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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Fuck you all tbh. You lot try working for some 8 weeks straight without a day off, including working from 6am till 8pm, and then find STILL find time for this BTB garbage. Haven't had time to proof read either, apologies for any grammar issues.


WWE SmackDown
AT&T Centre; San Antonio, Texas

SmackDown’s theme “Rise Up” and the opening video plays, showcasing superstars such as Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Booker T, AMW, Rey Mysterio and finally Kurt Angle, holding up his World Heavyweight Championship.


The camera pans around the AT&T Centre, showing a capacity crowd all on their feet, as the infuriating voice of Michael Cole then begins to shrill over the microphone.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, WELCOME to another edition of Thursday Night SmackDown! I’m Michael Cole and joining me at ringside, Tazz, and partner, we’ve got a big show on the cards tonight!

Tazz: Damn skippy, Cole! In our Main Event, the World Heavyweight Champion and only Olympic Gold Medalist in Professional Wrestling History, Kurt Angle goes one on one with the longest reigning Champion on SmackDown history, the self-proclaimed Wrestling God, John “Bradshaw” Layfield!

The camera focuses on the commentary duo at ringside.

Michael Cole: That is a huge opportunity for JBL to thrust himself right back into title contention! Also, our Tag Team Champions, America’s Most Wanted defend their titles against SmackDown’s newest Tag Team; La Resistance!

Tazz: AMW are on a roll, baby, La Resistance might have their backs up against the wall in that one and of course tonight, the outspoken loudmouth, Mr Kennedy will be in action, following his recent chain of victories over the United States Champion, Matt Hardy.

***SEXY BOY***

The AT&T arena explodes as the music of their hometown hero; Shawn Michaels erupts throughout the complex. After a few seconds, the man himself swaggers out on to the stage wearing jeans and a cowboy hat causing the fans ovation to grow even louder. Shawn pulls out all the straps for this entrance, getting down on his knees, saying a prayer before setting off his elaborate pyrotechnic display before bouncing straight up to his feet again and energetically making his way down the aisle, soaking up the ovation, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. HBK finally gets down to ringside and slides into the ring under the bottom ripe and kips up to his feet straight away and continues to play up the fans, prolonging the already enormous ovation!

Michael Cole: Words can’t quite describe the enormity of this reaction from the fans here in San Antonio! This is absolutely phenomenal!

Tazz: This is crazy, Cole! Shawn Michaels' debut has already been a memorable one, man!

Michaels finally retrieves a microphone from Tony Chimel and begins pacing in the ring, waiting for the crowd to die down. After a few more seconds, Shawn pulls the microphone to his mouth, with the elate fans finally ready to let him speak...

Shawn Michaels: ...

Just as Michaels was aboutto finally say something, he is cut off by a growing chant of “HBK... HBK... HBK... HBK... HBK”, with a huge grin on his faces, Shawn nonchalantly munches away on his grin, soaking up the ovation from his adoring fans. After a few more moments, the chants finally begin to die down as Michaels brings the microphone to his mouth again, looking to speak.

Shawn Michaels: Who woulda thought it? Good ol’ ‘aitch ‘bee ‘kay back home in San Antonio and on Thursday Night SmackDown!

The fans erupt for Michaels cheap plug.

Shawn Michaels: I never thought I’d see the day where Shawn Michaels didn’t call Monday Night Raw home...

Michaels pauses.


The fans pop again for Shawn’s enthusiasm.

Shawn Michaels: Make no mistake about it, I’m happy to be here but I wanna make it clear to every Superstar in the back that Shawn Michaels is here to make an impact. I did my time, I paid my dues to this business years ago. Ladder Matches... Iron Man Matches... Cage Matches... Hardcore Matches... HELL... in a Cell Matches...

Shawn smirks a little while continuing to chew away at his gum.

Shawn Michaels: I’ been in ‘em all! And I’ve come out fightin’, standing tall... on top o’ the World, like only The Heart Break Kid can!

Another big pop.

Shawn Michaels: Thursday Night SmackDown, get ready! The Show Stoppah is here ta’ steal tha’ show! I’m takin’ over! HBK doesn’t play secon’ fiddle to no body, not even...

Michaels pauses again, grinning smugly into the camera, before continuing...

Shawn Michaels: Kurt Angle.

The fans let out an “OOOOOOOOOO” as Michaels just grins again.

Shawn Michaels: Make no mistakes, now Imma’ here on SmackDown I’m gonna take it as just another opportunity to prove that Shawn Michaels is tha’ most decorated superstar in WWE history!

The fans pop big for Michaels again as he suddenly starts speaking again, becoming more serious in his dialogue.

Shawn Michaels: Kurt, let it be known, I ain’t suggestin’ that I be thrust straight to the top of the list and get a title shot straight away, but I WILL NOT rest ‘till I earn a shot at your World... Heavyweight... Championship!

The fans explode again.

Shawn Michaels: Kurt Angle... Get ready...

Michaels pauses once more.

Shawn Michaels: Good ol’ ‘aitch ‘bee ‘kay’s on SmackDown... an’ I’m comin’ for ‘ya!

***SEXY BOY*** hits again as Shawn drops the microphone and smiles again before climbing through the middle rope and exiting the ring.

Michael Cole: Strong words from Shawn Michaels, sending a stern warning to Kurt Angle and the entire SmackDown roster!

Tazz: He’s here to steal the show, Cole!


We return to Thursday Night SmackDown to be greeted by...


The AT&T centre explodes for a second time as the music of Chris Jericho hits and the ever popular Y2J makes his way out to the ring for his match tonight in trademark Jericho fashion, with his back to the fans and his arms spread out wide as the horrid voice of Michael Cole cuts in.

Michael Cole: This is certainly a huge match to kick off the show, Tazz. This is a chance for Chris Jericho to get some redemption on Randy Orton following some choice wordsd from The Legend Killer last week...

Originally Posted by Last Week on SmackDown!
Orton then tells Jericho he was useless and had Orton been Team Captain, Jericho would have never made his team. Y2J takes exception to this and warns Orton to stop being an ass clown. Orton brags about the calibre of the superstars he eliminated in Shawn Michaels, Christian & Steve Austin while he points out Jericho didn't eliminate anyone! Orton tells Jericho since he began to care about the fans again, he's lost his ruthlessness. Since he cared about what the "Jerichoholics" felt, he's gone soft. Orton tells Jericho the fans can only get you so far, they will never be what you need to get to the top. Jericho seems to be thinking Orton's words over. Randy warns Jericho that the fans can never get him back to the title, that they won't win anything for him. Jericho continues to be silent and think Orton's words over as the crowd shits on Orton for this tirade against them. Orton tells Jericho he's in the zone and he's going to the top without the fans, and he wants to know is Jericho going to join him. Y2J says he could do that which Orton smiles and nods to, or he could do this...AND TAKES ORTON DOWN AND SLAPS THE WALLS OF JERICHO ON HIM! The crowd erupts as Jericho locks on his patented submission hold and Orton begins to tap the mat, tapping the mat in pain. Y2J finally lets go of the hold as Orton writhes around the mat in pain and Jericho pounds on his chest and pumps the fans up as we go to a commercial break

Tazz: Y2J was clearly not a fan of what Orton had to say last week, but can he prove to him tonight that he is wrong with a victory?

Jericho continues to play up the fans in the ring from the top turnbuckle as...

***BOOYAKA BOOYAKA ... 619***

The fans lift out of their seats again as the diminutive Rey Mysterio pops up from underneath the stage as pyro explodes everywhere. The Master of the 619 enthusiastically makes his way down to the aisle, slapping hands with the fans at ringside before picking out a kid and giving him the chair from around his neck before climbing up the stairs, into the ring and heads straight towards the opposite turnbuckle, slapping hands with his partner and old friend, Chris Jericho along the way.

Michael Cole: The WWE’s Biggest, Little Man, Rey Mysterio has had his issues with Finlay over the past few weeks and he gets another chance tonight to get one up on him after a strong victory last week.


The fans show that they (like me) really don’t give a fuck about Fit Finlay as he doesn’t generate a great deal of heat at all whilst swaggering arrogantly down to the ring with a furious looking scowl on his face and Shillelagh in hand. Once arriving down at ringside, Finlay looks to climb into the ring but after climbing up with one knee up on the apron, he thinks better of it and waits for his partner to come and join him.

Michael Cole: This is a prime opportunity Tazz, for Finlay to get some revenge on Rey Mysterio following his loss last week.

Tazz: Don’t forget though Cole, two weeks ago at Survivor Series, it was that man Finlay who took out Rey Mysterio with a shot from his trusty Shillelagh.


The fans now erupt into massive heat as the hated and sadistic Randy Orton slithers out to the ring with a glare in his eyes, staring straight at Chris Jericho with a sly smirk on his face. Wasting no time, not posing destiny, Orton heads straight to the ring, with his eyes locked on Jericho the whole way. He gets down to ringside and nods at the veteran, Finlay and the duo head into the ring, seemingly ready to start the match.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton made a massive statement last week in that Chris Jericho hasn’t been the same man since he started appreciating the fans again, he has a huge chance to back up his words here tonight!

Match 1
Tag Team Match
Chris Jericho & Rey Mysterio v Randy Orton & Finlay
In an entertaining opener, these four superstars put on a solid match with the heels dominating for the most part thanks to some under handed tactics from Randy Orton and Finlay. Orton currently has Jericho sat up in a corner and he quickly Irish Whips him across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckle. The Legend Killer charges towards Y2J but Jericho manages to thwart any offence as he gets a boot up in the face of his adversary, sending him stumbling backwards three or four steps before he bounces off the ropes and plants Orton face first with a Running Bulldog! Jericho wastes no time in rolling Orton over as he looks for the cover but he only manages a 2 count! Jericho is straight up though, and runs towards the ropes before flying off the middle and nailing the Lionsault! Once again he goes for the cover and again, a 2 count! Looking a little frustrated this time, Jericho then goes to hook The Walls of Jericho! Orton battles hard, but it’s no good as Y2J gets The Walls locked in! The fans pop huge just as Orton looks ready to tap out... but just when he looks set to, FINLAY CHARGES THE RING WITH THE SHILLELAGH! The fans dump enormous heat on Finlay as Jericho notices him coming and acts promptly, releasing the hold on Orton and quickly ducking underneath a wayward swing of the Irishman’s faithful weapon! Jericho wastes no time in taking down Finlay with a swift Double Leg Take Down before slapping on The Walls of Jericho again, to another huge pop! Finlay taps like a bitch, but it’s no good as he’s not the legal man and Jericho just seems intent on making him suffer.

Unbeknownst to Y2J, the legal man, Randy Orton is slowly getting to his feet with the assistance of the ropes behind his back! A sickly grin emerges across the face of Randy Orton as he seems ready to swarm Jericho from behind... BUT REY MYSTERIO CHARGES THE RING TO A HUGE POP! It’s short lived though, as Orton uses Rey’s momentum and hurls him over the top rope and sends him crashing down to the floor on the outside! A collective groan emerges from the crowd as Orton, like a viper, slithers up behind Jericho who still has The Walls applied on a now motionless Finlay, and wasting no time, ORTON LEAPS UP AND DRILLS CHRIS JERICHO WITH THE RKO!!! The fans dump immense heat on Orton as he stands over Jericho, apparently refusing to make the cover just yet, simply laughing shallowly. Orton then drops down in a push up position and pumps himself up and down on the canvas over the top of Jericho, yelling “I TOLD YOU CHRIS... GIVE UP ON THE FANs, THEY’RE NOT WORTH YOUR CAREER!” Orton gets back up to his feet as Rey Mysterio makes his way back in to the ring and he charges straight towards Randy Orton, but TLK is one step ahead of him and he leap frogs over him, showing fantastic agility as Mysterio stops in his tracks, apparently a little surprised at how agile Orton is but unfortunately for Rey he turns right into another DEVESTATING RKO!!!! The fans boo the fuck out of Orton again as he bounces straight up to his feet with his sick smile on his face.

Out of the corner of his eye, Orton then catches a glimpse of the courageous Chris Jericho on all fours, attempting to climb back to his feet when Randy then takes a few steps backwards, and lines up Y2J before nailing him with a decapitating and sickening PUNT KICK TO THE HEAD!!! Jericho falls in a heap, back on the canvas and starts to convulse from the immense pain, otherwise showing no signs of life. A fear grows across the face of the referee, as he immediately throws the match out!

Winners via Referee Stoppage: Randy Orton & Finlay @ 10:59

The ball rings but no music hits as Tony Chimel announces Finlay and Orton as the winners while Orton exits up the aisle, still looking at the ring, grinning before yelling “Maybe that’ll help you forget about the fans, Chris!”

Michael Cole: Words can’t quite describe the actions of the despicable Randy Orton here tonight. He could’ve pinned Chris Jericho 10 times over.

Well that’s great Michael, you’re a commentator and you’ve got nothing to say. Fuckhead. I hope Big Show falls on you.

Tazz: Damn right Cole, this Randy Orton is real piece of work.

We head to commercial with EMT’s filling the ring, as Rey Mysterio is back up now, showing concern for Chris Jericho’s well being.


We return from commercial to find Michael Cole and Tazz sitting at ringside.

Michael Cole: (solemnly)Ladies and Gentlemen, moments ago we witnessed an absolutely heinous act at the hands of Randy Orton as he brutally punted a helpless Chris Jericho in the head. Let’s take a look at what happened at ringside during the commercial break.

We see the EMT’s in the ring, treating Chris Jericho while Rey Mysterio is still on his knees, trying to help, clearly very concerned for the well-being of his friend as the EMT’s strap him onto a back board before sliding Y2J slowly out of the ring and securing him on the stretcher and then wheeling him up the aisle while than fans let out a generous applause and a small “Y2J” chant.

Michael Cole: We’ll keep you updated on the condition of Chris Jericho – right now he he’s with doctors backstage as they assess whether he needs to be taken to a medical facility for further treatment.

The camera then heads backstage to find William Regal backstage, walking down an aisle, with a shadow of someone walking behind him also. Regal eventually comes to a door marked “General Manager” which he then knocks on three times before being told to “Come in” by the voice inside. Regal nods behind him (we still haven’t seen who the shadow belongs to, btw) and opens the door before swaggering in whilst we finally see the back of a large framed man, who follows him in. The camera then pans to the desk of Paul Heyman, where the man himself is sitting as well. As Regal approaches the desk, Heyman immediately stands up and shakes hands with him.

Paul Heyman: Mr Regal! A pleasure as always. What can I do for you this evening?

A large, proud grin pans across the face of Regal.

William Regal: Mr Heyman... let me assure you, the pleasure is all mine.

Regal pauses with a grin and a nod before continuing.

William Regal: Or should I say... OUR’S?

The camera then swings to finally show the face of Regal’s company.

William Regal: Mr Heyman, I... WE would just like to thank you for giving Harry this opportunity on SmackDown. Be assured that you won’t be disappointed.

Paul Heyman: How could I not give this guy a chance?

Heyman looks up at “Harry” in awe.

Paul Heyman: Look as his pedigree... his blood lines... son of the late, great, Davey Boy Smith, nephew of Owen and Bret Hart, Grandson of the legendary Stu Hart. Please, Mr Regal, you need not thank me, I should be thanking YOU. Signing Harry Smith is simply good business for Thursday Night SmackDown!

Regal smiles a little, as Smith nods smugly in the background.

William Regal: Mr Heyman, I’m pleased to hear that you’re happy with your signing. Having said that, we were wondering if there was a possibility that we could, perhaps, arrange a match tonight for Harry to showcase his abilities to the SmackDown audience?

Paul Heyman: Tonight? Unfortunately not, however I will ensure that Harry gets a match on the card next week.

Regal turns around to Smith to see if he’s satisfied with this, he gives a small nod before Regal turns back to Heyman and shakes his hand, apparently agreeing with Heyman’s proposal.

William Regal: Thank you, Mr Heyman.

Regal and Smith turn on their heels and exit the room immediately out the door and head back out to the aisle they came from, seemingly happy with the arrangement.

William Regal: (Smugly and more fiercely) If only he knew that this was only just the beginning of a British Empire, here on SmackDown.

Regal and Smith share a laugh as we head back to ringside with Cole and Tazz again.

Michael Cole: A British Empire? What could William Regal possibly mean by that?

Gee Michael, who knows? Dumb fuck. With that said, the fans then pour out a decent amount of heat when...


The music of the despised frog friendly duo, La Resistance hits as Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree make their way out, waving their French flags generating a tonne of heat. The tandem confidently swagger down the aisle apparently quite ready for this big opportunity against the Tag Team Champions. Once at ringside, Grenier goes to the left and Dupree to the right and they continue to flaunt their flags in the faces of the San Antonio fans.

Michael Cole: La Resistance certainly look confident for their match tonight, Tazz.

Tazz: And well they should be, they’re an unknown quantity right now. These two are a good chance of walking out tonight with Tag Team gold around their waste tonight, Cole!


The fans then leap to their feat as the music of the popular WWE Tag Team Champions, Americas Most Wanted make their way out with American flags draped over their shoulders, waving them enthusiastically which encourages the fans to lift in their ovation as the duo of James Storm and Chris Harris make their way down to the ring. The champions clamber into the ring, unhook their title from around their waists before holding them up in the faces of their challengers and then handing them over to the referee, amidst a huge chant of “USA... USA”

Match 2
Tag Team Match
WWE Tag Team Championships
America’s Most Wanted (c) v La Resistance

In a very solid match up, especially when you consider that both members of La Resistance are pretty crappy, the challengers had the champions on the ropes for the majority of the match, managing to isolate The Wildcat, Chris Harris in their corner and making some regular tags in and out to really put Harris on the back foot. The Wildcat managed to finally fend himself out of the corner though with an elbow to the illegal man, Grenier, sending him off the apron and then one Dupree, sending him staggering backward as well which allowed Harris the chance to make his way over to the corner and tag in James Storm... but the referee didn’t see it! Sylvain had jumped back up on the apron and attempted to enter ring but the referee put a stop to any intrusion, however he missed Harris’ tag to Storm in the process!

Storm immediately began arguing with the official, which allowed La Resistance to capitalise again as Grenier nailed Harris with a low blow before the two French homos began double teaming The Wildcat with a number of hard left and right hands. The referee finally retains order, instructing Storm out of the ring and then Grenier, leaving Dupree to slug it out with Harris. The French Phenom brings Harris straight up and goes to whip him off the ropes but as The Wildcat bounces back he ducks under a clothesline from Dupree before shooting off the adjacent ropes, as the pace begins to pick up and he goes for a clothesline of his own but Dupree ducks underneath that as well! Harris then quickly halts his momentum, quickly turning back to face Dupree who does simultaneously does the same, but he’s not quick enough to react as he turns into a SPINNING SPINEBUSTER FROM CHRIS HARRIS!

The fans pop for Harris but he refuses to go for the cover, tagging in his partner, James Storm to an even bigger ovation! Storm makes his way straight over to Dupree and picks him up, and looks to take him over to the ropes, presumably to set up for the Leapfrog Body Guillotine... but Grenier storms the ring again! Storm drops Dupree and quickly levels the unsuspecting Grenier with a Superkick! Grenier rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope as Storm tags in Harris again and promptly picks up Dupree again, securing him in a Bearhug, while the legal man, Harris climbs to the top rope and leaps off... NAILING THE DEATH SENTENCE!!! The fans leap to their feat again as Harris hooks the leg of Dupree. 1... 2... 3!!! It’s over! AMW retain!

Winners & STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Americas Most Wanted @ 7:23

**GUILTY** hits again as the referees hand AMW their tag team titles as the “USA” chants start up again while the beaten La Resistance slither out of the ring quietly.

Michael Cole: AMW did it, Tazz! La Resistance threw all the dirty tricks in the book at them!

Tazz: You’re not wrong, Cole. I think La Resistance did enough to make the SmackDown locker room realise that they just won’t be passengers on the blue brand!

We get another shot of the WWE Tag Team Champions, America’s Most Wanted as they retreat up the aisle after successfully retaining their Championships.


When we return, a video hype package airs, and it's of the Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk! The video basically summarizes Punk's life and career up to date and includes shots of him in action then it states that he’s coming soon to SmackDown, to conclude the package.

Michael Cole: CM Punk, the Straight Edge Superstar, Tazz! He’s coming to SmackDown soon! I can’t wait!

Tazz: Neither can I man, lemme tell ‘ya somethin’ ‘bout CM Punk dude, he’s the real deal baby, I’m expectin’ big things from him here on SmackDown. He’s gonna be a big time player, man!

Michael Cole: I hope so, Tazz. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, an update on the condition of Chris Jericho. Let’s take you back to earlier tonight during our Tag Team match which saw Rey Mysterio team with Chris Jericho to take on Finlay & Randy Orton.

Originally Posted by Earlier Tonight
A collective groan emerges from the crowd as Orton, like a viper, slithers up behind Jericho who still has The Walls applied on a now motionless Finlay, and wasting no time, ORTON LEAPS UP AND DRILLS CHRIS JERICHO WITH THE RKO!!! The fans dump immense heat on Orton as he stands over Jericho, apparently refusing to make the cover just yet, simply laughing shallowly. Orton then drops down in a push up position and pumps himself up and down on the canvas over the top of Jericho, yelling “I TOLD YOU CHRIS... GIVE UP ON THE FANs, THEY’RE NOT WORTH YOUR CAREER!” Orton gets back up to his feet as Rey Mysterio makes his way back in to the ring and he charges straight towards Randy Orton, but TLK is one step ahead of him and he leap frogs over him, showing fantastic agility as Mysterio stops in his tracks, apparently a little surprised at how agile Orton is but unfortunately for Rey he turns right into another DEVESTATING RKO!!!! The fans boo the fuck out of Orton again as he bounces straight up to his feet with his sick smile on his face.
Originally Posted by Earlier Tonight

Out of the corner of his eye, Orton then catches a glimpse of the courageous Chris Jericho on all fours, attempting to climb back to his feet when Randy then takes a few steps backwards, and lines up Y2J before nailing him with a decapitating and sickening PUNT KICK TO THE HEAD!!! Jericho falls in a heap, back on the canvas and starts to convulse from the immense pain, otherwise showing no signs of life. A fear grows across the face of the referee, as he immediately throws the match out!

Later on...

We see the EMT’s in the ring, treating Chris Jericho while Rey Mysterio is still on his knees, trying to help, clearly very concerned for the well-being of his friend as the EMT’s strap him onto a back board before sliding Y2J slowly out of the ring and securing him on the stretcher and then wheeling him up the aisle while than fans let out a generous applause and a small “Y2J” chant.

The camera then heads backstage as the horrid voice of Michael Cole cuts in again.

Michael Cole: We’re getting word from backstage that there are some developing events concerning the condition of Chris Jericho.

We see footage of Chris Jericho strapped to a stretcher, wearing a neck brace as he’s being wheeled towards an ambulance vehicle. The camera then zooms out to see a sadistic looking RANDY ORTON, watching the developments from a distance. Orton watches as the stretcher stops just short of the ambulance as the medics prepare to carefully slide him on to the back of the vehicle when suddenly begins to move towards the vehicle... and the lifeless Jericho! The medics notice that he’s coming and attempt to thwart his arrival but The Legend Killer simply swats one off and then throws another one on to a near-by table as he the stands over the still unconscious and motionless Chris Jericho, staring at his lifeless face.

Randy Orton: (Intensely)I TOLD YOU CHRIS... you should’ve listened to me last week! The moment you put me in The Walls of Jericho, things got a lot worse for you... and as long as you keep respecting and appreciating your fans... your JERICHOHOLICS... you will NEVER win another Championship belt in the WWE.

The fans boo Orton massively.

Randy Orton: YOU could’ve prevented this easily Chris. I HOPE, if nothing else, I kicked some sense into you tonight.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton is one nasty piece of work, Tazz.


A fairly large mixed reaction fills the arena as the music of the brash and cocky youngster, Mr Kennedy hits and the man himself makes his out on the stage confidently. With a massive smirk across his face, Kennedy strolls down the aisle looking as arrogant as ever as he climbs into the ring and tells Tony Chimel not even bother with an introduction as he holds his hand towards the ceiling and awaits for his personal microphone to descend from the ceiling.

Mr Kennedy: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! I weigh in tonight at an ASTONISHING 243 POOOOOOOOUNNNNNDSSSSS!

Kennedy pauses.


The fans chant along as Kennedy looks set to blurt out his name.

Mr Kennedy: Just in case you’ve all forgotten... I am the MAN who was the SOLE SURVIVOR at Survivor Series!

Kennedy grins a little before continuing.

Mr Kennedy: I am the MAN who eliminated Bobby Lashley and, both Jeff AND Matt Hardy in THAAAAT... VEEEERY... MAAAAATCH...

Kennedy pauses again.

Mr Kennedy: I am the MAN who next week right here on SmackDown will go ONE... ON ONE with Matt Hardy for UUUUNNNNITTTTTEDDDDDD... STAAAAAATTTTTTEEEEESSSSS... CHAMPIONNNSSSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIP...

The fans pop a little for this revelation as the intensity in Kennedy rises.

Mr Kennedy: I am the MAN who will NOT be overshadowed by the DEBUT... of SHHAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNN MIIIIIIIICCCHHHAEEELLSSSS...

The fans pop again as Kennedy just snarls again, presumably at the fans love for Shawn Michaels.

Mr Kennedy: I am the MAN who will tonight prove once again that Jeff Hardy is nothing more than just a glorified DRUUUGGGGGG ADDICCCCCTTTTTT...

The fans pour a fair bit of heat on Kennedy, who just laughs.


The fans dump more heat on the loudmouth.


Kennedy climbs to the top rope and throws a big egocentric pose up top.

Mr Kennedy: KEN-NAH-D...


The fans then rejoice as the music of Jeff Hardy hits as he makes his first appearance since Survivor Series while Kennedy looks quite pissed off in the ring while Jeff makes his way down the aisle enthusiastically, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Jeff then stands out next to the ring with a smirk on his face, bouncing away to his music still just laughing at Kennedy before pointing up the aisle way...


The fans then explode as the United States Champion, Matt Hardy makes his way out in street clothes with his Championship belt draped over his shoulder. Matt slaps hands with a few fans in the aisle before shaking hands with and embracing Jeff and then making his way around to the commentary booth to join Tazz and that other fuckhead, Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: This is a real treat for us tonight to be joined by the United States Champion, Matt Hardy here at ringside! Welcome, Matt!

Matt Hardy: Thanks Michael, pleased to be here.

Gee, Matt. Could you be anymore bland?

Michael Cole: This is certainly a good opportunity to do some scouting of Mr Kennedy before your title defence next week.

Match 3
Singles Match
Mr Kennedy v Jeff Hardy

After Kennedy dominating the early stages of the match courtesy of him jumping Hardy as soon as he entered the ring, Jeff finally began to mount a comeback, nailing Kennedy with the Whisper in the Wind! Jeff hooked the leg only for Kennedy to kick out at the count of two. Wasting no time, Jeff picks Kennedy up with a handful of hair and after a kick to the gut, he looks to plant him with the Twist of Fate but Kennedy manages to push him away before he got the chance to deliver the move! Kennedy quickly tries to whip Jeff into the ropes in retaliation but Hardy reverses it and he sends Kennedy flying to the ropes instead. As the loudmouth shoots back, Hardy goes for a clothesline but Kennedy ducks under it... MIC CHECK!!! KENNEDY NAILS THE MIC CHECK JUST LIKE THAT, OUT OF NO WHERE!!! 1... 2... 3! IT’S OVER!

Winner: Mr Kennedy @ 6:44

**TURN UP THE TREBLE** hits again as Kennedy clicks his fingers in Matt Hardy’s direction next to Tazz and Cole as if to signify “just like that”. Kennedy then climbs the nearest turnbuckle to Matt and gestures that the title will soon be around his waist. Hardy then stands up on his feet and holds his title aloft, staring a whole through Kennedy.

Michael Cole: Mr Kennedy certainly made an impressive statement here tonight, Tazz! It was nice to see him back up his words for a change.

Mr Kennedy continues to brash celebration in front of Matt Hardy before we head to a commercial.


We return back from commercial to find William Regal backstage, talking to Harry Smith in a distance. The camera zooms, closer and closer, eventually close enough for the conversation to be captured on the sound microphone, half way into it.

William Regal: ... people are going to take notice of us, Harry. They won’t have a choice, with your family heritage and my...

Booker T then walks into shot to a loud pop.

Booker T: Ya’ll wanna get noticed ‘ey Regal?!

Regal just nods a little non committal-ish.

Booker T: Lemme give yo’ both a bit o’ advice. If ya’ll wanna get noticed, an’ get taken serious’... then ya’ll need ‘ta make an impact.

Regal nods a bit.

Booker T: You (“joo”, tbh) see, Regal, next week, losing for yo’ boy ‘ere...

Booker slaps Harry on the chest.

Booker T: It ain’t an option... NOW... CAN... YOU... DIG... THAT...

Booker pauses with a grin on his face.


Booker goes to walk away but Regal grabs him an pull him back.

William Regal: An impac’? I see. Well thank you very much for your advice Booker, let me assure you, Harry and I respect the opinion of a renowned superstar such as yourself and your advice has been... duly noted.

Booker looks at Regal sceptically as he and Smith look to turn away from The Book Man, but just before they do... REGAL SLAPS THE LIFE OUT OF BOOKER T!!!

William Regal: There’s your impact... now mind your own bloody business!!

The camera then swings back out to ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: William Regal and young Harry Smith are clearly not showing any signs of being intimidated backstage, are they, Tazz?

Tazz: No way man, those two have had a busy night back there.

Michael Cole: Indeed they have, but up next we have our second title match for the evening as Nunzio challenges Paul London for the Cruiserweight Championship! Let’s take a look at this footage from backstage earlier in the evening from the FBI locker room.

With that said we then get shown some footage from earlier tonight where Nunzio is backstage telling the other two members of the FBI, Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli that he wants to go this one alone tonight.

Michael Cole: That certainly is an admirable move from Nunzio.


The fans bust out another fairly solid amount of heat as Nunzio makes his way out ready to go, with a jacket on that has the Italian flag across the back of it. Nunzio taunts the fans drawing even more heat as he gets into the ring.


The fans enthusiastically lift out of their seat as the energetic Paul London sprints down the aisle with his Cruiserweight Championship strapped around his waist. London slides in under the bottom rope and removes his vest before unhooking his Cruiserweight Championship and handing it to the referee, who then holds it up to the fans, signifying the start of the match.

Match 4
Singles Match
Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London (c) v Nunzio

The two cruiserweights get allocated a surprisingly decent amount of time, the two Cruiserweights light up the ring, pulling off some exhilarating manoeuvres and drumming up quite a lot of life out of the crowd. The momentum of the match swung back and forward several times, neither of them being able to garner the upper hand. London eventually took control for a short time before Nunzio took over thanks to a couple of dirty tactics. Nunzio eventually set London up for the Arrivederci but London pushes him off and into the ropes and as he bounces back the CW Champion takes him over with a Northern Lights Suplex! Wasting no time, London quickly climbs to the top rope and nails the London Calling which earns him a 3 Count, bringing an end to a very entertaining match up!

Winner & STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London @ 12:01

Michael Cole: London did it! He finally put Nunzio away to end a very enjoyable Cruiserweight encounter!

**LONDON CALLING** hits again as the referee hands London his Cruiserweight Championship before he exits the ring up the aisle, slapping hands with the fans along the way as we head to a commercial.


We return from commercial to find a dejected Nunzio walking down a hall backstage only to run into Santino Marella, who just shakes his head at him in a very snotty fashion.

Santino Marella: (emphasising his Italian accent) Ah. Nunzino.

The fans laugh at Santino fucking up Nunzio’s name.

Santino Marella:Anotha’ lost! You’re’a’ disgrace-a’ to oura’ homaland! The people of Italy do not-a deserve-a to be compared to you! You embarrass our-a country! Now-a Nunzino, you should go and find yourself a TeeVee Screen and watch how a REAL Italiano hero wins a match!

Santino walks off proudly and confidently as Nunzio just drops his head. The camera then heads to another backstage location to find Steve Romero standing by.

Steve Romero: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Steve Romero and joining me at this time is none other than the man who fell victim last week to an Angle Slam from our World Heavyweight Champion – GOLDBERG!

The Berg walks into shot to huge heat.

Steve Romero: Goldberg, last week you made your intentions clear that you have your sights well and truly set on Kurt Angle and the World Heavyweight Championship... can I get your thoughts on what occurred during last week’s Main Event?

Goldberg just growls into the microphone and stares a hole in the camera.

Steve Romero: Ah... right. Well, earlier tonight we saw the debut of Shawn Michaels who also made his intention of pursuing the World Heavyweight Championship clear? Do you have any message for Shawn Michaels?

Goldberg: (intense as all hell) A MESSAGE FOR MICHAELS?! My message is simple... MICHAELS... ya’ dumb son-of-a-bitch, get in line or it’ll be ME... kickin’ YOUR teeth, down YOUR throat!

Romero takes a few backward steps in shock.

Steve Romero: Well, just finally Goldberg, do you have any further messages for Kurt Angle?

Goldberg: Kurt Angle... YOU’RE NEXT!

Goldy pushes Romero away and walks out of shot to end an extremely crappy interview with an extremely crappy wrestler as the camera heads back out to the arena.


Slight heat emits from the crowd as the music of Santino Marella hits and the over-confident Italian makes his way out to the ring, waving his arms to the fans, soaking up their “ovation”. Santino struts down to the aisle and rolls into the ring before jumping to his feet and proclaiming “I’M A WEENER!” (winner tbh). The fans laugh a little but he thinks nothing of it as he gestures up the aisle way to bring his opponent on, apparently not knowing who he’s got tonight. After a few moments, the fans soon rejoice...


Santino’s jaw damn near hits the floor as The Big Show makes his way out with a smile on his face, waving to the fans. Santino looks as if he’s shit himself as Show gets into the ring and the referee begins the match.

Match 5
Singles Match
Big Show v Santino Marella

Big Show and Santino step towards the middle of the ring and the face off with Santino’s head barely reaching Show’s nipple. Marella looks up at The Giant and still looks petrified but he quickly goes for a right hand but Big Show catches his fist and just squeezes the fuck out of it. Marella squeals in pain like a little bitch but Show soon shuts him up with a head butt, that drops him down to the canvas in one foul swoop. Show picks Santino up and throws him into the corner before telling the crowd to “SHHHHHH” and chopping the fuck out of him. Santino stumbles forward, still in immense pain, clutching at his chest. Eventually he turns back to The Big Show, but it’s a big mistake as he turns right into THE CHOKESLAM! 1... 2... 3... and we’re done.

Winner: Big Show @ 1:24

Michael Cole: Well, so much for Santino showing how a real Italian wins a match!

Big Show’s theme hits again as we head to another commercial.


We return from the break to find Steve Romero backstage standing by with John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

Steve Romero: John, last week you confronted Kurt Angle and chastised him for “handing out World Title shots to people just because they got in his face”. You then backed this statement up by saying that you should be granted Number 1 Contender status because you’re the longest reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown history. Tonight you’ve got an opportunity to PROVE that you deserve that Title shot when you go one on one with Kurt Angle in a NON-Title match up, are you nervous heading into our Main Event against the World Heavyweight Champion?

JBL: Nervous? NERVOUS? Please! When you’ve Main Evented Wrestlemania, held the WWE Championship for 280 days and beaten some of the biggest names in this business...

JBL smiles smugly.

JBL: (continuing) You don’t get nervous. Kurt Angle you might be a multi-time World Champion... an OLYMPIC... GOLD... MEDALIST... but I... I... am a WRESTLING... GAAAWD!

Heat as Bradshaw continues.

JBL: Tonight Kurt, you’re gonna realise first hand that even though you might be the World Heavyweight Champion & an Olympic Gold Medalist, you’re not on the same level as JBL. You’re not even on the level... below me.

Bradshaw pauses again.

JBL: (Growing more intense) I am the BEST this business has to offer Kurt, I smell like smoke ‘cause I’ve walked through fire and after I’m done beatin’ you tonight, Paul Heyman is gonna have no choice but to name ME as the RIGHTFUL... Number One Contender.

Bradshaw pushes Romero out of the way and heads towards the ring as the camera heads back out to ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz sitting at ringside.

Michael Cole: Well, Tazz. As we await the commencement of our Main Event tonight, I can confirm right now that next week Matt Hardy will be defending his United States Championship against Mr Kennedy!

Tazz: Don’t forget, young Harry Smith makes his debut and Booker T will be in action, out to prove a point after last week he claimed to be worthy of a title shot only to be slapped silly earlier tonight by William Regal.


A massive amount of heat fills the arena as the familiar stretch limousine of John Bradshaw Layfield rolls into the arena. Bradshaw’s limo driver gets out of the car and quickly makes his way over to open the back door for JBL. The man himself clambers out of the door and holds his arms up to the fans with his trademark white towel draped over his neck and shoulders. Bradshaw strides down the aisle and climbs into the ring awaiting the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion.


The roof blows off the AT&T Centre as the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle makes his way out with his championship belt secured proudly around his waist. Kurt sets off his elaborate pyro before quickly make his way down the aisle, his eyes seemingly focused on the ring and JBL. Angle climbs into the ring and immediately unhooks his title and gets right into the face of his opponent and holds his belt high in the air for all to see.

Match 6
Singles Match
Main Event; Non Title Match
World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle v John “Bradshaw” Layfield
In a less than spectacular wrestling match, nothing short of a brawl ensues between Angle and Bradshaw. Momentum swung back and forth numerous times with neither man taking the upper hand. Eventually it’s JBL that takes the advantage after raking Angle in the eyes and choking him up against the ring ropes. Bradshaw dominates, whipping Angle off the ropes before taking him down with a Swinging Neckbreaker upon his return. JBL goes for the cover only to earn a two count. Looking a little flustered, Bradshaw grabs Kurt by the arm and reefs him back to his feet before drilling him with a short arm clothesline! Angle hits the canvas with such ferocity that he almost basically bounces back up to his vertical base, staggering straight into the LAST CALL! Angle flies a hefty distance across the ring, landing hard on the mat as JBL stalks the World Champion, waiting for him to get back to his feet. Kurt makes it back to one knee and as soon does, Bradshaw bounces off the ropes and comes charging back looking for the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! HE MISSES!!! KURT DUCKS IT!!! Bradshaw strops dead in his tracks, looking incredibly pissed off before turning around and straight into a Double Leg Takedown! ANKLE LOCK!!! KURT APPLIES THE ANKLE LOCK OUT OF NO WHERE!! The fans explode as Bradshaw battles hard, insistent on not submitting! The elation soon turns to distain as GOLDBERG SLIDES INTO THE RING AND LETS OUT A HUGE ROAR AT ANGLE! Kurt, much to the relief of JBL, relinquishes the Ankle Lock but as soon as he does he turns into a SAVAGE SPEAR!!!!! The fans boo the shit out of Goldberg as he leaps on top of Kurt and drills him with some livid left and right fists, forcing the referee to throw the match out.

Winner by DQ: Kurt Angle @ 13:23

Kurt Angle is announced as the winner but no music hits as he continues to be pummelled at the hands of Bill Goldberg. JBL quietly rolls out of the ring, sore and sorry as Goldberg continues to beat the shit out of the World Heavyweight Champion with continuous right hand blows. Suddenly...


The arena explodes massively in a sign of unexpected excitement as Shawn Michaels strolls extremely casually out to the to the aisle. Goldberg totally ignores Michaels’ arrival as is still beat the hell out of the Champion, who is now totally lifeless. Michaels, very casually, and surprisingly very heelishly, eventually arrives at ringside, catching the attention of Goldberg as he steps into the ring. The psychotic Goldberg, eventually stands back up on his feet, getting off Angle as Shawn just sadistically smirks at the lifeless body of the World Heavyweight Champion. Goldberg takes a step or two back, looking at Angle... then Michaels... then back at Angle until Michaels bends down to pick up the broken Angle and a massive grin arrives across the face of the Goldberg as the fans bust out a huge mixed reaction, leaning towards genuine heat as Shawn goes to pull Kurt up by the arm. Goldberg’s elation is obvious until Michaels releases his grasp on Kurt AND DRILLS GOLDBERG WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!


Michael Cole: OH MY!

The fans jump out of their skins again as Goldberg drops in a heap. Shawn laughs at Goldberg before taking a slight glance at the fallen Angle and exiting the ring whilst **SEXY BOY** hits again. With his music playing and his home town chanting “HBK... HBK... HBK”, he exits up the aisle, back to the ring, not taking a second look back.

The show fades to back just as Shawn is about to walk through the curtain to the back, but just before he does, he stops and turns to the ring with a wry smile on his face as we see a final shot of Kurt Angle beginning to sit up in the ring, looking confused at Goldberg’s current state as we face to black.

I will do my utmost best to return feedback.

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