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Re: WF In General.

Originally Posted by MrJesus View Post
You don't broadcast, you most certainly believe it.
Which is the basis of my argument, you can be better than people but saying/using the fact you think you're better as retaliation is retarded you're not proving you're better at that specific period just that you think you are.

You think A. I think B. I tell you that you are wrong, and that B is correct.

Do you agree? Of course not. You have come to your own decision and someone telling you otherwsie will not convince you otherwise, because you put worth behind you own ability to come to a conclusion based on what is known to you. You will not change your view simply because I tell you to do so, because we both know the same information.
Actually I consider myself a student of life still, I'm 17 I still have a lot to learn from all of life and all aspects of life. I like to try to think that I base a lot of my opinions on perspective as I consider it one of the most important things in life. I'm still rather open minded and influenced, I've changed my perspective many times after arguments.

You believe that your standpoint is correct. Better than mine.
And you believe the same thing, your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes.

As I said, I'm not saying be a **** about it. I am saying we all on some level believe ourselves to be superior than others. It's why we generally make our own decisions. Our own choices. We believe in our own ability to make the right choice, because we wouldn't trust others to do so for us.
This is pretty much my basis, using superiority as a credibility booster is ridiculous. It's what you've done in the past, what matters is your present and what you can prove at that point.

And, if you don't mind, please refrain from calling me a dickhead. Such a statement belies a superiority complex; so much so that your own opinion on this matter is so much more substantive than mine it merits a derogatory comment towards me. Is that not what you are attempting to attacking others for?
That was actually an shortened term, I meant "Then that makes you a dickhead." Not specifically that you're a dickhead.
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