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Hannah Hardy Plagiarized Her Way To Popularity - by M.W. (credit to Wes_FR as well)

I. Suspicion

I took the time out of my day the other night to actually make a wrestling related post which quite frankly was designed to show up Hannah Hardy and her knowledge on puro wrestling because she seemed incredibly fake.

When I say fake I mean fake in the sense that she hadn't a clue of the substance she was preaching nor was she the ELITIST~! that she claimed to be.

The reason I had suspicion of her, first off, was because she referred to Mutoh as the greatest wrestler ever. Which is simply not true because he's not Randall Keith Orton. Nah, in all seriousness, from my very limited knowledge on puro (haven't watched it in about two years now so my memory is shattered), I obviously knew there was something fishy.

II. Confrontation

Immediately when I saw her shannenigans and wanted to call her out, I did so by making my point which can be viewed in this post:


Upon posting that, I patiently waited for her response.

III. Hannah Hardy's Response


That was her response. Her opening paragraph was a decent response and reasonable enough for me to understand why she'd degrade Orton like that and mention Mutoh as the best ever so I accepted it but still wasn't fully done reviewing her situation.

IV. Wes_FR

At first, I believed I was the only one that noticed this nonsense but I was definitely thrown off when I met a wise fellow by the name of Wes_FR.

He repped me and confirmed that he had suspicion of her as well. I repped him back and we went into private messaging mode somewhat (it wasn't that extensive). I told him we should do research on her and try to find where she's coming up with her self-made 'wisdom'.

V. Climax

After the research, I found bits and pieces off of the internet but she didn't copy any source that I found personally word for word. I thought to myself "damn, another son'a'bitch got away from me again, what else is new?"

But, I then was scandalized by some overwhelming evidence against this broad...

Wes private messaged me some great evidence that suits us well.

Here was Hannah's last two statements in the aforementioned thread as a part of this post (http://www.wrestlingforum.com/6957982-post54.html

"However, i toally agree with your #1, Jumbo Tsuruta. Only a few people outside of hardcore puro fans know about him, but he is not only the best Japanese wrestler of all time, he's arguably the best wrestler ever. He was trained by Dory Funk, he was capable of going against top names like Jack Brisco and Harley Race and matching them spot for spot while learning. By the end of the 70s, some were calling him the best wrestler on earth already. One of his best feuds was against a recently-maskless Mitsuharu Misawa, in a passing of the torch of sorts, as well as several crackers against Genichiro Tenryu. Even after twenty-plus years of wrestling, he actually kept getting better and better until his retirement and death.

Guys like Misawa, Kobahi, Liger, etc. were tremendous wrestlers, but Tsuruta was the best of all time."

That clearly wasn't her OWN original, well thought out response like I had thought it was.

That entire response can be seen here at this URL:


-What should be done, you ask!?

It's rather apparent that this Hannah Hardy is a complete fraud, let alone a buffoon. She played all those people in that thread (and most likely many others) like stupid morons which isn't fair to any of the members here on the board.

Just know that this character isn't the person she claims to be, her opinion isn't better than yours, as a mater of fact, she can't even form her OWN opinion.

What will be done? I don't know. I'm just throwing this outrageous piece of information out there for the members of this board to decide.
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