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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Opening: Brilliant start to the show after a good event. Orton complaining was the first right move you made and then Kennedy coming down was the next. But itís the way you used Kennedy that impressed me the most, he was winding Orton up and doing a good job at it. Here i thought well Kennedy is getting the upper hand but then you pull out the good move of having Orton come back at Kennedy and do a good job at getting under his skin. Some of the wording was so good and the bit about the hair was my fav lol. Bischoff announcement is a good idea as it gives you something to work off and a good main event.

Santino v Yang: Ah no Santino! lol! i cant say im a fan of him losing to Yang like this. You were able to get some tension in between Melina and Natalya, i get that but im shocked at the result. There wasn't much in the match to comment on, hopefully Santino will bounce back next week ha.

Kelly: Damn you, i wanted to hear what she had to say about why she didnít walk out lol, id say you did that on purpose so if you did, good job. This heats up more now with Cody starting to get even more aggressive towards here, i wonder what he has for Kingston, good booking leaving us thinking what and who he ahs to talk to.

Bischoff: Good match making by Rhodes and you managed to make Bischoff and Regal make the quest sound even better by having them get excited etc.

Finally v DiBiase: Seemed like a good match but you kept it short. the ending was good and showed the evil ways of the partnership. maryse plays a big part and i like the way these two are coming along. Also it was very realistic at the end when you said Hornswoggle came in and kneels down over Finlay, i know its simple but effective. Funny to think about Hornsowggle on his knees cos he cant get much smaller lol.

Cody: It is my favourite storyline but he has been involved too much already. I liked the way he referred to Kelly as the consolation though ha.

Ted and Maryse: Interesting. It is random though. I donít know what to make of it yet. It was a nice appearance but unless something follows up itís a bit odd but we will see what happens. Also i didnít get the bit at the end when she says he has to be determined with her unless you meant what i think you might meant lol.

London and Kendrick v C brothers: Good action in this one, better then the other matches so far. After the match, we get an announcement that sets up a match fro next week and a talking point which is always a good thing. I think you wanted Morrison and Miz to win at backlash but thought you would surprise everyone and then have them win on Raw so we will see what happens.

Corporation: Ok solid promo, straight forward. I hope this turns out something like the Corporation from the old days, it would be so good. i think Show joining is a good move and things are looking good here. The match made for next week is important as it is such a hard decision of who to put over.

Kane v Kingston: Good match, at least Kofi put up some sort of fight. I have noticed that over the last few shows you have used Kane to give some others a chance to shine which is good. How will Kofi respond to Cody putting him in this.

Dykstra: You worked this interview well and i like how the Kenny push is going. Him slaggin Rey was a good way to get something going but im not sure what will happen now with cena.

Orton v Kennedy: This was worthy of a main event to say the least. The history between the two was well used in this match as it was aggressive all the way through. Putting Kennedy over is a strange one. Orton will not be happy about this but lets see how Kennedy does now and if Orton will find a way back into this.

Overall: I liked the show, no faults here, where was Cena though? you have left alot to be played with for next week, good job.[/B]
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