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Re: Hannah Hardy Plagiarized Her Way To Popularity - by M.W. (credit to Wes_FR as wel

I have nothing against ya', Hannah. It's stupid to get a serious feud going over the internet and I don't care to.

Who am I to say whether or not you know what you're talking about? Because, well.. I don't know if you do or not because you like to cope other people's opinions rather than your own without citing that source appropriately.

I don't know about anyone else but I've never plagiarized. I've referred to other sources for tidbits/details/fact to make my response better once upon a time (two/three years ago when I was real serious about this forum) but never have I leeched shit like that and taken credit for it.

It gives everyone a horrible perception of your character and doesn't reflect the true wrestling fan in you.

What makes you think I as well as others can sit here and believe other shit you posted is in fact your own opinion from the top of the dome? I'm pretty sure you've done it more than once but I made my point and exposed you.

Just because other ignorant people plagiarize doesn't mean you should or others have before (knowingly or not). Implying that is ridic'.

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