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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback from TKO (aka nitpicker):

@ JR and the Coach. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are doing a great job with commentary right now. Face play-by-play and heel colour commentator = win.

Another thing to mention is that NO WEDDING GOES TO PLAN IN WWE. Someone will ruin it.

Triple H's opening promo was alright. Nothing bad by all means, but nothing spectacular either. I liked Linda McMahon's appearance here as it was short and straight to the point. One has to wonder if Linda has a Pedigree in her future.

I completely forgot about the Steel Cage match so it was nice to be reminded through the commentary. I'll predict now that Mick Foley shows up and costs HBK the match.

Squash win for Lesnar. Meh. How much more do you need to sell the point of Lesnar as a man outraged? I think it's time we see Lesnar get involved in a real program, most likely with Triple H.

Santino arrives in Being the Booker! From the very first line, Santino's characterisation was perfect. I really liked this segment. Everyone was in character and Bischoff laying down the law was good to see after MNM getting out of title matches for weeks. It seems to be setting up the duo to finally lose the belts...which I can only assume they won't.

What relevance does the Jillian/Williams segment have to the show? Yeah yeah, hype for the wedding...but still, I don't know if it was necessary. It was funny though, I'll give you that.

The tag team match was okay but as I said before, it's difficult to get into them with recaps like this (that's rich considering my next show ). Anyway, I liked that Kennedy went over. It was necessary to continue his path to becoming the new Intercontinental Champion.

Kennedy's interview was okay, but nothing special. I have a feeling that this show is a "let's just skip to the end" one so far but I'm not going to mark that down since that's what WWE wedding shows are like.

Cena's promo was standard Cena. Again, nothing is standing out on this show at the moment, so I'm hoping for a pretty damn good wedding segment. Anyway, I would've liked to here Christian actually say something. I know it's the whole "big moment" deal, but still, he could've said SOMETHING to add to the segment.

The cage match was the match of the night and it was a shock, but not a surprise, to see Orton go over clean. A shock because I was expecting Foley to interfere, but not a surprise, considering the way you've been booking Orton. I wasn't too sure if Orton should've gone over clean considering HBK's clean loss to Angle less than 24 hours ago.

Foley's promo was the best of the night so far, and I think it's a no brainer Foley's question for Shawn is to face him at WrestleMania. Great characterisation here. People forget that great characterisation isn't just making the lines fit the character, but putting the character in appropriate settings. You're definitely on the ball with Foley.

Vince and Triple H was good as the mega build for the wedding continues. Is Lesnar just a big dumb animal or what? ...is what the audience is thinking right now. Wolfy, of all the storylines going right now, this one is perhaps the biggest. You've built it so well that when Lesnar finally does turn, the audience would pay to see it. This show is getting better as I read. Characterisation was good here, yada yada yada. @ Vince trying to lighten the mood. Excellent stuff.

For the love of God, Wolfy, PLEASE~! rename this woman Mickie James. Women's match = okay. It will be interesting to see if you actually go with "Alexis" winning the title before WrestleMania or if you wait. Since this is the Diva division we're talking about, I don't think it'd be a bad decision to put the title on "Alexis" at SNME then have her defend at 'Mania.

I asked myself the EXACT same question as Bischoff did before he said it! Another great segment with MNM/Bischoff here, although, I would've liked to see something from Santino.

You know how I feel about these Umaga squash matches over and over. We get the point Wolfy; you love him, he's awesome etc. Squashing people to get to the Money in the Bank (or whatever match it is) is okay, but now we know Umaga is in the match, he should really be getting into some matches/segments with others from the match. He can only keep squashing people for so long. He needs to step up now, and right before MITB is the best time to do it (imo).

Cena going over Tomko was expected, but I think the match could've been longer than 3:58. Tomko isn't going to look like much of a threat for the McMahons if you keep jobbing him out so quickly.

The Cena/Christian/Brotherhood/Vince/Pussy segment was nicely written and flowed rather well. You've done well to build intrigue for SNME, although leaving Cena and Christian's demands unknown pretty much guarantees they're going over on Saturday night.

I was about to say "Jillian AGAIN!? MEHHHHH" until I saw the Cena/Christian combo come into it. I wonder if it'll be those two who crash the wedding. I don't think so. They've done their damage tonight. Something tells me it'll be Brock Lesnar.

I KNEW IT!!! MNM retain the titles again. Good match, and this confirms my theory that Straight Edge will win the titles at WrestleMania. BTW Punk Card > GTS.

Hold on hold on let me guess before I scroll down the page...Booker T to LOSE, right? OMG!!! Booker T actually WINS~! a match! Not much to say here.

Wedding time baybeh! @ the stolen line from I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing and Unchained Melody and the father getting a pop for telling Jillian to stop. Brilliant stuff.

Boogeyman. Really?

To be perfectly honest Wolfy, the segment didn't completely live up to my expectations. I was expecting a little more than gunge. Don't get me wrong - had this happened in real life, it would've been played over and over as a classic Raw moment - but it wasn't that special to me. WWE weddings have always featured something dramatic whether it be an interference, a revelation or something of that nature, but this one seemed like just another comedy moment. For something that was sold to the audience for weeks, I expected a little more.

OVERALL: I'm not going to judge the matches considering this show was focused on the Steph/Triple H wedding but I will say the best match of the night was Orton/HBK. I still question Orton going over HBK clean, as HBK losing to two heels (Angle and Orton) clean, back to back, makes him look weak. Promos/segments wise, I think most people will choose the wedding but I'd have to say it was the Foley promo and the MNM segments. As I said above, I was a little let down with the wedding segment but overall, it was a decent show. Props though; not everyone can churn out a full 3 hour Raw.
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