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Re: Being The Booker

SuperBrawl Feedback

Okay so as per usual your opening video package was perfection. Now itís time for the matches.

Superbrawl Match

Wow, really shocked youíre starting with this match but I guess you want to go all out. Anyway interesting that Angle and Taker did not pair off with each other but I think it is because your saving it for Mania where as Orton and HBK paired together because HBK has got Foley at Mania. Anyway geez the first elimination came very early and I have to say I was extremely shocked/disappointed to see Lesnar getting eliminated this early. I just didnít expect it. At least he had to get double teamed and then Angle had to help to so it took three people to eliminate him therefore he still looks a bit strong but geez Wolf Lesnar had really been on a roll as of late and you just tossed him to the side.

You really are flying through this match Wolf but then again with the Ironman match I guess it can not go for to long. When you said Angle was getting double teamed I was so worried that he was going to get eliminated (worried because now Lesnar is gone I want him or Orton to get the win) its good how you entwined the brawl of Orton and Michaels into the rest of the match I just found it clever. I think Kane should have been eliminated first I mean seriously Kane who has done nothing ever since I began reading this thread made it further then Lesnar who is like the most exciting character in this thread since I have been reading. Hopefully there is a storyline behind it and you didnít just do it for shock value.

So now we are left with the final four and they are all part of rivalries being Orton/HBK and Taker/Angle. I would have liked a Raw vs Smackdown situation just for something different to cause a bit of excitement during the match up but you didnít go that way about it. Orton seemed to dominate HBK for a while here so I can perhaps see Orton getting eliminated soon just because he wonít dominate forever. Undertaker was another one who got eliminated extremely unexpected just because he seemed so in control and I didnít even know he was near the table but Angle pounced and gets one up on Undertaker again.

I knew this was going to happen this elimination or this sequence of the match was probably the only part of the match that I found predictable as I called it a bit before it took place. HBK eliminated Orton because he was Ortonís bitch for long enough in this match up and as much as I want Angle to win I think I know HBK will now so that he can have Foley at Wrestlemania.

Wow I was wrong again. LOL. This match was brilliant for so many reasons Wolf I mean it was so unpredictable there was only one elimination that I guessed right and a sign of a good BTB is one that is unpredictable. Overall an awesome match up and an unexpected yet well executed winner.

Kurt Angleís promo afterwards was something I liked he was in character and he showed his intensity well. Characterization was perfect and that fact that him and Taker is now made for Mania has me very excited even though everyone already knew it was going to take place. The only thing about this promo perhaps you used FREAKIN a little to much. I donít know at first it sounded good but towards the end it seemed to stuff up the flow of the promo a little bit.

IC Title Match
Kennedy domination from the outset in this match was a must because you are trying to put over his new aggressive style but for this to work he has to really show it in the first few matches he competes in with it and you did that by mentioning that he had the advantage from the start. Mysterio fits in well with aggressive Kennedy because that way Kennedy can dominate but Mysterio can chime in every now and then with a fast paced move or two just to let us know he is still in the match. I donít know if you matched these two up perfectly for Kennedyís personality change but it sure as hell works as far as Iím concerned. The ending to this match seemed to fit in with exactly what I explained just above this sentence so once again I could be wrong but I feel good as It seems that I have hacked in to your chain of thought. Kennedy for champ soon though, k?

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Well this match was one of those matches that just told a simple story. That story is of the two partners (Batista and Lashley) who donít really get along. I think you did it well having both men stuff up during parts of the match because they were to busy arguing with Albright. The one thing however that I did not like during the ending was what you had happen when Lashley got the brass knucks I doubt he would just give them to the referee. Lashley is meant to be a bad ass and I would expect him to take out the opponents with the knucks. Thatís probably the only fault about this match though the rest was done well and it is only a matter of time before Batista and Lashley come to blows. I canít wait.

Triple H sounds awfully confident and well I would say Triple H is probably going to win but due to someone telling everybody in the disc thread who won the title match I really canít talk about the anticipation and the curiosity .

I Quit Match

This I Quit match was awesome. I really donít have much to say after reading it but the aggression from Christian was absolutely amazing. It reminded me of John Cena against Jesus back in the day. Anyway as I was saying I think this match just did everything perfect and I loved the little touch of after the match Christian nailing the con chair to anyway. Seriously sorry for the lack of comments on this one but Iím just going to end up summarizing because I think you did it perfectly as this was the perfect way to get Christian some momentum for Mania.

Eric Bischoff announces Orton and HBK in a steel cage and that is a match up of epic proportions.

WWE Championship Match

The match up was a match up of EPIC proportions between two faces and you started with the whole both guys matching each others ability thing and I always love when this happens between two faces. When the round applause and that was done and Jericho nailed the knee in the gut I was worried it was going to turn into a normal match however my worries quickly vanished when Jericho nailed the springboard drop kick and from here the match in my opinion was just gold. Jericho missing the Lionsault was to expected and it would have flowed nicely the way RVD would have quickly got up and nailed the Split Legged Moonsault. I know its just one move sequence but I thought about it in my head and I think it would have OWNED. The Jericho counter into the Walls of Jericho was another sick counter and with these two guys you are able to do stuff like thatÖ BREAKDOWN geez I have not seen that move in a long time The ending was brilliant here with all the big move coming in building the excitement before Edge has to ruin everything. Was a disappointing end to the match and I think I would love to see a triple threat match come out of this for Mania.

Edge is in trouble Double A is going to fuck him up.

World Championship/// Iron Man Match

Your love for Cena shines through as you have him outwrestle Triple H in the beginning. Also just like to add I like how you are mentioning that they are going slow obviously trying to take time off of the clock. The slap was the turning point to be honest. Once Triple H slapped Cena he had him where he wanted him because even though Cena held in his temper it took him off his game momentarily and led him to go for the FU to quickly and get countered. Triple H had the advantage and then out of nowehere comes the STFU and this is probably the only thing I like about Cena as I love finishers that come out of nowhere. Was the perfect moment if you ask me and now Triple H has got some work to do.

Cena takes the early lead and releases the submission, as Triple H rolls away to the corner. He looks up towards Cena, and smiles, pointing to his wrist as if time is on his side, then points to his head, as if to say he did the smart thing. Cena though responds to that, simply holding up one finger. EPICNESS personified Wolf this was wonderful. He almost locked it in again and that would have surely been embarrassing to the superior wrestler ĎThe Gameí. Triple H from here on in once he got the advantage back in the ring was beautiful LOL no I am not gay but he was an animal seriously he did everything perfectly to be honest. Cena getting pinned by a DDT was a bit of a shock I mean he is supposed to be all high and mighty and what not but then he fails to a DDT. I donít care how sick it was this to me made Cena seem a bit weak and this whole program was built on Cena defying the odds and never giving up. Just didnít seem right.

And straight after Triple H gets another fall due to a Piledriver. Geez it must have been a fair DDTÖ Cena rarely gets pinned twice in 90 days let alone 90 seconds.

OH MY GOD!!! I was so shocked to see Triple H go 3 to 1 up as I know the result so geez the last few minutes must be absolutely frantic. Anyway the Triple H domination has got to end here as with the usual Triple H offense I am sure this period of 10 minutes of dominance would have got pretty boring. End now plz.

Oh kay so Cena finally found a way to at least level it up a bit not in score board terms but in terms of the actual momentum and then out of nowhere he dopes Triple H with a School Boy and that would tick HHH off if I am correct. Yet he still has the lead so he should be alright.

Triple H went up to the top rope and made a stupid mistake and paid for it. 3-3 due to the Leg Drop. Címon Trips ;p

Iím sorry Wolf but a DDT and a Piledriver take care of Cena but Triple Hís famous Spinebuster does not get the job done. LOL that doesnít sit right with me at all. Cena then pulls out another pinfall and geez they are coming quick and fast here towards the end. I personally prefer the matches where not many pinfalls take place bu oh well.

This eight fall was great the way Triple H pulled the Pedigree out of nowehere giving Cena a taste of his own medicine. Was a great way to level and if I didnít know the result already I would think a draw was coming.

STFU!!!! The ending was phenomenal and all in all this was a great way to end.

Overall Wolf a great PPV. There was barely anything that I didnít like but what I didnít like I let you know lol. As for the last match review it may seem lazy but I am trying to not summarize PPVís anymore so yeah. Great work Mania is going to be hot.

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