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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for the reviews gentlemen, as always, thumbs up for the feedback.

(Nice to see you making an appearance to Naitch. Stick around please )

Anyway, results of the prediction contest is as follows;
(All scored out of a possible 21)

cage17 - 3 (didnt bother to predict the match order)
wrestlefreak - 4
Bradley - 5
TAFKA Szumi - 6
Renegade - 6
Patman - 6
CLV (Via PM) - 6
TKO - 8
KOP - 9
rhysus2006 - 11

rhysus2006 has been rewarded with his 100,000 for winning the contest. Better luck next time chumps.

Also, tonight, I'm going to revamp the opening page of the thread, and have it include an updated profiles page, and current title histories, look out for that.

Either tomorrow or Monday I'll go through my thought process for a number of decisions, but Natich pretty much hit the nail on the head as to why Cena beat Triple H. There's more to it, but I'll get to that when I can be bothered typing up my explanations.

I'll also be posting news/notes and a Raw preview in that same post, and I'll be looking to post the 3 hour Raw sometime midweek. This is also the last week of Smackdown being recapped until WM. After this one, they're in full for the final run in. After SNME, I'll be reverting to posting one show a week (being that they're all in full) as I think it'd be a bit much to ask for people to read both shows in the space of a week every week.

Right now, I'm looking to post WrestleMania in late May / early June. Four matches completed so far (out of ten -spoiler?- so six to go) but I'll have a definite date in a few weeks time. I'm not sure what day would best suit to post it though. Would a Sunday be best, as PPV's are Sundays; or would a different day of the week suit better, like a Friday?

That's me out for now, but again, thoughts/news/notes/Raw preview in the next 24-48 hours. And hopefully I'll have the opening post edited later too.
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