Kash surprises everyone by nailing him with a SPRINGBOARD FRONT FLIP DROPKICK. . . . . Gasps meet that one as Kash quickly follows up for the cover, hooking both legs as the referee makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Crazy just gets his shoulder up, taking Kash by surprise. He looks very shocked, as does Shane as he stands at the top of the ramp. Kash is pissed and he hurries back up to his feet before dragging Crazy back up too, setting him up for THE DEAD LEVEL (Brain Buster DDT). . . . . Crazy fights it though and blocks it by placing his foot over Kash’s, and he then lifts Kash up for a suplex of his own. The Notorious one shows his fighting spirit this time as he wriggles down off Crazy’s shoulder and slips behind him. He quickly spins Crazy round and kicks him in the gut before dragging the Mexican’s head under his arm and grabbing his leg, setting him up and planting him with THE MONEY ROLL (Leg Hook Brainbuster). . . . . Crazy isn’t showing any signs of life as the ref counts his shoulders to the mat . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Kid Kash by pinfall @ 6.38.

AFTERMATH: Kash’s music hits, but as the referee tries to raise his arm, Kash pulls away and walks over to the ropes. He demands a microphone as Shane watches on. Kash then walks over to the other side of the ring to stare at Shane, and he asks Shane if he’s taking him seriously now. Shane just looks back as Kash then says there’s one sure fire way for Shane to find out just how serious he is, and that he is proposing that at Judgment Day, Shane puts his title on the line against The Notorious K.I.D. Shane stares back at him and simply nods before turning round and walking to the back with the Cruiserweight Championship resting on his shoulder, leaving a very satisfied Kid Kash in the ring.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***
“Break The Walls Down”

{Cut To Ringside}

“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me”
hits as Shelton Benjamin, the WWE United States Champion walks down to the ring with streamers falling from the ceiling. A heavy pyro display comes with it, followed by red, white and blue balloons falling down in to the ring. Dressed in a navy suit and smiling like you wouldn’t believe, Shelton steps in to the ring and raises his title up in to the air as he walks up to the ropes. He then goes to collect a microphone and says that he’s been looking forward to this since he won the United States Championship, but because of having to go Japan and Australia, he’s had to wait to throw a celebration like this, because it would be wrong to do so in any other country except the United States of America. The fans boo his smugness, but it doesn’t remove his smile as he says that tonight is going to mark the future for Shelton Benjamin, and that he vows to represent the title with the respect and the dignity that it deserves in the way that only someone of his standard can do, The Gold Standard. He then tells the crowd that he is their champion, the representative of the people of the United States of America, and that he will fight off any challenge that is put in front of him, showing the true American fighting spirit and that where America is the greatest country in the world, he is the greatest athlete in the world. That just gets more heat, but he goes on to say that he’s fought off some minor challenges in recent weeks, and that they should be a warning to anyone who thinks they have what it takes to step up to his level of competition, because no one will be able to compete on his level.

He then mentions that he has had to put up with accusations of not living up to the hype that was placed on his head from day one, and that some people have looked down on him because of that. He says that certain figures have stood in his way, like former partners and former general managers, but he states that is all going to change from this day forward as the United States Championship has given him the confidence and desire to go all the way to the top like everyone expected since the day he first stepped in the middle of this ring. He then says that from this very day, he promises to fulfil the expectations in him by becoming the greatest and most dominant United States Champion of all time before moving up the food chain to become a future World Heavyweight Champion. His smile infuriates the fans as he stares in to the crowd, but he’s interrupted as “13” blasts out with Tazz walking down to the ring, clapping Shelton as he walks up the steps. He then collects his own microphone as he walks over to the ropes through all the confetti and balloons. He tells Shelton that’s some big statement he’s just made before saying that he hopes he can live up to the expectation he’s put on himself. Tazz then says that he didn’t have to agree to this ceremony that Shelton wanted, but he felt it was worth it to show that as general manager, he’s supportive of recognising worthwhile achievements such as winning the United States Championship.

Shelton smiles and Tazz then tells him that just like he agreed to arrange this little celebration for him, he’s also gone along with something else Benjamin wanted. The champ looks confused, but Tazz quickly reminds him by saying that last week, Shelton came to him after he beat Shannon Moore and asked for a challenge. Shelton nods his head and Tazz tells him that he’s gone and got him one hell of a challenge, something that’s not been done before. Shelton looks curious, and Tazz says that Shelton will be defending his title against four other men in the first ever scramble match. The United States Champion looks confused, and Tazz acknowledges that, telling him he’s going to explain it. He says that all five men will compete for 15 minutes with any superstar who gains a successful pinfall, submission or DQ at any time in the match will become the new United States Champion. That doesn’t go down well with Benjamin who angrily tells Tazz that he has to be kidding, saying it’s not a challenge and calling it impossible. Tazz tells him that nothing is impossible, and that the person who wins the last fall will walk out as the champion, and if Shelton is such a great champion as he’s so gracefully made out, he won’t have a problem. Shelton stares back at him and shakes his head in frustration with Tazz then stomping on a balloon and saying that it looks like the party’s over. “13” plays again as Tazz leaves the ring with Shelton clutching on to his belt tightly and staring angrily at Tazz as he walks up the ramp.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #4***

Matt Hardy & Elijah Burke w/Layla vs CM Punk & MVP

MVP has got on top in the match after raking Burke in the eye and following up with a SNAP OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . . . As MVP stands back up, he takes a couple of seconds to admire to his work, looking down and grinning as Burke feels the pain. Instead of going for the cover, the cocky MVP decides to send a message to his opponent by stepping back in to the ropes and coming back for THE BALLIN’ ELBOW. . . . . He hits it too! This time he does go for a cover, hooking both of Burke’s legs as the ref makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Burke easily kicks out to the frustration of MVP, who decides to blame for the referee for a non existent slow count. He eventually gives up the argument and stands back up with Burke crawling over on to one knee. MVP gets ready to pounce, and as Burke stands back up in front of him, MVP grabs him around the waist from behind, but Burke fights back, swinging his elbow back in to the side of MVP’s head.

The grip is broken, and Burke turns round straight away, then whips him in to the ropes, and as MVP comes back, Burke takes him crashing down to the mat with a thunderous LIFTING SPINNING SIT DOWN SPINEBUSTER. . . . . A big pop echoes around the arena as he holds on for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO!!!. . . . . So close, but MVP just lifts his shoulder off the mat to the relief of Punk and the shock of both Matt & Layla. Burke takes it worse though, and he looks like he thought he had the match won, but he takes it on the chin eventually and stands back up. He reaches down to pull the squirming Porter back up, taking his time, and it allows MVP to throw a right in to Burke’s mid section. Burke nearly falls to his knees as MVP stands back up and grabs Burke by the head and plant him with a DDT. . . . . Both men hit the mat and it takes MVP a couple of seconds before he can take advantage and reach an arm out across Burke’s chest for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Burke’s not giving up, and he gets his shoulder up at the last second to the relief and joy of Matt as he stands on the apron.

MVP lifts his head up off the canvas and looks frustrated as Matt tries to encourage his partner by clapping his hands, and the fans get behind him too. Both Burke & MVP start to crawl towards their corners, and they make the tag to Matt & Punk respectively. Both men charge at each other, desperate to get their hands on each other as they exchange vicious right hands. It’s Matt who takes charge too, forcing Punk on to the back foot, and he quickly grabs him in to place for a SIDE EFFECT. . . . . Punk’s not allowing him to hit it though as he drives his elbow in to the side of Matt’s head, breaking the grip. Punk then unloads with a vicious series of martial arts kicks to the chest, forcing Matt to drop to his knees. Punk then turns back and runs in to the ropes, but as he runs back, Matt stands up and ducks under Punk’s outstretched arm and turns round straight away to connect with a SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. . . . . Both men make an attempt to get back up right away, and they do so with Matt taking control, whipping Punk in to the corner and following in with a clothesline. He holds on to Punk’s head as he levels him and turns round to face the centre of the ring again before running out and drilling Punk with a bulldog to the delight of the crowd.

Matt looks to end it right here as he turns Punk over and goes for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Punk kicks out with MVP coming round on the apron as Matt then stands back up and stalks Punk for the TWIST OF FATE. . . . . The fans all rush to their feet, but MVP sees the danger and grabs his briefcase while Burke stands back up in the opposite corner and panics as he sees what MVP is up to. He rushes in to the ring, but the referee goes right over to him and tries to get him as Punk makes his way back up with MVP also slipping in to the ring. With the ref’s back turned, MVP sneaks up behind Matt while Burke points at him to turn around, and as he does, MVP SWINGS THE BRIEFCASE AT HIS HEAD. . . . . BUT MATT DUCKS IT AS THE GROGGY PUNK WALKS RIGHT IN TO IT. . . . . MVP lets go of the briefcase looking stunned as Punk falls to the mat, but Hardy reacts quickly to kick MVP in the gut and plant him with the TWIST OF FATE. . . . . The impact takes him under the bottom rope, and Matt kicks the briefcase out there too before turning his attention back to Punk as Burke gets back on the apron, allowing the ref to make the count as Matt goes for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Matt Hardy & Elijah Burke by pinfall @ 10.49.

AFTERMATH: “Live for the Moment” blasts out to a huge pop as Burke joins Matt in the ring for an ever so small guy hug before raising their arms in victory. Layla climbs inside and hugs Burke as Punk starts to come round, not looking sure of what just happened as MVP also shows signs of life on the outside with Matt climbing to the second rope in the corner to celebrate the win over Punk.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Highlights of Hell in a Cell from Bad Blood 1997 are shown. We then see a secluded dark indoor location with candles with Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker.

VOICEOVER: They are two of the greatest superstars to have ever graced the squared circle. . . They have given us moments to cherish, both together and separately. But for the first time in over ten years, Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker will battle it out for the richest prize in the industry. . . the World Heavyweight Championship. . . Smackdown presents WWE Judgment Day, live exclusively on pay-per-view. . . Coming soon.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #5***

Matt Sydal vs Shannon Moore

Sydal has been in charge for the most part, seeing off an abrupt Moore fight back, dodging a missile dropkick, but he falls on to his knee doing so. The high flying Sydal now gets up from his knees with Moore also making an attempt to get right back up. Sydal sees Moore moving and grabs his arm, then tries an irish whip. Moore reverses it though, but as Sydal comes off the ropes, he takes Moore down with a SPINNING WHEEL KICK. . . . . That brings a cheer from the crowd, and as both men make their way back up, Sydal runs at Moore and connects with a FEINT ENZIGURI IN TO A HEAD SCISSORS TAKE DOWN. . . . . Sydal stands back up, and Moore isn’t far behind, but he’s looking very groggy, allowing Sydal to capitalise by walking up to Moore practically unnoticed to plant him with THE CYCLORAMA (Belly to Belly Moonsault Slam). . . . . Moore isn’t moving this time as Sydal hurries to his feet and drags the lifeless Moore towards the corner before climbing up to the top rope. The fans know what’s coming, and as they cheer him on, he soaks it up to nail a perfectly executed SHOOTING STAR PRESS. . . . . The fans rise to their feet and count in tandem as Sydal goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Matt Sydal by pinfall @ 5.19.

AFTERMATH: Sydal’s music hits to a pop as he stands up to get his arm raised before running in to the corner to celebrate the win as a shot of Johnny Jeter is shown as he watches on a monitor in the back, not looking best pleased by his rival’s victory.

{Cut Backstage}

Josh Matthews is standing by. He then brings in his guest, the very serious looking Chavo Guerrero. Josh asks him just why he felt the need to attack Ron Killings with a steel chair last week after Killings went to apologise to him. Chavo says that he doesn’t need to explain himself when all the answers are already out there. He asks Josh if he remembers Killings putting his hands on him two weeks ago, and reminds Josh that Killings accused him of being on a losing streak last week. Josh then tells Chavo that Killings is kind of right and says that ever since Wrestlemania, it seems Chavo can’t seem to buy a win. Chavo takes exception to it and grabs Josh before pushing him up against the wall. He tells Josh that it’s not a good idea to get on his bad side, and to ask Killings if he doesn’t believe him. With Josh looking very worried, Chavo tells him that just like everyone else, he should learn to keep his (Josh’s) nose out of his business, but then, Ron Killings appears from behind Chavo and clubs him across the back. Josh is freed and he regains his composure as Killings then grabs Chavo and shoves him face first in to the wall. Chavo slumps down the wall, clutching his face as he hits the ground with Killings staring down menacingly at him, telling him that if he wants to play dirty, he’s got it. He then asks Josh if he’s okay, and he says that he is as Killings then walks away from the squirming Chavo.

{Cut Backstage}

Shawn Michaels is sat down in his locker room, lacing up his boots with Michael Shane sat down on a fold out chair. Shane seems a bit concerned, and he asks his cousin if he’s happy about having to team with The Undertaker with all these rumours flying about that he’s scared of him. The focused World Champion tells him that he and The Undertaker understand each other, saying that it’s not going to be a problem and that no matter what anyone says, he’s not scared of him, reminding Shane he’s been to war with the dead man on many occasions and come out on top many times. Michaels finishes lacing up his boots and stands up, picking up his world title with Shane also standing up. He tells Shawn to be careful out there just in case, and Shawn says that there’s nothing to worry about as he and the dead man will put their match at Judgment Day to one side and focus on giving these two young punks a lesson they won’t forget for a long time. Shane looks a little reassured, and Michaels then tells him to hang on, and that once the match is over, his uncle go can get him something to eat. Shane grins and says that’s cool with Shawn then saying he’ll see him later as he walks out of the room as Shane wishes him luck, still looking a little concerned.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***The Main Event***

Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker vs The Masters of the Mat

Michaels looks in trouble as Masters pulls his lifeless body back up and whips him hard in to the corner, but as he runs at Michaels, HBK lifts his boot up in to Masters’ face. The Masterpiece staggers out of the corner with Michaels pulling himself up to the second rope, but Haas races along the apron and pulls his foot down. The World Champion then falls in to a sitting position on the top rope as Masters turns round and smiles, taking a short breather before walking back in to the corner and climbing up to the second rope. He tries to set Michaels up for a superplex, but HBK blocks it and pushes his opponent down on to the mat. He then stands up on the top and leaps off, connecting with THE HEARTBREAK ELBOW DROP. . . . . It gets quite a pop from the crowd, and it takes a couple of seconds for Michaels to recover and reach out an arm to place over Masters’ chest as he tries for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Masters just gets his shoulder up as he and Michaels both try and crawl towards their corners, and they both get there to tag in their respective partners. Haas races in to the ring as Taker slowly climbs through the ropes. Haas tries pummelling away at the dead man, but it doesn’t work. Taker blocks his right hand and fires back with a shot of his own, and then another, putting Haas on the back foot. He then grabs Haas by the arm and whips him in to the corner before running in and nailing him with a hard clothesline. Haas staggers out with Taker following him out and whipping him in to the opposite corner, running in and nailing him again with another clothesline. This time as Haas staggers out of the corner, Taker walks out and runs back in to the ropes, and as he runs back at Haas, he drives his huge boot down the throat of his opponent to a huge pop. Haas looks in real trouble as Taker signals for the end, dragging his arm across his neck, just as Masters starts to stand up on the apron.

The dead man reaches down and drags the motionless Haas back up and grabs him around the throat. Masters panics on the outside, but he’s powerless as Taker plants Haas with a CHOKESLAM. . . . . A big pop rings out as Taker follows up with a cover, dropping to his knees and hooking the leg as the referee makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Masters breaks it up with a stomp across the back of Taker’s head. Michaels is furious as he then races in to the ring, but Masters reacts well, driving his boot in to the face of the World Champion. The ref then tells Masters to leave the ring, which he does, but he makes his way to the timekeeper’s table, grabbing a steel chair as Taker slowly stands back up with his back to both Masters & Michaels. Masters then slips back inside behind Taker as Michaels & Haas also sit up. The Masterpiece then walks up behind Taker and drives the chair in to his spine. He looks stunned as Taker only just feels the effects, and Masters panics, throwing the chair to Michaels, who catches it and doesn’t have a clue what’s gone on while the referee calls for the bell, disqualifying Masters & Haas.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker by DQ @ 12.40.

AFTERMATH: Masters quickly slips out of the ring with Haas as Taker turns round to see Michaels holding the chair. Michaels panics and drops the chair immediately as The Undertaker, looking more menacing than ever, walks slowly towards him. HBK tries to explain as the dead man stares right at him with Masters & Haas watching on from the ramp, clearly enjoying it. Michaels points in their direction as he tries to make Taker see what happened, but the dead man snaps and grabs Michaels by the throat, then chokeslams him down to the mat. Masters & Haas laugh as the evil looking Undertaker turns his head to the side, looking in to the crowd with “Deadman’s Symphony” hitting. The fans don’t what to make of it as the World Champion lies motionless in the ring with The Undertaker stood over him as the show comes to a close.

{End of Show}

Beth Phoenix df. Mickie James
Bobby Lashley df. Orlando Jordan
Kid Kash df. Super Crazy
Matt Hardy & Elijah Burke df. MVP & CM Punk
Matt Sydal df. Shannon Moore
Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker
df. The Masters of the Mat


Matt Sydal vs Johnny Jeter


Theme Song
“Take It All” by Zididada

Shawn Michaels (c) vs The Undertaker

The First Ever Scramble Match

Shelton Benjamin (c) vs ? ? ?

The UK Pack (c) vs The Masters of the Mat

Michael Shane (c) vs Kid Kash

Elijah Burke vs Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Matt Hardy vs CM Punk

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