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Re: WF In General.

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
Silly prostitute.

Okay, i never really post in rants and i doubt i'll ever post an actual rant someday, but rants on the subject of this forum are usually quite interesting.

I've only been here since November of 08 so obviously i'm not the most intelligent on what goes on here, for instance i don't know who GA is and i understand very little on the Strike, despite people trying to fill me in. Not really fussed about FORUM POLITICZ!!~~~

Anywho, I also don't know why TTT gets brought up in a negative manner, i'm pretty sure anyone can post there, i suppose it just matters who's active and who's not at that time becuase you may get a different response, for instance, if you posted at the time of Copta (Jim Coptafeel) being online, you'd receive a fuck load of credits and a big Auzzie welcome. I'f you'd post at the time of Andy300 being active, you'd receive a drunken or drugged response of love, hate or even a quirky anicdote (Sp). If you'd post at the time of KIF being online, you'd probably just get abused. Not because he's a bad guy, just because well, that's his nature. If you get mentally scared by this response, well...GTFO please.
KIF is a top bloke, he just doesn't take this forum as serious as other people and just believes in respecting your elders (People who have been a member for quite a while, Such as WCW, PF, etc etc)

Seb is very oppinionistic. Hell it's pretty funny to read tbh, not as funny as Pyro, but funny nonetheless, not in a bad way, just...entertaining i suppose. And most of the time he is right tbf. Most of the time

Anyway, i suppose my point is, if i'm really making a point is that not to take this forum seriously. This forum ranges from Men in their mid 40's to kids. Posts are going to vairy all the time. Some are brilliant and intelligent, some are hillarious and some are just downright stupid.

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