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Re: Being The Booker

It's taken a while but as promised your review...enjoy...

I must say that at first I was shocked with the SuperBrawl kicking off the night but knowing your history of putting big matches on first it makes a load of sense to be honest with you. Damn it, I picked Lesnar to win and what do you know? He's eliminated first! I thought it would have been perfect with Cena winning the title later in the night but the revealing of the opponent tonight meant that it had to be someone else at least. I must say I'm a little disappointed in Angle winning but looking over it now it seems like he might have been the only option barring HBK. The Lesnar thing was tricky depending on whether HHH or Cena won, HBK had Foley, Kane's doing nothing, Orton seems to be heading to MITB right now, and well 'Taker of course was with Angle. Now looking at it it seemed Angle was going to win and I must say it really wasn't that bad of a decision either.

Not much to really say about the next two matches as what I predicted came true as really you can just say these were the "fillers" for the night to just try and make the night go by. Mysterio/Kennedy definently was nothing bad at all but AMW/Lashley and Batista was nothing special to be honest. The ending to the tag match was fresh and something I don't see that often with a face accidentaly costing his partner the match which definently is cool in the way you did it. It's been done before but it never hurts to recycle stuff.

Yeah, something tells me Cena's winning.

Here we go...I Quit Match. I must say you did it well showing the vicious side of Christian and of course we all knew that he was going to win. It was natural as being honest nobody expected Tomko to win. Definently this clears Christian away from Tomko for good most likely and now he can go and focus on the task that he has ahead of him come WrestleMania. Either way no matter who wins something tells me we're looking at a huge main event come WrestleMania for the red brand.

Nice addition to tomorrow's Raw, well not literally tomorrow but you know what I mean. :P Either way the show is stacked and it's nice to see another three hour show from the Wolfster himself.

I like how Edge was being shown throughout the night and it's really added a different twist to being the holder of Money in the Bank. Kudos to you on that one as it's definently something different. I think we were all expecting Edge to interfere in the match and it's a shame that he did as RVD/Jericho definently could be a great match even though it wasn't done much in real life that I can remember. Seems like RVD is going to be facing Edge but how the match comes about is going to be interesting. Jericho has the potential to possibly rematch for the title on Smackdown this week or so but I'm not sure if it'll happen or not.

I'll touch on what NatureBoy said in that it definently was nice to see the IronMan Match dragged out and have nine falls instead of possibly just four or five. It compliments Cena's style just like that old fart NB said. I had a feeling all along that Cena definently was going to have a major chance to win the title but I just wasn't sure if he was going to actually do it or not. I think you made the right decision after speaking to you about it as it sets up two fresh and exciting matches instead of one since we've already seen HHH/Christian a couple of times in here. Both are definently going to be huge to see at WrestleMania nevertheless and I'm so excited to see what you've got planned for WrestleMania in my home state!
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