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WF In General.

Right, quite frankly I’m fed up of this forum, The general state of the posters and stances of the staff is ridiculous.

To start you get posters who are absolute douchebags for no reason, for example Seb seems to think his opinion is above everyone else. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? You’re just another faceless member of a forum. You’re not better than “JERICHOOWNSORTON34” in any way. If his posting specifically pisses you off then perhaps you should check your stress level.

Next up is KIF and Low420, while KIF can infact be comical at times Low is just beyond a joke. This faggot comes out of nowhere and thinks he’s a big deal. The bitch proceeds to rant and cry to get people banned coming off like an absolute pussy. Also; no one cares about your Road trip with your redneck friends. Infact no one cares at all about you.

Also; Ghetto Anthony. The greatest member to grace these forums. He was banned because “He isn’t above the rules” Oshit. THE RULES! If I recall correctly one of the main reasons for the strike a while back was so the moderators/administrators could do their job effectively to maintain this forum being good/fun. Lold I hardly call banning people for calling someone A “Faggot” fun. Infact why do you even fucking care? You cry so much about VS yet you really want to make a forum which isn’t even yours good. GA was fun yet he was banned, awesome. I don’t see why you cried over him being “JOKINGLY” racist to Bubba T in the first place. Watever.

Truth thingy, apparently if you don’t post there you’re not cool? K. nothing else to say on that. I'd imagine a lot of Circlejerks go on in there.

You faggots should have more fun, it’s a fucking forum, hell I don’t even watch wrestling anymore yet I still come back here because I can have fun. Enjoy defining a match in just snowflakes and acting like your opinion is professional.

TL;DR: Fuck you, son.

Oh if you don't know me, I'm just another faget on the internet, you?
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