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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Look what the cat dragged in?(or however the saying goes )

So yah, I'm here to drop a comment here and there concerning your latest installment of Raw.

First off, I wanna tell you that I'm not a big fan of bringing guys like Rocky or Austin back fulltime, but because you're sexeh reneh, I'll tolerate it and enjoy the show nonetheless.

Your first promo was very enjoyable. Four guys showing some of their best work, especially Cena, who I liked very much in this one. I also enjoyed how you gave some new material to Rocky, trying your best to not make this into another generic Rocky promo(that I will usually love thou ). Bit weird to throw random guys like RVD and Trips into the mix, but it makes for one star-studded main event.

You need to push Jindrak. Please. In exchange for sexytime? Anyways, Cade makes me yawn, but Rhino even more, so title to Jindrak next week or something plz.

Shane will no doubt have an ace up his sleeve next week. And rightfully so, because you can't have him look ultra weak going into Armageddon. However, ultimately, of course, Trips will go over. He needs that Wrestlemania Main Event badly.

You may find it weird sometimes that I seem to be skipping some things, but that's because quite frankly, I don't care enough to comment on it. So yah, in this case, I'm skipping this diva-business.

Monty Brown is the absolute sex. I love that guy. If he doesn't go over Kane I may have to consider never giving you comments ever again. That being said, I read that Goldust didn't get any offence in last week. That gets a huge thumbs down. Kane beating that muscle-dummy Masters gets a thumbs up, however. I guess it balances out.

Sexy, very sexy promo from Christian and Austin here. I "felt" it sort of speak, so you obviously did a good job. That impromptu match to set up the Armageddon-match wasn't necessary though. A more heated continuation of the promo(few slaps here and there perhaps) could've sufficed. I guess you needed some time filled.

Planting seeds for Rocky/Trips eh? Make it happen at Mania, big boy. <3

Jim Cornette back, eh? I've seen Natureboy do this succesfully, I expect the same from you. In my view, you're right in doing this, as Lesnar can always use a sleezy son of a bitch by his side, guiding him towards monstrous destruction.

So yeh, the main event was really good. Carnage was the order of the day, but four guys kinda got lost at the end, when you focused on RVD/Edge. Edge went totally mental, which gets a huge thumbs up from me. Edge looked relentless and strong going into his huge title match with Rocky a couple of weeks from now. RVD, however, god damn. After this, I can't ever see him having even the slightest chance to beat Brock at Armageddon so that ain't happening. Edge going over Rocky? It's a possibility, but with the planting of seeds as I alluded to earlier, I expect Rocky to go over and get into some sort of huge program with Trips.

Overall I enjoyed this show, I really did. One thing that annoyed me, though and I really have to tell you is how you whore out the "1,2...NO" line. Lil more variation is welcomed. Besides that, good to great show. Keep the sexiness coming.
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