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Re: Being The Booker

Time for explanations then

I'm just going to run through my thought process for each match, some of which you might just get a 'wait and see' as a reason . If I miss out anything you wanted explained, let me know;

Brock Lesnar being eliminated first from the SuperBrawl wasnt done for shock value or anything like that. Being eliminated by getting thrown over the top rope (by two guys, with another low bridging the ropes) was just about the best way to save face. Kane then taking the pinfall loss was the weakest elimination, so that's why he survived longer than Lesnar. As for the remainder, not much to explain really. Angle won as I felt, for storyline reasons, he would be the best fit to win.

I've said it a couple of times already, and I'll state it again, Kennedy will be getting a push towards the main event scene at some point soon. That may, or may not include a run with the I.C Title. Obviously, I dont want to be giving plotlines away, so I'll not be saying whether or not that'll be the case.

Not much to say about the tag title match. It was mainly there for filler, but also to progress the chase for the U.S Title Shot.

Same goes pretty much for the I Quit Match; filler to move Christian from Tomko, and to keep Christian busy until his WM opponent is finalized.

Surprised that no one predicted Edge would show up in the WWE Title match, and cost either or both men, considering how the threat was left to him on Smackdown. I hope from the earlier segment with him in the bar that it didnt come across that he was steaming drunk, just a little frazzled, and obviously one of those ones that likes to start fights with a few drinks in him . Of course, as Anderson told him afterwards, he'll see him on Friday for his punishment.

Then, onto the main event. I knew I'd catch flak for having the audacity for putting the title belt back on Cena (and once again, I'd like to say, contrary to popular belief; I'M NOT A CENA FAN~!!) but I do enjoy using him, and generally feel comfortable with him as a main star. Part of the reason may be that when this thread started, Cena was still only a mid/ upper mid carder, and (although everyone at the time could see where he was heading anyway) I took it upon myself to build him into the main event. (Anyone that read my meltdown in the discussion thread the other day will have worked out I enjoy building new stars )

Besides that, as NatureBoy (stay around ffs) hinted at, a Christian/Triple H headline match at WM, although the better choice given the months of build around it, would've been as predictable as Manchester United winning the quintuple this season (I kid of course, dont have a hernia all you ABU's out there) but you get what I mean, right??

At least with Cena/Christian, it's hard for anyone to call, myself included. Does Cena get a shitty six week reign?? Or does the Rumble winner fail to complete the job at WrestleMania?? It's also the two biggest stars of the thread, the two top faces, just about the biggest match available.

It also means that I get to ***SPOILER ALERT*** explore the possibility of Triple H & Brock Lesnar; a simmering angle that seems to have been pretty popular with the general readership of this thread, and also, a match that's never been done in the thread (possibly ever in BTB, but I'm sure someone, somewhere has used it here)

For anyone angered that there wont be a blow off to the long running Christian vs McMahon Family Empire angle; don't fret, it wont be forgotten in the long run.

As for the actual Iron Man Match itself, I actually thought it told one of the best stories in a match that I've done, and I wish I'd done it in full tbh. Thankfully the actual story of the match wasnt lost on too many of you, and only a select few were blinkered by the fact that Cena won (OH NOZE~!!)

I know there have been a few question marks raised over Cena going down to a DDT and a Piledriver and not the Spinebuster. I see the point being made, and I cant really argue it, but I'll give my reasons as to why that happened. First of all, I'm a mark for the DDT. Unfortunately, since the days of Jake Roberts, it's lost it's credibility big time. Just about every superstar uses it now for a regular two count, but back in the day it was (and imo, if it was allowed to gain credibility) the equivalent to the RKO, and pretty much ended any match. Also, at this point, Triple H had claimed Cena would begin to fade, and his stamina would be shot, and having him go down to a DDT (for me) began to plant seeds in the heads of viewers that maybe Triple H was right.

Piledriver; rarely used, banned for anyone not called The Undertaker or Kane, and Cena was still struggling from the effects of the DDT. Also to play into the storyline of the match that Cena was beginning to run out of gas at this point. Looking back, it probably would've worked better if Triple H scored his first fall with the Pedigree, then the other two after that.

As for not using the spinebuster in place of the DDT or Piledriver?? Well, yep, would've made more sense, being that it is a signature Triple H move, but I decided instead to use it in the big finishing minutes, for a convincing near fall. Having already fell to a DDT and Piledriver early on, most would've been thinking he wouldnt kick out of the spinebuster, so it'd make for a great near fall (and put over Cena as Superman of course ).

I think I've covered just about everything. Went into way more detail than I expected to, so I'll hold off on the Raw preview for the time being, but saying as it's the big three hour show, I will definitely post a preview before the show goes up (aiming for Raw to go up on Wednesday btw).

In other news, opening post has now been edited as promised.

Thanks for reading .
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