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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

SmackDown! Feedback

@ you complaining about work. Excuses, imo.

Michaels promo was rather nice to start off with. The character was pretty much there, and I liked the spelling of his dialogue. Pretty much how HBK rolls with getting the crowd involved. If you go for HBK vs Angle @ WrestleMania, I'll be a happy camper. Fit Orton in there somewhere too though.

<3 you for Orton's absolute domination, tbh. I remember when Orton and Jericho botched th exact same RKO in 03. Didn't happen this time, eh? Orton basically pwnt, despite the shortcomings of the Irishman, and that guarantees you my interest. I don't mind the punt being used since this feud seems heated between Jericho and Orton, though plz don't make a habit out of it. I hate when Orton punts someone just because the writer thought it was a cool move. Use it sparingly.

You made Harry SMith seem like an absolutely massive deal, which is really good work. He already looks awesome before debuting. Also loved the shitting on that jobber Cole. for that fo' sho'.

No love for your Dupree bagging. While Grenier was shit, Dupree improved every time he wrestled, tbh. Nice little match to blow off the mini-feud Reney looked to have going on, since La Resistance really aren't in the class of AMW. Hate you for having Dupree pinned though.

Orton's intensity here is beautiful. Really made him look like a vicious son of a bitch, which is greatness. Make Cole stfu though, pl0x.

Fuck there were a lot of stretched out words in Kennedy's promo. Honestly, made it quite hard to read. Liked his arrogance, though I didn't like the shot at Jeff. Not only is Jeff awesome (), but they didn't really admit to Jeff's drug problems in the 'E just yet. Not sure if a lot of the fans would know what Kennedy was talking about.

Kennedy beating Jeff disappoints me. It was always obvious it'd happen, but still, y'know? I like how you tried to build the Mic Check up as something that can be hit suddenly, but whenb you execute it like Kennedy does by leaning them right back, I don't think it's that quick. The Twist of Fate is probably quicker. >_>

Regal sounded ... erm, English. >_> Nice little promo I guess, though I don't see why Booker would try to help Regal. Based on how this ends, I'm guessing Booker's a face. He shouldn't really try to help a heel out then. I guess this'll be leading to these two (and possibly Burchill should you bring him in) against Booker and friends.

for you giving the cruierweights good time. Seems you still have a softspot for the smaller guys. London > Nunzio, so this one should have been a no-brainer (kinda like you <3).

Marella's segment was just meh.

As for Goldberg, didn't really like this. Seemed like you almost tried to make him too intense towards Shawn Michaels. Iunno, I didn't like it personally.

So, showing your fixation with Show's nipples here? Um, squash. pwnt2santokyo.

JBL promo was gold. He sounded sensation, in character and awesome. This is JBL at his best.

JBL vs Angle can't be expected to be anything special, so nice to see you were honest. Angle looks good with the ending which is about right. I didn't mind the Goldberg run-in, though HBK's seemed a bit off. Why would he walk in slowly, heelishly? He had played the major face earlier in the night by playing to the crowd. Him coming out heelishly just later that night doesn't seem to click to me. He did the face thing in the end, but it still doesn't seem right.

Pretty good start, Para. The promos were damn solid, and there was some aiight developemtn in feuds. Just keep going with this. Fuck work, tbh.

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