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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by M.W. View Post
What is everyone's favorite muscle group target during a workout? What's your favorite exercise?

Personally, I love doing my back more than any other body part there is. Getting that V shape is the most impressive thing one can do, imo. If you look back to all the Mr. Olympia's, the contestant who has the widest/bulkiest back frame usually wins (except for Dexter Jackson last year).

Conventional deadlifts are one of the few exercises I really can say I excel at. 405 max on those bad boys now and it's my favorite exercise to do. While I'm good at benching and decent at squatting, they fail in comparison to my DL.

Honorary mention:

-Shoulders: Love the side lateral raises to work on the side deltoids. There's nothing better to feed your ego than OHP or Push Pressing up a large amount of weight so that'd be my second favorite exercise.

How bout' everyone else?
For me, back is probably my favorite... I injured my back in 2005, and since it has gotten better, I put extra work in my back for some reason. My back days are killer for most people... fixin to work it in about 30 min actually. Lat Pulldowns - 4x12 superset with Lat Pulldowns behind the head - 4x12, Bent over BB rows - 4x12, T-Bar - 4x12, Seated Rows - 4x12. All start with warm-up set, then get as heavy as possible w/o hurting myself. I used to do deads frequently, but got too stupid with them and messed up my back again. Haven't messed with them for about 6 months. Going to start back soon I hope.

Next is Shoulders - love them but they hurt if I push too much
Chest - used to be my fav, only prob is the soreness I feel the next couple days
Calves - like working them, but can't get them to grow anymore, sucks
Traps - like them, but pay w/ a headache the next day
Abs - make my back hurt, but making them more of a priority lately
Arms - arm muscles count for 3% of your body's total muscle, so why spend 50% of your time working them. Arms get 3 exercises each per week from me. Tris follow back, and Bis follow chest
Legs - they suck, and my back has trouble handling them. I still work them hard, but just know i'm going to pay the next day or two.... or three

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