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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

Interesting choice for opening promo, thought that The McMahon's would open the show tonight but I guess not. Nice little rant from Orton but we were just waiting for Kennedy to come out, and here he is. Although I can't stand a face Mr Kennedy he was great here winding Orton up. Orton stood up for himself well untill Bischoff came out and I liked how you mentioned how Kennedy has nothing to show for his career despite his massive potential early on. This was a good promo between them to get this feud going. This 'Quest to Be Champion' sounds pretty good, surprised at the timing though with the KOTR but I guess it fits into the PPV theme. Wow, didn't expect them to face each other tonight, its a huge match but you are probably giving away a future PPV match. I think the match will lead to the loser costing the other in the future.

Good win for Jimmy Wang Yang, is he getting a push now after his impressive performance against DiBiase? Doesn't do much good for Santino, but with his gimmick losses don't hurt him that much. The Natalya thing was okay I guess, not really that keen on a feud between the two as well as the title situation though.

This is a very interesting situation, once again this whole thing was fantastic. Cody was his controlling self again and basically turned Kelly's interview into his own, and I loved how you didn't allow Kelly Kelly to honestly talk about the situation. Leticia was good in this too, the interviewer's should have some character. I'm not a fan of Kelly from a wrestling point of view, but I actually think her winning the title would be a great twist, but like Victoria I can't see it. Cody to cost Kelly Kelly somehow next week me thinks.

BTW I know its not a written promo but the Kofi thing is good from a realism point of view, wrestling shows do tend to fill shows with those sorts of things.

Champion vs Champion sounds good, can only see Kofi losing though but I liked what you were doing with Cody, this would gain him a lot of heat. I want to know what you have planned for Regal and Bischoff though, I don't think they'll stay like this forever.

Well DiBiase losing was a surprise, even if it was by DQ. It looks like the squashes are over now. This is no doubt going somewhere, hopefully his first proper fued so I guess this was a good decision. Not much else to say about it tbh, apart from I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Good promo again from Cody, he is playing his heel role really well with this storyline and i can really imagine his smug grin in this promo. Loved the line about Kofi making a name for himself too.

LOL at Ted DiBiase Snr hanging out around the shower room. Its a good job it was his son walking in there. This was a little odd because of the location, what they were wearing and the random appearance from his Dad, but it worked in the end to show DiBiase Jr's arrogance. I can't help but think this angle about his arrogance and complacency has come too early though, I don't know why, but it just seems a bit of an odd angle for a new heel star who is supposed to be like that. I guess it's different though, and his father getting involved adds a lot to it.

Good match this, I expected London and Kendrick to put on an impressive showing after their win last night though, but I guess not. Nice ending to show their troubles, don't know if the focus was about them being unlucky or the possibility of a split though. The aftermath was good though with M+M cocky as ever. The title match should be good, but surely the Colons deserve a title match now as well? Maybe they'll get involved next week.

Haha funny little segment this, Cryme Tyme are funny with this sort of thing. It looks like their problems are continuing with them. You would think they would fight them and take their clothes back instead of just standing there though.

I've started watching Raw regularly IRL again and I'm starting to like Rey Mysterio again, so it should be good to see him back.

Good promo from the McMahon's and I love the Big Show in this role. The promo was good to put over Show and The McMahon's and by having no interruption it allowed them to look really strong tonight. There is a lot left in this and I'm looking forward to what happens in the coming weeks.

Big Show vs HHH next week? Huge match, looking forward to it.

Well at least Kofi put up a good fight, ten minutes with the world champ makes him look good. It doesn't hurt Kofi too much with Kane being the champ and it will leave Kofi angry with Cody, so it was a decent result really.

The Dykstra interview was very good, typical heel really complaining and accusing Cena of being a coward. I get the feeling you don't like Cena though or have nothing for him despite the result, sending him away to shoot a movie shows that and it makes me think that maybe Dykstra could've won instead. I like the idea of a Dykstra-Rey feud, again I think he'll come out of that looking good.

The main event was great, both looked impressive in this match and the win was huge for Kennedy. The ending was done really well as I love that spot with the chair and the ropes, and it allowed Kennedy to get the win with Orton not losing too much credibility. I'm sure Orton will be complaining next week but Kennedy will have somthing to gloat about, this feud should be very good.

Good show again mate, keep it up.

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