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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

World Alliance Professional Wrestling presentsHAZARD!

Wednesday 11th February 2009
Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, New York

The programme begins with a video package containing footage of the inaugural edition of WAPW Hazard, and last week’s epic show. The emphasis is on the main-event, showing the match and the screwy finish. It ends with Paul Heyman announcing that Bret Hart has been assigned to referee the main-event at Battle Lines.

"Hell Yeah" plays in unison with the opening video for Hazard! The camera soon cuts to the live arena after the 30 second clip with the pyro display drowning out the cheers. Joey Styles and Matt Striker gear us up for another edition of WAPW! They briefly put over the massive revelation that Bret Hart will be at the first ever PPV ‘Battle Lines’ as referee and of course they hype tonight’s main-event – Christian Cage vs. MVP in a lumberjack match! Striker also adds that a semi-final match for the North American Title tournament is tonight – Rey Mysterio vs. Sugar Daddy Lance.

Suddenly the music of Brent Albright plays, he steps out of the tunnel and proceeds to walk to the ring to a fairly quiet reception. He grasps a microphone from a ringside-technician. He feigns readying to talk into the wrong end of the mic, runs his hand through his hair, before beginning.

Albright – Those who know me personally, know me as a quiet man. They know me as a man who will keep to himself in the back, and let his wrestling do the talking in the ring. Well to tell you the truth, they’re right. Like it or not I will never stand before you people and be one of those guys that comes out to the ring, gets on a microphone, spits out a few wise-ass remarks and challenges somebody. But, having said that I am out here before you, with a microphone in hand and I'm out here to address someone – the man who I defeated last week on Hazard. Ladies and gentlemen I’m talking about Abyss. See last week when I defeated Abyss, I had imagined that I had displayed to the world that Brent Albright had arrived in WAPW and was a major talent. So I’ll admit I was a little 'disheartened' to say the least when I heard James Mitchell’s comments about me, and how it was "nothing more than a fluke". James Mitchell, I hope you get out from the rock you've clearly been hiding under and accept the fact that last week on Hazard I defeated your ... 'son' ... Abyss, 1,2,3 in the middle of this ring. If you want to run your mouth at my expense in order to play happy families with the big guy once again, that's fine - but don't for one second think you've gotten away with it. So with that in mind – Abyss – I'm done talking. I want you to bring yourself down here so I can beat you again, and prove to the world that Brent Albright is for real!

The fans opinions of Albright have certainly improved. He drops the mic, takes his white tank-top off and awaits Abyss' arrival. After a period of silence his music finally hits, and Abyss begins to surge down the metallic ramp and into the ring.

Match One

Abyss vs. Brent Albright


"An impromptu match" as Joey Styles put it – but a good prospect all the same. Brent Albright was determined to prove that his win last week wasn’t a fluke, and he did it once again! The majority of fans wouldn’t have given Brent too much of a chance – he knew it but was intent on changing that. The power of Abyss wasn’t used to its full potential, and the big man just didn’t look himself. After losing two in a row before his confidence must have been shot to pieces. Albright played on this, spinning out of Abyss’ attempts of a black-hole slam, and hitting a half-nelson suplex! 1-2-3! The same move has now beaten Abyss twice.

Winner @ 6.02 mins – Brent Albright

The fans can’t quite believe it – Brent Albright defeats Abyss again! Albright steps up onto the middle rope and beats his chest with both hands before having his hand raised. Before he knows it, the familiar sight of James Mitchell is among us as he enters the ring. Albright stands in a corner and oversees.

Mitchell – What’s the matter Abyss, surprised to see me? I’m surprised myself, after you shot me down twice in the last two weeks, and walked away like a coward. You should be fortunate that I’m so headstrong Abyss, because without my persistence, tolerance, and understanding of your situation – you would be nothing. You’d be sitting at home with your, your mother – the woman that turned you into what these people see now – a loser!

Abyss shoots up in an apparent fit of rage and looms over Mitchell. The fear is not evident in Mitchell's eyes, rather, there is an arrogant confidence about him.

Mitchell – Whoa, whoa – hold fire there Abyss. I’m not out here to prove anything, I’m not out here to show what kind of a failure that you are to these people. I’m out here – for the final time, to offer myself to you. That’s right. The past two weeks I’ve presented myself to you, offered you the chance to turn you into the ruthless, wrecking machine that you once were. No more monotonous, back and forth games. I’m laying it all out. Abyss, you can either shake my hand – or you can black-hole slam me into oblivion. What’s it gonna be?!

Abyss turns to Albright, signalling that he doesn’t know what to do. He then suddenly turns to face Mitchell and looks at his hand. Suddenly – he does the unthinkable – he turns to Brent Albright and nails him with a clothesline! Mitchell is wearing a sadistic grin as Abyss lifts Albright up in a torture wrack position and nails him with the shock treatment!! Mitchell raises Abyss’ hand.


Returning from a commercial break and Gen-Ex are already on there way down the ramp and into the ring. Elijah, Jack, Austin and Roderick all stand at north, south, east and west positions, Aries with a microphone in hand.

Aries – New York City – shut your ugly faces because Gen-Ex have something to say! This goes for Paul Heyman, and Team 3D. Now I know that since you New Yorkers all have memories like goldfish, you have probably forgotten the events of two weeks ago on Hazard. Well nevertheless, Austin Aries hasn’t, Roderick Strong hasn’t, Elijah Burke and Jack Evans haven’t forgotten either. But apparently Team 3D have. Whether or not it’s Alzheimer’s kicking in, I don’t know. All I know is that myself and Roderick defeated the two of you for the 1-2-3 in the first ever match in WAPW history. A match that will surely be looked back upon and people will say, "hey, it's that time when Gen Ex got their major break at the expense of two washed-up, has-beens". It was in front of the entire world! I don't know who they're trying to fool, claiming that they were cheated, but then they go whining and crying to Paul Heyman asking for a rematch. The worst part of it is that Paul Heyman has given them that rematch and apparently - it’s here tonight.

The fans pop at the prospect of tonight’s big tag-team match.

Aries – But here’s my question – why the hell should we even consider giving you another shot in the ring with us? Whether you like to hear it or not, and as hard as this literally sounds – we have bigger fish to fry than the two of you. Our agendas are infinite. You're agendas expired two weeks ago when we proved to the world who the number one tag-team was You’re the past – we’re the present and future – it’s really that damn simple. So 3D, your match tonight, I guess you’re on. I guess we'll give you two old-timers one last dance, and one last opportunity in the ring with athletes the calibre of Roderick Strong and Austin Aries. BUT, when we beat you again in front of your home crowd, know this - the two of you will be sitting at the bottom of the food chain, looking up at two hungry lions, the next W-A-P-W tag-team champions.

Aries makes a move to the ropes, when Team 3D’s music hits. They emerge to a great reaction and get on the mic.

Ray – "Who are we to want a rematch?" "Who are we?" Boys, maybe it’s the lack of knowledge of the business, or maybe your asses are just plain stupid, but whether YOU like to hear it or not – Team 3D are the most decorated tag-team in the history of this business. It’s not just a tagline that we came up with, it’s not a catchphrase that Devon concocted. Twenty tag-team titles make us the best team in the world, and you have the nerve to deny us a rematch? I’ve got news for you punks, without Elijah Burke and that other guy; you don’t got shit on us. So later on tonight how about we even the odds and make it - two on two?

Roderick Strong – Don’t you two get it? We’re living in the here and now – and the here and now tells US that we’re better than you! Later on tonight, we’re going to prove it once and for all.

Ray – I guess you’re right. Here in WAPW, those twenty tag-team title reigns don’t mean squat. I guess that the only way for us to shut you punks up is to make it TWENTY-ONE title reigns. I don’t know when we’re gonna get a shot, and I don’t know where, but mark my words – Team 3D will add another one to the list!

Ray turns to his hometown fans.

Ray – NEW YORK CITY?! Tonight - Team 3D take out the trash!

We go to an early commercial break to allow more time for the next match – Paul London versus ‘that other guy’…


Jack Evans is of course already in the ring. Paul London’s music then hits to a good face reaction, Joey Styles reminding us how he defeated five men in the Cruiserweight Title Gauntlet two weeks ago but fell short to Teddy Hart. Speaking of Hart, he emerges from the tunnel and plants a steel chair on the ramp, sitting down and observing the following match.
Match Two

Paul London vs. Jack Evans


It’s fair to say that Jack Evans hasn’t exactly made a great impression here in WAPW. After losing in the gauntlet and complaining constantly – this was his big chance to stake a claim in the Cruiserweight division. The commercial break for the last segment came five minutes earlier than usual, just to give this match more time. Needless to say it was worth it for these two individuals. A back and forth encounter full of excellent high-flying action, especially from Jack Evans, was eventually won by Paul London. If Evans hasn’t made an impression before, then he sure as hell had now. Both men were tiring towards the end. Jack Evans went to the top rope for a cross body block, he leapt, but London managed to hit Evans with a dropkick to the face! This allowed him to go up and then DOWN with a shooting star press!

Winner @ 14.29 mins – Paul London

Paul London swiftly escaped the ring and the swarm of Aries, Strong and Burke and made a move up the ramp towards Hart. As he got closer it provoked the champion to lift up the steel chair. London wasn’t looking for a fight, as he signalled that he wanted the gold around his waist before walking on.

Joey Styles narrates clips from last week’s tag-team main-event. He then informs us that Torrie Wilson is standing by with Christian Cage.

The camera switches to the back where the two of them are standing.

Wilson – Wrestling fans I’m Torrie Wilson and I’m joined at this time by none other than The Instant Classic – Christian Cage. Christian, last week on Hazard you and Goldberg teamed up against the duo if Mr. Kennedy and MVP. But as we all know, the match ended in a no contest. What are your thoughts on that night?

Cage – Torrie usually in situation like this Christian Cage would come out here, crack a joke or two, and spout off at the mouth at MVP and Kennedy’s expense but you know what, that would just be too easy. See last week they made the not-so-wise decision to have Gen-Ex get involved in the match, and as a result it ended in a no-contest. But tonight I have a chance to right those wrongs, I have a chance to teach MVP a lesson in that ring – and the best part is that playing field is going to be even! Gen Ex aren’t gonna be able to do a damn thing because as we heard earlier tonight, it’s a lumberjack match! I’ll have friends at ringside, and you can be sure I’ll have foes at ringside, but come the end of the night they’ll all be looking up and watching me, The Instant Classic, as the winner. And after that, after tonight I’m looking to Battle Lines in just under two weeks time when Christian Cage fulfils his destiny in WAPW and becomes World Champion. MVP – if you didn’t know before, come the end of the night – you're gonna know, and there’s nothing Gen-Ex can do to stop it.

Backstage Scott Hudson is shown standing by in the parking-lot. Joey Styles narrates, stating that Scott is on look-out for the possible arrival of Bret Hart.


We are back live on Hazard, as the camera then turns to Gen-Ex in their locker room. Aries, Strong, Evans and Burke all sit around on a leather sofa, Strong and Aries tying up their boots for the upcoming match. There’s a knock at the door, and Roderick shouts ‘come in’. Evans humorously picks up a baseball bat and puts it on the sofa. MVP enters, saying hey to everyone and wearing a ‘ready to kiss ass’ face.

Burke – What can Gen-Ex do for you, man?

MVP – Well guys you know you’re all MVP’s V.I.P’s, right? Well later on tonight I gotta huge match with Christian, a lumberjack match, and I’m just here to ask of you that you’ll all be in my corner at ringside?

Burke – For you, anything man. You got us all here, whatever you want whatever you need – Gen-Ex is here for you.

MVP – Ahh thanks guys, ‘preciate it. So I’ll so ya’ll out there?

Burke – Count on it.

MVP and Burke shake hands, then with Evans. He exits.

The camera then fixates on the ring again where Howard Finkel stands and introduces the next match. Team 3D’s music soon hits and they make their way down into the ring to a great reception from their home crowd. Soon enough, Aries and Strong make their way down there – alone.

Match Three

Team 3D vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong


Possibly the two best tag-teams in WAPW were at it again – the veterans Team 3D were attempting to put the younger Austin Aries and Roderick Strong in their place. They knew that a win would get one over on them, but definitely not settle the score. The feud was shaping up to be one for the long haul. Unfortunately for Team 3D though, they fell to Gen-Ex and their questionable tactics. Just when it seemed that 3D would get the well-earned win, they managed to snatch it. With Devon on the top rope, and Bubba holding Aries’ legs open, Roderick entered the ring and hit Bubba in the face. He gave Devon a vile low blow, leaving him in a precarious position. He was the superplexed onto Brother Ray by Strong!! That only got a 2 count, but following a ‘WATSUP’ from the youngsters, and then finally a half-nelson backbreaker Devon gave in and was pinned.

Winners @ 8.02 mins – Austin Aries and Roderick Strong

Gen-Ex swarmed to the ring immediately and congratulated their fellows. They swiftly exited as Ray got to his feet. They bare wide grins as they walked up the ramp towards the back, signalling that they are the number one tag-team in the world.

A brief advert for the award-winning film by Mickey Rourke 'The Wrestler' plays before heading to a commercial break.


Returning from commercials and there is an on-screen graphic depicting the tournament brackets for the North-American Title. It shows the first quarter final matches, and shows the following semi-final contest – Rey Mysterio vs. Sugar Daddy Lance.

Howard Finkel stands in the ring dressed in his usual suit and readies us for the next match, informing us that the winner of this match will fight for the North American Title at the Battle Lines PPV! Sugar Lance soon makes his entrance to a mixed reaction. He emerges with two beautiful women, one on each arm. It seems he’s garnering P.I.M.P status here in WAPW. He stands in the ring looking confident and somewhat playing the heel card and awaits the entrance of his opponent. Rey doesn’t disappoint, slapping hands with fans down the aisle before ultimately entering the ring. Rey offers his hand in respect, but Lance grins and backs into his corner and waits for the bell.

Match Four

Sugar Daddy Lance vs. Rey Mysterio


To get to this stage both men won their quarterfinal match-ups, with Lance pinning Abyss, whilst Rey defeated a distraught Alex Shelley. Lance certainly had his size going for him, towering above the 5 foot 6 Rey and standing at 6 foot 7 inches tall. Throughout his career though, Rey has defied odds, constantly being the underdog in terms of size and it wasn’t unlike him to beat larger opponents. His speed would usually be key – but Lance had that in abundance. In many ways, Lance is the ultimate wrestler – tall, powerful and agile. However what Rey had on his side was heart – a whole lot of it! It seemed like he managed to pull the win out of the bag, drop toe holding Lance into the second rope, hitting a 619! However what Rey wasn’t expecting was a bitter Alex Shelley to be nearby! Running down to ringside and when the referees back was turned, hitting Rey who was standing on the apron with a low-blow! Lance then put Rey in a suplex position over the ropes, and turned it into a running powerbomb! 1,2,3!

Winner @ 11.21 mins – Sugar Daddy Lance

Lance Hoyt’s hand, or arm, was raised in the air in victory. He celebrated with his two girls, heading to the back with them. Shelley meanwhile stood at ringside and watched as Rey held his stomach in the ring, trying to fathom what the hell just happened. As Mysterio lent through the ropes and faced Shelley, he was nailed with a hard shot with that TNA X-Division Title belt! Shelley then fled to the back looking awfully pleased with himself, feeding off the boos from the crowd.

The camera then fixates on the winner from the match, Sugar Daddy Lance who with his two girls is celebrating with champagne – pouring it down their chests and drinking vast quantities from the bottle. He then yells "I’m going to Battle Lines baby!"

The next stop on the cameraman’s journey is backstage where Shane Douglas is standing outside MVP’s locker room, trying to get word on his upcoming match. Just he leans in to knock, the door opens with Jack Evans exiting.

Douglas – Jack Evans you’re live here on Wednesday Night Hazard, you’ve obviously been in the locker room with MVP – how is he feeling going into his big match with Christian Cage?

Evans – I’m feeling great Shane, thanks for asking. I suppose you also want to know ‘where Jack Evans is going now’, right?

Douglas – Uh, no I was actually wonder..

Evans – Well Shane, ya boy' Jack Evans is gonn' tell you. See after losing to Paul London earlier this evening in a number one contenders match for the Cruiserweight Title, I figure there’s only one way I can recover from an upset like that...

Douglas – An UPSET?

Evans leers at Shane with a look of sheer disgust, before carrying on like nothing had happened.

Evans – ... And that way is to issue an open challenge to any Cruiserweight in the entire world. That’s right Shane, at Battle Lines, Jack Evans - from the heavens - is going to stand before you and face whoever has the balls to show up. And Teddy Hart, Paul London, whoever the champion is after Battle Lines – after I dispose of MY opponent – I’m coming for your Cruiserweight belt.

Evans extends his arm seemingly offering a handshake. Before Shane can even process the thought, Evans retracts it thinking he's 'got one over' on Douglas. He walks off, with Shane wondering 'what the hell is up with that kid'.


With the main-event just mere minutes away, we returned from another bout of commercials to the sight of Brother Ray and Devon backstage in the medical room. Devon is holding an ice-pack on his shoulder. Scott Hudson enters and asks Ray what he has to say about losing earlier tonight. Ray takes the mic and looks into the camera with intent.

Ray – Gen-Ex, it would appear that apologies are in order. It would appear that Team 3D haven’t been giving you the credit which you rightfully deserve. We clearly overlooked you, so on that note – we’re sorry. We’re sorry - you’re clearly bigger bitches than we thought you were. You somehow managed to bend the rules to your liking once again and you got one over on us. To be honest, I thought WE were pretty good at being little scamps who could cheat to win, but clearly you punks have us beat on that. Boys, it’s no use me talking anymore. I could go on and on about how we deserve a match with you, but you wouldn’t listen. So here’s something you’re gonna have to listen to. I’ve been speaking to Paul Heyman, and it would seem that there are two tag-teams needed to fight for those belts at Battle Lines. Well who better than Team 3D – and the team that have beaten us two times in a row – Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. Since you’re so cocky and confident, I guess it’s a no-brainer. What I also said to Paul was about a stipulation. Paul, being the hardcore enthusiast that he is, agreed that for you to get back in the ring with us it would have to be with higher stakes. So what higher stakes than the tag-team titles on the line in a TABLES MATCH! A match which the two of you have never competed in as a tag-team, a match of which the two of us almost never lose. Boys, soak it up. Enjoy the lime-light. Enjoy watching my brother Devon with an injured shoulder. Enjoy it now, because at Battle Lines – we’re taking it away from you.

Shane Douglas is still standing outside of MVP’s locker room waiting for comments on his impending match. The door opens. Burke, Aries, Strong then Evans exit. They divide, allowing MVP to walk in the centre. Shane asks for a quick word on the match, but MVP pie-faces the camera out of the way.

Scott Hudson is seen backstage waiting for any sign of Bret Hart arriving. Hudson looks at his watch as if to say "Time's up - I guess he's not coming". Hudson then exits the picture. The camera initially follows his exit, but upon hearing the screeching of tires - it returns to the previous scene where a limo pulls up. Could it be? We fade to a commercial break at a very inconvenient time...


Returning for the final half-hour of Hazard - it's main-event time! Howard Finkel stands dead-centre of the ring. He announces the following contest, and first introduces the lumberjacks : first, the heels come to the ring including Ted Hart, Kennedy, The French Connection – Sylvan and Rene, The United Kingdom – McGuiness and S.O.S, then finally Gen Ex. They surround half of the ring, before a stream of fan favourites begin to walk to the ring. They include – Mysterio, Mistico, Brent Albright, Street Inc – JTG and Shad, The Briscoes’ and finally Goldberg.

It is then time for the competitors entrance. MVP first makes his way to the ring to a positively negative reception. He does his signature poses before awaiting the arrival of his opponent.

The count down clock appears on the big screen. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 – "this – is Christian Cage". He makes his way to the ring to a great reception, grinning for all of his ‘peeps’. When he enters the ring he is all set for business. A Christian chant

Match Five

MVP vs. Christian Cage – Lumberjack Match


Ordinarily in a match involving MVP the odds would be somewhat stacked against his opponent. Last week on Hazard all that stopped Goldberg and Christian Cage from getting a much-deserved win was the interference of Gen-Ex. This week however the ring would be surrounded by impartial lumberjacks, ensuring that the competitors had nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. The odds were even in this huge match-up.

It wasn’t long before the lumberjacks were called into action, as MVP was tossed out of the ring in amongst the heel crowd. Luckily Gen-Ex were close by and they helped Porter return to the ring safely.

As the bout progressed it swung in both competitors direction, each establishing decent chances to kill-off the match. MVP wasted a good chance to end it with what seemed to be a 'playmaker' from the top rope, however he took too long to execute the manoeuvre, instead taunting in the direction of the crowd. This allowed Christian to pull of an unbelievable move - with MVP's leg slung across the back of his neck he used the leverage to tip him up and over the ropes, landing on a group of heel lumberjacks! Gen-Ex began brawling with some of the fellow lumberjacks, which allowed MVP to retreat to the ring. However salvation was not what he got, as within a minute Christian had got the chance. With MVP reeling, he nailed him with a reverse DDT! 1-2-but Jack Evans of all people managed to pull the referee out of the ring. This ensured that a brawl would erupt between both sides of the lumberjacks. With no referee it was left for the crowd to do the counting. The crowd were interrupted however and definitely for the better - they couldn't believe their eyes - BRET HART ran down to the ring amidst all the chaos, wearing a referee's shirt! MVP was back on his feet, but walked straight into an unprettier! Bret counts - 1,2,3!!

Winner @ 16.31 mins – Christian Cage

Inside the ring Christian celebrates for the masses watching. Outside, the chaos is dying down as security step in to break it up. With the heels on one side of the apron, and the faces on another, Goldberg stands in the middle facing the ring staring at Christian with a controlled-hunger in his eyes. Kennedy also managed to escape, standing behind the other side of the ring watching on as Bret Hart raises the hand of Christian! It ends on that graphic.

Styles -Could this be what we witness in just eleven days, at Battle Lines?!
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