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Re: Resident Evil on Wrestling Forum

Originally Posted by -TheMercuryEnigma- View Post
Catalanotto the only one that has thrown the insults around in any of our little discussions between me and you, is you. I have merely questioned your hypocritical comments. Seriously you say you don't drag things out, yet here you are attacking CERB3RUS, i thought you were over it?, surely if you were over it, then you wouldnt reply to him with the same old rehashed arguments, like you accused me of doing with Brian.

Although i'm pretty sure Brian is actually your husband.

Let me straighten this out for you.

I don't really care what you think of me but I really have no problem with you. Whatever I said to hurt your feelings obviously went pretty deep. Not sure how you will deal with it but I am hoping the pain will subside.

Next, I left Cerb alone for a long time and what happens? He makes a rant and still can't get me out of his mind. I haven't attacked him for a while and there were many chances to do so. Tell me again who can't let it go? I can't remember the last time before today that I had said anything negative towards him (probably was back when he suddenly rode Low's dick) and I was gone for the last week yet he still insults me.

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