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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Good news and notes, Nige. I'm working on a review for you, but I haven't finished reading the show yet, so a few things were spoiled for me, but most of this I've already been through, and also helped me out with some of the TNA guys you brought in. Very good to be informed with the happenings, so I'll be on the look out for what happens on SD!.

RAW Feedback

Opening Promo: For a recapped promo, it was very good. One thing that I see a lot when it comes to recaps is lack of detail, which is alright, being recapped, but I've also seen this method put to good use with extensive detail, such as here. This definitely puts over the upcoming Kennedy/Orton feud, as both men took plenty of great shots at each other (I particularly liked the one about bleaching your hair as badly as Kennedy's), and overall, made me look forward to their future encounters, match- and promo-wise. Bischoff's involvement was also solid here, and I'm loving the "Quest to be Champion" idea. While he sounded a little too face-ish for my taste, I'm simply being biased, as I know he's just being impartial. One thing that I want to note is that by using this as the opening, and not the Evolution/McMahon feud, it gives it a great sense of signifigance in the world of RAW, so great job in that department, and overall, great job with this opening.

Santino/Jimmy: Short, delusional promo by Santino, although he mentioned it as the "Quest to be King," when it's "Quest to be Champion". Aside fom that, the match didn't make Santino look like a total jobber, so I guess that's not what you're doing with him. With Natalya getting involved with Melina, that should be a pretty good Divas feud, and adding the comic relief of Santino, should be great. This match was a step in the right direction for Jimmy, who you might have plans for, but it's hard to be certain. Good match.

Kelly Interview: Leticia Cline and Kelly Kelly? The hotness scale just went off the charts, man. Anyway, this interview quickly went on to be about Cody, which I'm alright with, as it was good. Looks like there's some trouble in paradise for Cody and Kelly, pun intended. Cody just came off as a big-headed, egotistical, typical meathead (which is somewhat ironic as he's not that big), who acts like he cares about his girl, but is really just in it for himself. Very interesting angle you've got going on here, and Victoria appearing at the end to put Kelly over was a nice touch as well, so great job here.

Bischoff/Regal/Cody: Ah, Cody, you sorry SOB. Very heelish move on his part, especially the way you described him as being extremely satisfied with the match being made. I really like it, should be a great way to put both guys over, and overall, this segment was just great. I really have no complaints about it, great job.

Million Dollar Title: Good promo by Ted. You alluded that his becoming complacent would be a central point in Ted's character, so I'm guessing that despite everything he's got (and he's got plenty; the Million Dollar Title, money, and Maryse), he's secretly insecure, which should make for an interesting angle with him. And once again, that comes into play during the match. The DQ ending, which came about after Ted and Maryse seemingly lost confidence in a win, makes me think that they'll be seeing more of Finlay in coming weeks. Also glad that Hornswoggle was a non-factor, as well, and overall, you've got me interested in what will become of Ted.

Cody/Kofi Segment: Third time we've seen Cody tonight, and I'd imagine that this is probably still the first hour of the show, so I'm glad you're really investing in this angle. Kofi, I felt he could've used a few more lines here, as Cody basically carried the segment, but his smiling told a lot, that he understands the opportunity he's got at the moment. I did feel he came across a little more aggressive than we see on TV, but then again, I wouldn't know about the character development you've given him. Good segment here.

Million Dollar People Segment: Good segment, I liked the comedy at the end, as it reminds me of what I do sometimes. But for the seriousness of it, Ted Sr. showing up to bring his son back down to earth was a good move, and Ted smiling and agreeing, only to call him jealous is a great showing of his egotistical character, considering his dad's the one that gave him the Million Dollar Title. You said in your news that Ted Sr. will have a big role to play in his son's career, so I'm interested to see what's going to happen with the two. And again, I liked the ending to this as well, very funny. Good job here.

Tag Match: The match wasn't that special, but Miz and Morrison's afterpromo informed of the story, which made the way the match went make more sense. You said there might be a split in one or both teams, so that'll be interesting to watch develop. With The Colons winning here, it'd put them in contention for the Tag Titles, although they could very well be facing Miz and Morrison, because I can see them winning the titles next week. The match they had at Backlash was very good, so I'm looking forward to the rematch.

Colons/Cryme Tyme Segment: Funny, but I didn't really see much of a point in it. Are these two teams feuding? Or was this the start of a possible one? And what's Perez's relationship with the Colons? Could he be getting tired of them? Sort of seems like it, with the way he reacted to Carlito telling him to give him some clothes.

Corporation Promo: Very good promo here, tells the story and intentions of the McMahons and Show very well. However, my biggest complaint was that Show didn't get to say anything. Being his first RAW back, I was expecting for some kind of return speech about why he sided with the McMahons and what he hopes to accomplish with them, but what we did get was very solid. I especially liked JBL's line about what they did to Evolution being as satisfying as when he won the WWE Title, puts this feud incredibly over. Aside from Show not getting any lines, great job here.

Corporation/Regal Segment: Show vs. Triple H for the Quest should be a great and important match, given what's going on with them at the moment. Another good segment, I could just picture was what happening here, something a little hard to do for your readers when you write in recap. I'm also intruiged about this Plan B, now I've got another reason to come back for RAW next week.

Kofi/Kane: Solid match here, made Kofi look very strong and credible against the WWE Champ, while also keeping Kane dominant. The Tombstone following the chokeslam might've been like overkill for some, but not in this case. It kept Kofi strong by taking both finishers (even though the chokeslam could've put him away), and also sent a message to the guys that're gunning for his title in the Quest. Good job here.

Kenny Interview: Well, no absence of arrogance from Mr. Dykstra, and even though that's usually good, in this situation, it made Kenny look incredibly delusional. He put himself over Cena in a big way, but never once acknowledged that he actually lost at Backlash. Still, with Cena out of the picture for awhile, a feud with Rey'll do wonders for Kenny, so I'll be looking forward to that one.

Main Event: Fun main event, although I wasn't really feeling the hate these two have for each other. You didn't really emphasize that part of the story, but aside from that, the wrestling was just fine. A huge win for Kennedy, but the ending keeps Orton strong, as well. I'm also glad you didn't have Orton be DQ'ed once he swung the chair, like the real WWE would've done nowadays. I'm sure this is just the start of this Orton/Kennedy program, and you put a good match on with the two, so I'll be looking forward to what happens next between them.

Overall:Great show overall, Nige, very good read. This is only the second show I've read of yours, but I can already see that you heavily invest in your pet projects in Kennedy and Kenny, with the roles they've got at the moment. You're also giving the Kofi/Cody feud a lot of time too, which is giving the IC Title a lot of prestige, so good job there too. With that said, your main event feuds are also given a lot of focus as well, especially in the Corporation/Evolution feud. I like the idea of the Quest to be Champion Tournament, so I'll be looking out for whoever else is in it, and next week's huge main event as well. Only my second time here, but I'm already a fan. 8.5/10.
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