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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Hazrd Feedback

Mhm, I'm on the ball now. A review already. Gimme a medal, plz.

So, Albright's promo was decent. albeit extremely generic. Sure, he sorta got the message across, and that was that he was better than anyone initially thought of him. It just wouldn't really draw the interest of the crowd in though, resulting in them not caring too much. It seems you have him set for the upper-midcard role, which I guess is aight considering he's pretty good in the ring. I just think you need to do more with him besides making him Benoit from the grave.

Predictable outcome for the match which aheives both desired goals in having Abyss look like he's in a rutt and Albright look like he's 'for real' (). You know how I feel on Abyss' 'bad streal' too, btw.

So Mitchell was good again, liking the insults towards Abyss' mother (not that I'm sexist ). What I didn't like about this is that the storyline climaxed so quickly. It only just began, and now Abyss has quickly decided to join Mitchell. Only three shows in. The payoff would've been much better if you went with a slow build, tbh. The whole storyline is really a bit rushed. =/

Aries was pretty good in this promo, though I think he dwelled on the nagtives of 3D a bit too much. He also has to build them up at the same time. Sure, they're old. Saying that is acceptable. But calling them washed up isn't a good move. Just think, if Aries and Strong do beat 3D, what have they really accomplished? Nothing. They beat two washed up old guys who are well past their prime. If they lose they must be complete shit. 34D came out and built themself up, so that was a savibg grace, making them look good with the tag titles. I just think you need to keep in mind that keeping someone's opponent looking at least alright is probably in the best interest of the wrestler.

London needed to win this. He looked good coming out of the Gauntlet, while Evans looked like a crybaby. Most definitely a fitting result. Glad you gave it good time, because the cw's definitely deserve it.

Cage promo was at the very least, solid. Pretty well in-character, and he made his intentions for the night clear. Cage is one of the characters you nail better.

Liked 'MVP's VIP's'. Rather cool line. I can't see them getting too involved in a Lumberjack Match, but we'll see.

Kinda disappointed to see Aries and Roddy pick up the win. It seems like the buildup would've been better going into the PPV if 3D had cheated to win this time, sintead of being pussies and allowed Gen Ex to do the same thing again and pick up the win. Makes them seem kinda soft. Don't like a team losing in front of their home crowd, btw.

Ergh, Hoyt to the finals? Yuck. Mistico vs Mysterio would've been epic, but instead you've gone down a less than pleasing path, tbh. Shelley running in and screwing Mysterio was aight, though I hate you for having Rey lose to this piece o' shit. Still don't like the X belt thingo.

Evans cockiness was . Glad to see you really building him up. I guess the best we can now hope for is Mistico losing next week, then Evans vs Mistico. That'd be fun, tbh.

Ray was pretty in character here. Only thing I didn't like was him saying 'who better than a team that has lost to you twice?' Shouldn't a team getting a title shot be winners? Shouldn't have emphasized their losses, imo, but apart from that, pretty good stuff.

The main event was pretty good. Liked the reversal from Cage allowing the lumberjacks to brawl (it has to happen in a LumberJack Match, it's like a rule). What I didn't like wss Jack Evans pulling the referee out of the rting without an explanation as to why he did it. Surely you can't be breaking the group up so early. That'd be a mistake, tbh. Loved the edning with Bret Hart running in as it made great sense relating to Battle Lines. The face-off indicates that it'll probably be a four way (though MVP wasn't in on the face-off >_>), which is probably the best move. Nice way to close the show.

Again, solid. The hype for Battle Lines is pretty good and most of the things were with this show. A few things I didn't like, but this is still looking good. You've had a good first few weeks, now finish it off with a good 'go home' show and a top PPV.

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