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Re: Being the booker

WWE Wrestlemania 21

Opening Entrance to Wrestlemania 21
Awesome. What was in their is what Wrestlemania is all about. Wrestlemania is about mortals becoming legends, dreams being made etc. A great way to start off the PPV.

WWE United States Title
Eddie Guerrero (champion) versus Chris Benoit

A fantastic way to start Wrestlemania 21 off match wise. It started the way it should be, with both men being unsure as they know vitually everything about the other. The match progressed and reading it I thought Benoit might have won, but Guerrero retains. Brilliant match, and as I said a fantastic way to start the show off.

Hurricane Helms/Goldust Backstage Segment
A good segment with the both realising secrets could be revealed. Reminds me of one Gregory Helms did with Hulk Hogan a couple of years ago (when Hogan was Mr. America).

Women's Title
Jazz versus Victoria versus Shaniqua (champion)

A good match, which I could actually see. This was difficult to predict whilst reading as all three women were reversing each others moves and had lots of offense. I think it was best to have Shaniqua remain the Women's champion.

Mick Foley interview with Todd Grisham
Good to see the main event being a no disqualification, and the right way to allow Orton to show if he's a worthy champion.

Chris Jericho versus Kane
Another good match, which was as expected an emotional brawl rather than a technical match. I thought it was going to end with Trish turning on Jericho, but in the end Jericho got the win. Reminds me of the Jericho/Kane match at Armageddon 2000 (was a Last Man Standing match), because it was similar.

Evolution Segment
A great segment, and it's good to see Orton deciding to leave Ric Flair and Batista in the back. Also good was the tension between Orton and Hunter when Orton mention the WWE Title match between Rock and Triple H.

WWE Tag Team Titles
Americas Most Wanted (champions) versus Worlds Greatest Tag Team

A great match going back and forth. I though the Worlds Greatest Tag Team were going to win, up until about half way through when I was thinking that Harris and Storm would get the job done. Nice to see new tag team champions though, and another great match.

Rock interview with Josh Matthews
A good interview, with the Rock keeping in character and just wanting to get to the ring.

Steve Austin's arrivals
I wonder what Austin wants to say to Bret Hart.

Attemped Goldberg interview with Kevin Kelly
Nice to see Goldberg just wanting to get to the action.

Goldberg versus Kurt Angle
Fantastic match. I was sure that Goldberg was going to win, but Angle got the win the ankle lock. Still can't believe you had Goldberg tap out.

Josh Matthews/Jonathan Coachman confrontation
Loved it. Nice to see Raw taking on Smackdown with the two intervies brawling it out. Shame that we didn't find out who one of the legends was.

Christian interview with Todd Grisham
Another well executed interview, with Christian in character.

3 Stages of Hell for the Intercontinental Championship
Christian (champion) versus Edge

Great matches. I was certain that Christian was going to win, but Edge was always there waiting to take the title.

Hall Of Fame Ceremony
Shame that it wasn't typed out, but it was nice to see the inductees inducted, because they deserve it.

Mick Foley/Eugene Dinsmore Segment
Nice to see the debut of Eugene. Nice to see that you had Eugene the way he is on WWE Television.

Battle Royal
Competitors: A-Train, Billy Gunn, Booker T, Christopher Nowinski, Goldust, Honkey Tonk Man, Hurricane, Kanyon, Lance Storm, Matt Hardy, Matt Morgan, Raven, Rene Dupree, Rhyno, Ricky Steamboat, Rob Van Dam, Scott Steiner, Sting, Test and William Regal

Nice to see Steamboat and Honkey Tonk Man returning. Glad that you had the Stinger win, because I think out of them it would have to be him (or Steamboat) who won the match.

Six Pack Challenge for the Cruiserweight Title
Rey Mysterio versus Akio versus Tajiri (champion) versus Jamie Noble versus Akio versus Chavo Guerrero

Great Cruiserweight action, but it's not a good thing that Tajiri lost the title, it's a bad thing. Still great none the less.

Torrie Wilson and Stacy Kiebler segments
Great to see some bookers at the show. Just a shame that I was not there, but then again I can read.

Josh Matthews/Jonathan Coachman Segment Number 2
Nice to see another segment between these two. Glad to see that the Coach got humiliated, especially because it was at Wrestlemania.

Shawn Michaels versus the Undertaker
Fantastic, and even better was that the Phenom won. I just hope that this one carries on to the next PPV.

Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar/Mr. McMahon Segment
Nice to see Brock not taking Austin seriously, I can see Austin turning out the winner though.

WWE Heavyweight Title
Triple H (champion) versus The Rock

Awesome, and an awesome way to end the feud. Or has it ended? Probably not, and that's for the best in my opinion because it's a feud that can just keep on rolling on and on. Nice to see a NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion as well, especially as it's the Rock's first World/WWE Title win at Wrestlemania.

Special Guest Referee match
Steve Austin versus Brock Lesnar
Referee: Mr. McMahon

I never thought of that ending, and a brilliant way to end it with the Texas Rattlesnake managing to defeat the odds once more. I can see this not being the end though.

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena versus Randy Orton (champion)

The most hyped match on this card in my opinion, and it was by no means a let down. If anything, I now believe the hype. Awesome. It's nice, and yet not nice, to see John Cena as the champion. But I can see Orton wanting to prove himself at the next PPV.

Best Match: I'm going for Chris Benoit versus Eddie Guerrero, which I read two and a half hours ago.
Worst Match: Wasn't one.
Best Segment: Josh Matthews/Jonathan Coachmans appearance in the arena

I'm not surprised that your taking a break, hopefully you'll still be around to rate shows. Overall: What a PPV, I'm glad this only comes around once a year, because it's a fantastic PPV.

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