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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Ly, Bitch. Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad there's some issues I can look to address!

So, Albright's promo was decent. albeit extremely generic. Sure, he sorta got the message across, and that was that he was better than anyone initially thought of him. It just wouldn't really draw the interest of the crowd in though, resulting in them not caring too much. It seems you have him set for the upper-midcard role, which I guess is aight considering he's pretty good in the ring. I just think you need to do more with him besides making him Benoit from the grave.

"I think a one-off promo just to get his feelings known was needed. He won't be a regular on the mic, and hopefully his character will shine through given the neccessary time, rather than the current generic one".

What I didn't like about this is that the storyline climaxed so quickly. It only just began, and now Abyss has quickly decided to join Mitchell. Only three shows in. The payoff would've been much better if you went with a slow build, tbh. The whole storyline is really a bit rushed. =/

"Yeah, that had occured to me, but it would mean having Abyss continuously flounder as a babyface which I honestly loaaathe. The roster needed a monster heel I thought also."

Aries was pretty good in this promo, though I think he dwelled on the nagtives of 3D a bit too much. He also has to build them up at the same time. Sure, they're old. Saying that is acceptable. But calling them washed up isn't a good move. Just think, if Aries and Strong do beat 3D, what have they really accomplished? Nothing. They beat two washed up old guys who are well past their prime. If they lose they must be complete shit. 34D came out and built themself up, so that was a savibg grace, making them look good with the tag titles. I just think you need to keep in mind that keeping someone's opponent looking at least alright is probably in the best interest of the wrestler.

"Yeah, I admit that didn't do much for 3D's fortunes but I guess time will have to play a hand in getting it done properly. Sticks 'n' stones, k?"

Kinda disappointed to see Aries and Roddy pick up the win. It seems like the buildup would've been better going into the PPV if 3D had cheated to win this time, sintead of being pussies and allowed Gen Ex to do the same thing again and pick up the win. Makes them seem kinda soft. Don't like a team losing in front of their home crowd, btw.

"Na, losing in front of the home-crowd is never good for a team, but fuel to the fire as they say. I think this will probably be a fairly long-term feud. Maybe up until the March PPV, Full Throttle, anyways. Don't really want to dwell on long term feuds anyways atm, though there's one I have in mind".

Ergh, Hoyt to the finals? Yuck. Mistico vs Mysterio would've been epic, but instead you've gone down a less than pleasing path, tbh. Shelley running in and screwing Mysterio was aight, though I hate you for having Rey lose to this piece o' shit. Still don't like the X belt thingo.

"Haha, I know, I know - Rey > Hoyt 1000 times over, but I wanted to get across how cocky Shelley was after losing two weeks ago and only reacting now. Meh, a feud will come out of it anyways Oh, the whole thing with that belt is basically to emphasise how WAPW 'owns' TNA's ass. I could have put that in a more logical way, yes, but still. WCW did something similar during the Monday Night Wars."

Thanks again, bud. EX OH EX OH.
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