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Re: Resident Evil on Wrestling Forum

Originally Posted by Claus...B...R View Post
His dad isn't an asshole at all, the kid was threatening to run away cause his parents took his x-box away, my dad did the same thing to me when I threatened to run away, the kid was fucking moron, the dad is the one I feel sorry for.

And LOL at the last part of your post there, don't you love it when the admins pick and choose who to punish for rep flames?
If the kid lived, I wouldn't think of it as an asshole comment but the fact that he died just showed that people say a lot of bad things when they are angry and it's not always a good idea because you never know what could happen, you know what I mean? Sometimes, it's just better to take a second to think before going off on someone.

Originally Posted by -TheMercuryEnigma- View Post
You responded to one of my posts with a nice flame, i responded like most people do, we had a little back and forth, you ended with your typical go die please comment. What does that have to do with anything here?

I don't care what you call people on here, i'm just bemused at you having a go at someone for making a joke about somebodies death, when you find it perfectly acceptable to use that same topic as your base for flames. That's where i'm having problems with your hypocrisy, but whatever it's obvious you can't respond to the actual point.
People call other people A LOT of things and say a lot of things to people on the internet. This is a fucking rants section where typical flames are thrown out all over the place. Everyone has said stupid shit but it's assumed that people aren't fucking idiots and don't take shit in a rant section seriously. Stop acting as if you are innocent. You have a fixation on people that never goes away. You STILL flame brian long after the rest of the forum has moved on. You just can't let shit go.

When I sent that rep to Juggalo, I wasn't serious about it but it did stem from annoyance. Everyone else here looks at me as the bad person yet no one understands that this faggot has bothered me far more than I ever bothered him, and he is STILL doing it. Even after our little feud before, I had stopped bothering him for a long time yet he still continued to throw shit at me in threads AND via rep comments. That is why I sent him back that comment but no, everyone is quick to take someone's side without knowing the whole story. Both him and CERB are the same: two faggots who can't let it go and move on because their lives are so empty. Low had even spoken to me and we both agreed that we could definately be on cool terms and that shit on the net is just shit on the net. Guess he can't handle holding up his side of his own deal.

Both you and CERBERUS can't let shit go. Even when I try to hold a normal conversation, you both can't handle it and pull insults out of your asses while telling me U R SO MEEN U MAKE FUN OF EVERY1////

Tramp? Jesus, can't you think of something original for once? Your names don't hurt me, considering you look the way you do so continue to throw out empty, worthless posts like you always do.

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