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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Haven't popped in here for a good while. I understand that thsi is the show following Backlash, yes...? I figure the shows right before or right after PPVs are a great time to start tuning in, since alot of storylining should be going on, so I'll see if I can get back into this thread with this.

619s Feedback For Niges Monday Night RAW

Nice video package here, really got me caught up on plenty things. I see possibly Kenny D getting a solid look, and most obviously Show and Kennedy pushes. We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for the duration of the broadcast...

I see Orton is here to open the show. Is he still in the title hunt? I haven't checked in a while; I guess we'll have to see. Mr. K gets his chance to shine here, I hope. Wow, this caught me up on a lot. I can see why these two are locking horns - its a simple case of pride, apparently. I like that Kennedy and Orton are going at it, but what's kinda confusing is what Bischoff said when he came out. It might not have clicked with me, but its kinda weird to have a #1 Contender's tourny, concluding at KOTR. Would that be two tournys at once...? I guess I'll have to see how you hadle that one...

Jimmy Wang Yang push? I love this guy. He's underappreciated, but he's as versatile a cruiserweight as they come. It does my heart good to see him go over Santino (no offense to the Italian Stallion). Does my heart even better to see Nattie get her hands dirty in this one. Wanna see what this leads to.

Interesting here. Your Cody Rhodes character is one cocky piece of work. I like. The interviewer I believe I'm unfamiliar with, but she seems to have a bit of a character as well. As for Kelly and Victoria, I see that you've kept Vicky a face, and their match next week actually is look-forward-to-able, if that makes sense.

Hehehe I snickered durring this promo here. Excellent heel tactics by everyone in the room, most notably Rhodes. Champion v. Champion later should be a blast, even if it seems a little lopsided. I guess it's not the match itself that matters here, just the storylining, and it is great despite how little it might seem. Props.

Your young guns are really cocky assholes. That's a good thing. I see Dibiase has his father's namesake stuff, great for him to be with Maryse as well, and his technical undefeated streak is ended tonight it would seem. I can only imagine this sparks something between the two of them.
The match itself was solid as they come, with the not too suprising DQ heel finish.

Cody again? Third segment in the show for this kid. I like the psychology going on here, with Cody suddenly appearing to have a change of heart after actually looking to pump Kofi up. A little odd for Kof to say 'hell'. The second half was more jealous heel kind of characterizing, surprised that Kofi was already gonna cherish this match. Nice job here.

Ugh. The lovesick basterds. Anyway, I liked this segment, as it brings the sire into the picture, or back in, if he was before. Excellent words of wisdom from Teddy Sr., but great way to make Jr. look as cocky as he appears to be by shrugging it off. Not a wasted segment in this show.

This whole tag team chunk was very enjoyable, might I say. From what I got, London and Kendrick must've had a good showing at Backlash and won them some gold, though a little shaky to have them lose their first mach with that gold. Good way to make the Colons look strong, however. Miz and Morrison against London and Kendrick should spell awesomeness. I'm expecting nothing less . The Cryme Time/Colon segment afterward was pretty sweet as well, lightening things up a bit. You don't steal from beaners. Ever.

Mysterio = ratings.

I'm looking at this stable of the McMahons and it doesn't click right for me. I understand their personas do click, but it doesn't feel quite right for me. JBL on the same side as Big Show is a little weird, but from what I've seen/read what you've done with all these guys, I really do like it. Big Show ftw, very interested in where this leads. The first round match for next week sounds very interesting as well, looking to prove Show can do it on his own...?

Didn't really expect a different outcome, but excellend showing by Kofi here that's he's still a fighting champion through and through. A mere apetizer match for Kane, I assume, just getting him some ring action. Interseting with the Chokeslam/Tombstone combo. Givin' Kofi props solely because he's awesome.

Wow. This pretty much cements my 'your youngsters are assholes' theory. An arrogant Kenny is a good Kenny and a good Kenny is a happy me. Make magic work with this kid. I know you can.

Great back and forth match, especially with the mentnion that the two were very evenly matched. Obvious a Kennedy push is in the works, but I want to see this prorag with Orton continue. This match really drew me in and wanted me to see more of these two. The finish was a little shaky, though. The rebounded chair sounds more like a boneheaded move than a fate that would befall a man like Orton. Either way, whatever works works.

FINAL THOUGHTS: ABOVE AVERAGE FOR A FALLOUT SHOW. I enjoyed this show very much, seeing as how the only things I felt took me a little out of it was the amount of promos, but seeing as how it is a fallout show, I expected that. I made the note of how brash and arrogant your young stars are, which I think is a very good foundation to have them to build upon their characters. It looks like you're going into a trnasitional phase, concentrating more on the mid and upper cards here with this Quest To Be Champion thing goin' on and potentially the KOTR. Still, great job here Nige, didn't expect anything less.
OVERALL: 8.5/10. Storylining is the main reason. Thanks for the great read and keep things up, man


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