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Re: Hannah Hardy Plagiarized Her Way To Popularity - by M.W. (credit to Wes_FR as wel

Originally Posted by Don.Corleone View Post
lmao @ anyone thinking Hitler was smart.
Well then laugh your ass off at me then, because he was a charismatic, motivated man who totally changed the tides for Germany, reversing any traditional ideas they had in that post WW1/Mass depression stage and revolutionising Germany into what was essentially a mass producing, facist empire. Hitler did for Germany what the scientists did for Britain in the Industrial Revolution, basically. And yes, Hitler was a complete and utter nutcase, but damn he was smart. He could play the people, and as his popularity grew, so did his power, so that by the end he had so many safeguards in place they could not oust him if they tried. Mugabe's using a similar tactic in Zimbabwe at the present.

Originally Posted by Hannah Hardy View Post
Hey Jimmy.
Good Morning Hannah

Nice to see you owning it up in the rants again

Originally Posted by UnDeFeatedKing View Post
You never owned Canada, I'm Canadian/East India so I would probably have learned us, when you the whole independence war began for you guys with Britain, you tried getting us to help you and get our own indepenence but we said we're staying with Britain, at the time France wanted to get New France(Quebec) back and so they decided to help you, they thought you would help them back by helping them get Quebec. After the war finished and USA got their independence they just stopped caring about us, so all in all Britain kept us, USA got their independence and France wasted money by helping Americans, which got them nothing in return.

GTA San Adreas= Best game since SmashBros.
Canada is part of the Commonwealth, along with countries like Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Jamaica. We share Britains monarch as a figurehead, although we remain seperate and self governed countries.

GTA SA fucking ownt tbfh. I really should play that again

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