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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Shows looks aiiiight, jobbah.

Mysterio to win this week then Mistico to win next week. That match would be rather epic for your PPV.

Guessing Gen Ex will lose to 3D so they can go at it at the PPV too, probably with the tag belts on the line.

London > Evans plz. I guess Evans vs Hart would be a fun spotfest, but I like London much more than I like Jack 'ZOMGICANDOTEHFLIPZIRKEWL' Evans.

This whole Hudson hunting for Bret Hart sounds awfully TNA-esque. O_o

Cage vs MVP sounds rather epic. We'll probably see a DQ finish though I guess with Goldberg and Kennedy running in. Still, it'd be quite the match to see.

I'll drop a review once you get the show up.

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