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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Smackdown Feedback:

- Great promo by HBK to open the show. From the get-go, the character has a purpose. The characterisation was nicely done as well. Good start to the show.

- First of all, @ 'I'M AN IRISH WANKER AND I LOVE TO FIGHT'. A very good opener, with lots of fast-paced action (as there should be in a tag team match). I think you made Orton look very strong at the expense of everyone else looking weak here. Obviously Jericho getting kicked in the head was something you had planned, but by the end Finlay was doing nothing, and Rey got absolutely dominated by Orton, not even getting any offence in. Perhaps Finlay could've knocked Rey out of the ring or something? That wouldn't have the faces look so weak.

Oh BTW, 'Well that’s great Michael, you’re a commentator and you’ve got nothing to say. Fuckhead. I hope Big Show falls on you.' = Line of the night.

- Again, good promo from Regal and Heyman. A nice way to debut Harry Smith. It's always good to introduce someone with an ally to get a head start in the game. I LOVE~! the idea of a British Empire! We can take The Land Down Under back too.

- The Tag Title match was decent, but not as good as the opener obviously. Nothing much to say here, other than I hope the Frenchies get the f' out soon.

- I didn't feel the backstage segment with Orton and Jericho was necessary since Jericho has already been owned by Orton tonight, but I guess you want Orton to look as strong as possible for Jericho's return.

- Kennedy's promo was NICE! Very good characterisation, completely over the top, as Kennedy should be. Not much to say here. This is a good show; trust me - ask others; they'll tell you how much of a nitpicker I am.

- Kennedy going over was obvious enough, and rightfully so. I liked how Kennedy simply clicked his fingers at Matt after the match, showing where the power lies. It'll be good to see Kennedy vs. Matt for the US Championship next week.

- A decent segment with Booker and Regal/Smith, but why the hell would Booker care about Smith making an impact? It didn't make much sense. @ Regal slapping Booker. I'm glad to see a Regal who can stand up for himself and not be everyone's bitch. I guess you're going to use Booker as the first "stepping stone" for Harry Smith. Wolfy will be proud.

- I can't really comment on the Cruiserweight Title match since it was so short, but nonetheless 'twas expected that London would retain the title.

- LOL, nice segment with Santino and "Nunzino". I think Santino is about to get squashed.

- Urgh, Goldberg. I didn't like the "ya dumb son of a bitch" line. That sounded more like Austin than Goldberg. This was probably the worst part of the show. Goldberg to be jobbed out plz.

- I knew this sort of thing would happen. No need to comment on a squash.

- I'm not sure this JBL interview should've come so soon after the Goldberg one. Nonetheless, I liked this interview and again, the characterisation was there. I really can't find much to criticise in this show.

- Thank God JBL didn't submit to the Ankle Lock. It would've made him a little weak to be dominating then suddenly tap out. Anyway, a decent match. I think the most important thing here was the aftermath. With Goldberg, JBL and Shawn Michaels will vying for a title shot, I assume we'll either see a Triple Threat next week, or a Fatal 4-Way for the title soon enough.

Overall Para, a decent "debut" show. There wasn't anything particularly bad in the show and I didn't find that much to criticise, but it wasn't a great show. I think it'll be a few more shows before your real skills start to show, as is expected when joining a BTB thread. Most promos were good with the characterisation there, but the matches seemed a little boring. The opener and the main event were OK, but everything else seemed like filler. Anyway, I'll be back soon to check out the next show.
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