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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

ROH: Injustice II

1. Brent Albright vs Rhett Titus - *1/4
Great opener! Back and forth action from bell to...yeah. Rhettski should be a face, TBH.

2. Four Corner Survival - Necro Butcher vs Delirious vs Damian Wayne vs Sean Denny - **
Not impressed by Wayne or Denny, but I still enjoy Necro and Delirious in small doses.

3. Three Way Dance - Austin Aries vs Jay Briscoe vs Jimmy Jacobs - **3/4
This was almost all story, which I wasn't that interested in. Post-match stuff was good though.

4. Lumberjack Strap Match - The American Wolves vs Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens - ***
Could have been great. Wasn't. Just bad booking here...

5. Grizzly Redwood vs Chris Escobar - *
I heart Grizzy, sincerely. Fun beat down by Bison, who's still looking for "The Man" to this day.

6. Bryan Danielson vs Jerry Lynn - ***3/4
Good stuff, but man did Lynn run through Dragon's offense.

7. ROH World Title Match - Nigel McGuinness vs Tyler Black - ****1/4
OH. VER. BOOKED. They have officially run out of ways to do Nigel/Black. Remember the first time you saw the main from "Take No Prisoners"? It felt special. Overblown, finisher-killing matches are all McGuinness does now, and it cheapens what Tyler and he did that night. They're exciting, but I'm sick of these types of matches. I'm sick of Nigel as champ. This suffers for the same reason Nigel/Steen from Northern Navigation did. It's too much, and I am not a fan. Nigel and Steen had more innovation, but Nigel and Black worked a little harder in this. Crowd was great in this though. Once again these two bust their asses, and it's relfected in the rating, which is still probably too high.

OVERALL - 5/10
This wasn't a great show. The main was exciting, but overblown and overbooked. Dragon/Lynn was very good, but the rest of the card sucked wind. I can now say firsthand that, if this is the new ROH, I don't think I'll follow as closely. I'm still a fan (for now) but this just isn't for me. I may be picking up the Orlando show, and I'll definately get Caged Collision. But if this is a trend rather than a mistake...I can see losing interest. Which sucks. And to all those that believe that Pearce sucks ass because of the unclean finishes, and to those who think he's awesome because he can throw a card together, I'm sad to say you might both be wrong. I think, at the end of the day, he's just...ok. He's not God and he ain't the Devil...he's just a terribly average wrestling booker. Let's hope that changes soon.

Originally Posted by Jimmy Jacobs, about Wrestling Society X:
"MTV had all these strange rules. We were told we weren't allowed to hit each other with household objects, but they were really excited about using an exploding coffin. So chairs were bad, but exploding coffins were okay. One of the guys at MTV said he wanted one of the wrestlers to be dumped in a vat of acid, and somebody had to explain to him that if you put a guy in acid one week, he can't really come back the next week. Or ever."
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