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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Liked the HBK promo, didn't overkill it with him crapping on like others would've done, felt like perfect length, and he was very well characterised. Good start to the show here Para, well done

@ I'm An Irish Wanker. I told you that was gold, well played for keeping it there. Nice match to start the action off tonight and I like the way you're taking the Jericho/Orton feud here, Orton made it extremely personal and owned him. As said, I'm not a fan of that PUNT KICK!~ so don't overkill it plz, and I'll be happy. The seeds are being planted for some epicness in this feud

Regal/Heyman promo was alright, Heyman at his cosy best and Regal seemed fine too. Bulldog Jr, not a big fan, but maybe you'll make me one, this British Empire thing could be good if handled properly

AMW > Les Jobbers. Obviously. Next plz

More Orton/Jericho hype here with Orton's harsh words, perhaps could've been saved for next week but still, not like it was bad you put it on this one. I can see Jericho coming back and owning Orton for tonight's attack

I told you earlier, Kennedy's little speech was gold. Him going over Jeff = double gold. Matt vs Ken will be good, and while I can't see him winning here, it's a good platform to continue Kennedy's build tbh

Ouch, Regal slapping Bookah Tee. No marks, Booker > the pom. Ohwellz, a decent programme for both to work off in the coming weeks

London beating Nunzio, no surprise imo. Definitely see The FBI falling down the pecking order now, because let's face it, the fact I had to work with them as champs 2/3 years ago, pissed me off. Thankfully it's changed since

Nunzino . Gotta love Santino for the comedy, if nothing else, at all

Goldberg promo rofl. Decent, in character and short. Trademark Berg tbh

Big Show owns Santi, no problem with that

For someone who isn't too high on writing JBL, you did a fucking good job here. One of the best ones of the night no doubt, extremely on song with JBL's character and all. Very good stuff with this one

Solid main event, never gonna be that pretty with JBL in it, but still seemed like an above average match, good considering it's a TV main event. GOLDBERG! Ownage there, marks for that, and then HBK post match drilling Goldy? Oh shit tbh. Big move there from the new man, and surely The Berg ain't gonna like that

Overall, pretty solid start here Para. I have a feeling in a few weeks, things will be even better


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