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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Mr. Kennedy’s return at Backlash took a lot of people by surprise, but it was seen as a great way to turn him face and put him in a headline feud with Randy Orton. It went down fairly well on Raw with Orton’s frustration becoming greater after the loss to Kennedy. It should set up for an exciting Raw next week with Orton having even more reason to get even with Kennedy.

The Big Show’s return also went down well as he joined the newly formed Corporation. It seems that the Evolution/McMahon’s battle is not over just yet, but with Big Show now involved, it opens up more possibilities in the ring with Vince & Shane being able to take a step back. The rumours of the tension between Triple H & Batista could well be heading somewhere, but we’re advised that there will be focus on that in the near future.

John Cena has indeed left Raw for the time being to film in the latest WWE film which will be shot in Europe. He will be gone for around two months, so he will back in time for SummerSlam.

Ted DiBiase Sr made an interesting and surprising appearance this past Monday night on Raw, confronting his son on his seeming attitude problem. It looks as if Ted Jr will be seen as a spoiled brat who believes in his own hype. We are being told that he and his father will be involved in a big storyline heading in to SummerSlam.

It appears that there is some confusion in the decision to have Paul London & Brian Kendrick retain the World Tag Team titles at Backlash. The original decision was to have them retain cleanly, but it was changed at the last minute to a disqualification. With the announcement that they will meet again on Raw next week, that seems to be the reason why. There have been rumours that the duo could be splitting up, and it was teased on Raw, but it should also be said that there may be plans to break up the team of John Morrison & The Miz. I guess we’ll find out on Raw what the deal is.

There is a lot left in the tank regarding the Kofi Kingston/Cody Rhodes rivalry. Kelly Kelly becoming the number one contender was designed solely to incorporate this feud and take it further. With her title match taking place next week, we can expect some kind of involvement from Cody, Kofi or both.

Rob Van Dam’s appearance at Backlash was just a decoy to disguise The Big Show’s return. There are no plans at this time for RVD to be brought back despite the improvement in his wife’s condition. There is the possibility of something being done down the line, but for now, don’t expect to see RVD on WWE television any time soon.

The WWE were quick to bring in Petey Williams & Johnny Devine after they were released by TNA, and it looks as if Sonjay Dutt may also be brought in to the company. With Low-Ki also having signed on the dotted line, and Michael Shane being the reigning Cruiserweight Champion, the Cruiserweight division could well have a look of the old X division in TNA. Some great matches were produced back in the early days of TNA, and it can only be good news if that is repeated in the WWE.

It should also be noted that there is no news on whether Christian Cage has signed a WWE contract as of yet. His TNA contract has expired, but any deal is being kept quiet, or he has no intention of returning to the ring with some film and television work possibly in the pipeline.

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