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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Sexin' on the Face

-The Trips promo started out good, and I really appeciate how you’re mixing the history of the feuds and of the BTB with the characterization and continuation of the feuds, all while still maintaining solid writing. The beginning of this promo, thus, as said, was quite solid. When he moved on to Shane, I’ll be honest and said it dropped some in quality. Wasn’t poor, wasn’t mediocre, but wasn’t great. ROFL at Shane’s sob story, so in character. It picked backed up, even though I don’t buy into Shane’s sob story. Makes better comedy than seriousness

-Wow, Cade squashed Jindrak so soon? Guess you have plans for Cade, and Jindrak can expect his 90-day no compete clause very soon, right? Surprising decision, as I expected this to be drawn out a bit. Intriguing… looking forward to it now for Cade.

-I’m loving the direction you’re taking Monty Brown, even though The Coach is his manager. Seriously, he’d be better solo. But still, solid promo and I am intrigued for a big Alpha Male push. Chocolate love all around~!

-Excellent Rock promo, which I have to say, is a shame. You can write him so well, but it’s the turncoat. I still want him out of the BTB. Again, that was a top notch promo and I loved it all, sadly. Please don’t let him win tonight though

-Very nice written match by you, sir. MNM needed this win, especially since it was non-title, although you still gotta know that rug muncher Melina would make her presence known. Solid job, ole chap. Could be a good feud for the Tag Titles, although they still don’t feel relevant to me in WWE

-Meh, Lesnar’s promo came off as some filler and really did nothing for me. Not your best dear.

-LOL, I love you and your Mick Foley analogies. Gold please. I can’t decide if I dislike or love Christian just owning Foley, as it doesn’t seem like it’s something he’d allow happen. However, Christian was on pat, and you wrote a very good promo with him. You have your characters that you have down top notch, total class. Christian is one of them.

-Can you just eliminate the woman’s division please? K thanks, love you, bye.

-“Boy”? That’s racist~! <3 . You know AJ’s going to beat Haas, and I hope you either take the IC Title off of Benjamin and give it to AJ, or you have WGTT break up. Having a tag team work singles… it just doesn’t work for me.

-Very excellent written match, this one was. We all knew coming in it’d be a top notch affair. You satisfied that need, but took it another notch by having the writing be absolutely crisp and exciting. I applaud that; vintage Reney, this was.

-Fun fact – Edge was actually called The Edge when he first debuted in WWF in 1998.

-Wow, really? “I’m like a mangeled penis?” I love you, but that was just stupid


-Sorry, Cena’s rhymes are just too much for me . All in all, very well written, as you got the point across, and went old school, which I loved. Top notch, once you get past that fucking lame analogy <3

-Ride The Lightning for Sting? SEEK & DESTROY MOTHAFUCKA!

-The beginning of the Battle Royal was definitely boring until Austin went out early. Someone big had to crash out early, and this was a great job on your part. Christian with a sneak elimination, Austin gets revenge, and then Christian is done too. You knew these two weren’t winning.

Cute elimination with The Rock to John Cena… that was definitely nice. No marks to you having Rhino eliminated so soon. Fuck you, tbh. I’m shocked to see The Rock win, tbh. Although I guess you’re trying to hold off on that Rock/Cena feud until WM or at least RR. Shocking stuff, tbh. But you make good booking decisions, albeit different, so I approve.

-Overall, the matches had some great stuff - battle royal and AJ/Haas were both tap quality, and the opening two were solid as well. Trips/Shane was on and off, Cena was mostly solid, and The Rock and Christian promos were solid.

Add Para to this BTB, and this thread just gets sexier. Reney, best new BTB in the winter, tbh. All others are fuckin’ posers.

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