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Re: Hannah Hardy Plagiarized Her Way To Popularity - by M.W. (credit to Wes_FR as wel

Originally Posted by ItsWhatIdo View Post
Then go back and replace your copied post with your real answer.
I would, but then it would look like i was hiding myself and such. I could have easily logged off here and never come back on. I'd rather just face it tbh.

I'll just post it here and in the Thread;

Jumbo Tsuruta, greatest Wrestler ever? Hellz yeh. He was a bad ass, his style was amazing, and his match with Ric Flair was fucking epic (AJPW, i think?). I'll admit im not the biggest fan of flair, but even Jumbo's match with him solidified me putting Flair into my top 10 greatest Wrestlers of all time (thats if you're talking WWE). His match with Tiger Mask is probably my personal favorite, he told a great story in the ring in that match, i've seen alot of Puro Wrestlers, and he is by FAR the best ive seen. I dont see how anyone can say Muta isn't in the top 10 greatest of all time, he is fucking awesome. Anyways, personally? A thought Jumbo was a guy with alot of heart, i remember i was talking to this guy a while back on msn, and he sent me Terry Funk vs Jumbo it was like from the 60's..all i can say is wow. He had a great connection with the fans, he lived up to his own expections, he had like a gift for telling stories in the ring, he could take bumps, his expressions, his presence, his flawless-ness in the ring...it was perfect. Greatest Wrestler of all time? Thats an understatement.

As you can tell, my grammar is pretty fucking awful.

Originally Posted by the king of kings View Post
Last time I cheated on a test was in HS, I pupsoly missed a question just so I wouldn't get caught.

Cheating in college is so much harder for me.
lol, i do that, i purposly get questions wrong so it doesn't look suspicious.

Originally Posted by brian8448 View Post
Apparently so, just seems a bit unlikely is all. Thanks, but my full time return isnt for at least a month, that's when the fun really begins.
All the same, welcome back, if im being honest, i was sad to see you go.

Originally Posted by Lostfan View Post
Nah don't be like sorry. There's really no need. It's brought some entertainment if nothing else and it's not like anyone really cares. And if they do well, lol @ them.

Also chico is bringing the lulz.
Entertainment perhaps, i still feel stupid about it.

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