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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

ROH The French Connection

Eddie Edwards v.s Erick Stevens-**1/2

-A nice little opener that shows that Eddie Edwards should be booked better. He is a fantastic young talent that even NOAH sees something in, but he doesn't get a lot of chances in ROH. I thought he was solid in this match and Erick Stevens was just the brute that he always is.

Kenny King & Kenny Omega v.s The Briscoes-**1/2

-A nice little match to keep the Briscoes on the show and give them a little momentum going into their tag team title match on the next show. The Kenny's just didn't work out, but Kenny Omega got a nice showing here trying to fight of both Briscoe Brothers at one point after Kenny King walked out seemingly creating an alliance with Rhett Titus.

Necro Butcher v.s Brodie Lee-**

-A good short brawl that led to Brodie Lee and the rest of Age of the Fall attacking Necro's leg injuring it going into his ROH title match on the next show. Not much else here that you wouldn't expect from a Necro Butcher match.

Jerry Lynn v.s Delirious-**1/4

-This might just be the worst Jerry Lynn match in ROH to date as Delirious shows lack of depth as a heel. I hate Delirious in the first place, so that doesn't help at all. Total waste of booking Jerry Lynn.

Roderick Strong v.s Davey Richards-***3/4

-This was a great match. These two make great opponents with their similar styles and Davey Richards as a heel is always a treat as long as he isn't on the mic. I didn't care much for the finish, but these two should really face eachother in ROH more. Maybe, I'll have to watch some FIP to get more of these two.

The Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) v.s Austin Aries & Bryan Danielson-***3/4

-A kind of liked this match, but considering the talent I expected a little more. However, the match was mostly just to the further the Jacobs/Aries feud instead of being an actual tag match between two great teams. Also, Tyler Black was spotty in this match which I really think he needs to shy away from if he going to be a top competitor in ROH. Still was a good match, but just wasn't enough to satisfy me. I want an actual tag match between these two teams, OKAY!

ROH Title Match: El Generico v.s Go Shiozaki v.s Kevin Steen v.s Nigel McGuiness-****1/4-****1/2

-An awesome main event to close the show. Everybody was great in this match and that even includes El Generico. Yes, he wasn't spotfest clown in this match or just there to make the fans laugh. He may have done way too many flip maneuvers, but I'll let it slide this time. Then down the final stretch as Kevin Steen got one more chance to dethrone McGuinness. The fans were roaring thinking that Kevin Steen was going to walk out champion. El Generico's interference wasn't needed and when Nigel ended up winning anyways made Steen look rather weak. The match ended with a tremedous Lariat which was totally mark worthy. A very good way to end the show in Montreal even if the crowd favorite didn't walk out a double champion.
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