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Re: Being The Booker

Let me crack open a review for SuperBrawl since for some reason I appear to be getting back into the thick of things here, unexpectedly since I thought I was going to be swamped with work and stuff. Anyway ...

Fine opening video. Intertwining the whole football/wrestling thing was done well and it seemed like an enjoyable read. Liked the amount of puns used to, and if the show is as good as the opening video then we're in for a treat. Oh, and I 'd at "Clip from Superbowl XXV and Scott Norwoods missed field goal." I always see that play in my memory (I'm not a Bills fan tho, lol).

SuperBrawl match kicks off the show which I actually believed it would. Didn't post predictions though so take my word for it. Lesnar getting eliminated first was a bit of a shocker, but he was probably going to be in a major Raw main event match, most likely with the loser of the Ironman Match tonight anyway so him being out of this equation isn't a damper. The animosity with HBK and Orton still seems to be filtrating and HBK goes for SCM~ .... and hits KANE! Gotta love HBK just pinning him anyway, and now The Big Red Machine is out of the fray. With it being down to four now both of these feuds can now pair off and Angle eliminating Taker now will probably set the stage for Angle/Taker at WrestleMania which should be awesome. Anywho, back to the match. HBK eliminating Orton via SCM will probably put this feud to rest as HBK's thing with Foley doesn't look to be ending any time soon and now this can finish awesomely with HBK and Angle in the ring. Great finish with Angle popping up and slapping on the Ankle Lock, as Angle wins!! And to no one's surprise Angle/Taker is CONFIRMED. Bring the best for that, though I'm sure you will anyway.

Onto a match that I believe we may see a title change, in Rey/Kennedy. Also, I'd really like to see a Kennedy/Rey match end with Rey going for a seated senton, with Kennedy dropping him down with the Mic Check. Probably won't happen here but I can get my hopes up right? Anyway, looked to be a good match with a ton of near falls it seemed. Rey winning was a bit of a SURPRISE imo as KK was looking to be on fire heading into it, but I guess it just was not his night.

Edge appearance at The Friendly Tap ... hmm. What could this mean?

Tag Team Championship match ending was not much of a surprise as Batista and B'Lash definitely were not going to take the titles off of AMW. Albright's attack means we'll probably see Albright/Lashley at WrestleMania, and I'm also wondering just where Batista is going? Hopefully some clarification is given, unless I missed something ... which might be possible.

Trips doing it alone can only mean one thing ... and I'm not going to say it because I'm not positive yet that it will happen.

Looked to be a down right brutal I Quit Match between Christian and Tomko. Christian winning was about as obvious as obvious can get so no harm done here. Looking strong heading into WM and what should be the point where he gets to start his second title reign. But then again, being the RR winner doesn't guarantee success...

Steel Cage on Raw between Orton and HBK sounds EPIC. Foley appearance plz. Already adds to the wedding with HHH and Steph, which well, could be carnage if HHH doesn't win tonight.

Uh oh, no Edge means ... well, he'll make an appearance in the title match of course!

And as I thought, he does just that. Good match between RVD and Jericho, not too surprising however. And being that it's a no contest it seems to be setting the stage for a possible Triple Threat Match at Mania, which could OWN in fact since RVD, Jericho, and Edge are all great. But I could be wrong, just how I see it.

"See you Friday" from Arn, means something big is gonna happen. Oh Edge, you and your unawareness...

Alright, down to business here with what will be an amazing match. Freakin' awesome I say. Most of the falls looked to be well done and all made sense. Though I was surprised with the amount falls that there were. Personally believed there'd be about 5-6, and not 9. But YES!! As I was thinking throughout, CENA wins. Face versus face at WrestleMania is definitely a good route to go on and definitely was the kind of shock that would turn some heads. Wedding on RAW is going to be epic and filled with carnage about, as they always seem to do. Got me waiting for it, that's all I'll say.

Good shit as per Wolfy. Road to 'Mania should be great.

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